SEnuke TNG Review – Why Shouldn’t You Buy It?

Name: SEnuke TNG

Price: To try this product you will have to spend $ 1. Its exact price is $ 97 per month for a website, $ 147 for 3 sites in a month or you can buy for $ 1.997 or pay a year for $ 1,477

Rating: 1/10 star. This soft software promises too many things to scare me. What this software makes you can put you in failure. This is my own opinion. And I will explain why I said that.

Overview of SEnuke TNG:

This software will automatically do some things for you on your sales page. It will help your sales page get high rankings in several ways:

  • It will automatically generate thousands of backlinks for you. It is guaranteed that high quality and excellent.
  • It automatically rotates content from other websites or content you create to display on your website.
  • From what I found out, this software creates fake visits to your site to tell Google that your site is popular.

Here are some results you will get when setting up this software:

  1. Your website will be noticed by Google with the fake traffic it creates. Google will see your site quality and will increase your website ranking.
  2. With content rotation, it will give you thousands of great content and let Google know that your site is growing. It will also help Google increase your website ranking.
  3. The feature to create up-to-date links will show Google that your site receives a lot of appreciation from high sites.

That’s the 3 benefits you will get when using SEnuke TNG. Its general purpose is to increase your website rankings higher.

In other words, this software will help you integrate SEO without any SEO skills or experience.

But the results you get may not be the same as you expected after you read what I’m about to share. Do you know? I had to stop watching SEnuke’s videos to read some of what they were saying.

You can see What this software promises to do for you is what Google has done. In other words, Google will flag or punish you if you use the methods in this program.

If you try to use article spinners, use backlinks or fake hits. You will definitely be noticed by Google. Because these are things that Google warns sites not to do. You may be severely punished or lose your rankings.

In my opinion, you will probably get results contrary to what this software promises because you have left the Google rule set.

Not only do you not have a high ranking but you must also participate in Google’s kind of activity and be punished by Google for your site.

I will talk about why I’m scared to read what this software does for you

If you ask me: “should I use this program to increase website rankings or SEO?” My answer is no.

I see this is just another black hat program trying to cheat with SEO. And this is unacceptable and Google doesn’t like this. Even if you leave, Google will make it difficult for everyone to be caught when deliberately cheating. You will have to start with a completely new site to get rid of this dark spot. I do not recommend people to use this game because I used it and got a lot of trouble.

You can see, Google can easily see cheap backlinks, Even if you use premium links from this software, you will not be able to blindly Google.

And one thing I find most horrible is fake access. This program says it gives you an effect to your favourite Google site. But I don’t trust this effect very much.

Another problem is the Spinner article. I have told you many times that these articles are simply plagiarism. And Google really hates this.

These are the 3 coloured flags that I found in this program. I am sure I will find more things about it. But I see these 3 reasons are more than enough for you to know what will come to you when you join this program.

Final Ranking: SEnuke TNG

Red Flag

1/10 star

If you’re a white hat SEO expert, you’ll know what SEnuke TNG promises to make you a black hat. And I am sure you are wise enough to take away it.

If you’re looking to get the SEO results you want, read what I’m about to share with you:

  • Do not put your trust in programs to get SEO. It can make you miserable about Google and lose your rankings completely.
  • Do something instead: Do not do backlinking. Instead of this, you can share social sites anytime you want. But don’t put all your expectations into this to increase your site’s ranking.
  • Create your own content or hire content creators. And make sure your content is unique and not copied from others.
  • Don’t fool Google with your fake access. Develop your website with high-quality content and ranking for Google to do for you.

I think it will take a lot of time for you to develop your website this way. But this is the safest and least risky way for your site. Tell you the secret this is the way I have applied to my websites for years. Hopefully, you get the SEO rankings you want.

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