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Builderall 3.0 Review – An All-in-one Tool With Tons Of Upgrades And Innovations

Running an online business is not as simple as it sounds. You will need the support of marketing tools that are related hosting, blogging, web design, email services, eCommerce, and many more.

However, this method sometimes don’t give us our expected results. What we need is all of them working together flawlessly and give us the best result, but it seems to be impossible. Problems involving integration aside, running many tools at once mean you have to spend a huge amount of time on the management tasks, which can totally ruin your business efficiency.

Here is where Builderall 3.0 comes.

Builderall 3.0, with a complete design and system, helps you solve all problems mentioned above. The tool consists of total 33 apps which are designed to work together with each other. Please check out the rest of my Builderall 3.0 Review to see what else it can offer.

Builderall 3.0 2019 Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Erick Salgado
  • Product: Builderall 3.0
  • Last Updated: 18th-August-2019
  • Price: 29.90$/month
  • Niche: Web Builder – Cloud Based App
  • Recommended: Highly Recommendation
  • Free Trial: 7 Days

What Is Builderall 3.0?

For people that are unfamiliar with Builderall, Builderall 3.0 is a web-hosting and digital-marketing tool for online entrepreneurs and businesses.

As a complete SAAS-based software, it does not require you to download or install anything. Instead, you only need to create an account and log in to access everything that is necessary for you to develop and spread the words about your online business.

Builderall 3.0 is the latest upgrade of Builderall, and it comes with some new specifications will definitely satisfy all of you. To improve the tool’s overall usability and performance, the vendor upgraded all the existing apps. Now, this brand new product consists of a set of pre-installed online business tools and marketing apps, along with several new supplements.

In comparison to previous versions, Builderall 3.0 will offer you a brand-new adjustable account dashboard and layout. In short, it allows you to navigate many apps and tools much faster than previous ones via showing only tools that they are using.

Who Created Builderall 3.0?

Erick Salgado is the father of Builderall 3.0. Before starting his virtual solutions since 1998, Erick used to a physical education teacher.

Erick is well-known as the father of the first physical training course with the cooperation of his friend, who is working at a famous software firm in Washington, D.C. This product was successfully launched and applied in hundreds of gyms in Brazil. He was also the creator of the first digital inclusion program for small businesses in Brazil.

Erick always seeks solutions for young online entrepreneurs. For examples, his first virtual mini-franchises system in 2005 provided small online businesses with a profitable and stable system.

With Builderall, Erick along with his team spent a lot of time and energy to bring users a all-in-one software, helping them develop their online business. He always wanted to improve his products, so he brought us a complete system like Builderall 3.0 with a lot of upgrades and innovations.

Builderall 3.0 2019 Review – Features

There is a total of 33 apps included in a package of Builderall 3.0. This sounds quite unbelievable, right? But is the truth. Now, let’s check them out!

Old versions’ existing features

Website Builders

Builderall 3.0 offers you some brilliant tools to create your own website. they are:

  • Drag and Drop Pixel Perfect
  • Drag and Drop Responsive
  • Mobile First Drag and Drop
  • Mobile App Generator

This app allows you to generate your iOS or Android app and submit them to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store later. Thereby, your customers will be able to find, download your app and install it on their mobile devices.

You can design your app from the beginning or by choosing available templates for your industry. The templates’ topics are various, ranging from Events, Fashion, Health and Beauty to Music, Real Estate, and Sports.

MailingBoss Email Autoresponder

This feature will enable you to build email list and send email campaigns to your customers regularly. With this, you can update newsletter and achieve sales funnels or even do both simultaneously.

Design Apps

There are six types of Builderall design apps, including:

  • Builderall Video Studio: Allow users to generate stunning videos with animated characters and objects.
  • Video Tag Studio: With this app, you can add responsive tags like call for actions, pop up messages of URL.
  • HTML Floating Videos: You can produce your videos and put it on the top of your existing site content. Or you can apply it for removing video backgrounds.
  • Mockup Studio: An image design tool allowing users to generate marketing mockups.
  • Photo Studio: This editor is simple but very effective. It enables you to edit your photos by adding watermarks, creating memes, text, overlays, ect.
  • Presentation Studio: You can create professional slideshow presentations with images and videos using this tool.

Also, you will have the opportunity to try a lot of incredible applications of Builderall 3.0, such as:

  • Browser Notifications.
  • Builderall Zap.
  • Click Map (Heap Map).
  • E-Learning.
  • Facebook Chatbot.
  • On-Page SEO.
  • Share Locker.
  • Script Generator.
  • Site Reviews.
  • SMS.
  • Social Autopost.
  • Video Wrapper.
  • Whatsapp messaging.
  • Newly added features
  • Webinar Platform

This app gives users the new opportunity to generate sales with webinars hosted on Builderall 3.0. It will take you only a few minutes to create a webinar with built-in page builders, email systems, and video tools.

With professional designs available of Builderall 3.0, you can produce an interactive webinar with no use of YouTube or other video streaming services. Instead, there will be streaming options, screen sharing, webinar recording, and many more for you to choose from.

Canvas Funnel Builder

This new tool of Builderall 3.0 seems the most awesome and eagerly awaited by many users. It will bring you many pleasant experiences. This tool enables you to design website layouts and sales funnels visually through a drag-and-drop interface.

You can create everything you want. After finishing, you only need to click into the software to build your website with all factors. Finally, add the content and content styles to your website.
It will help you quicken the process of funnel building by at least over 10 times. Furthermore, once your Canvas Funnel is built, you can save its layout for reusing later without redesigning the funnel for your next product with only one mouse click.

Digital Magazine Creator

With this new tool, you can generate and save your online digital options and use them as a product brochure or for news in your industry.

From now on, viewers can use desktops, smartphones, tablets to read these online magazines or download their PDF file. Also, you can comprise them directly into your site, so you can generate leads and achieve authority in all niches.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This tool lets you identify exactly the position in your funnels of your leads. From now on, you can use emails, the whole funnel, videos, and many more to track their progress.

Also, you can use the tool to track your leads’ activities and apply scores for all their activities with higher points for more vital activities. Then, by using only the point system, you can determine new offers suited with the leads in your funnel or on your list at the optimal time. Besides, you can also identify HOT leads and prioritise your time for them.

Builderall 3.0 SiteBot

With this tool, you can take advantage of the power of messenger bot technology to gain sales or website navigation.

Your web page can run smoothly with only a SiteBot which interacts with visitors with given questions to direct them to the right section or department of your site. You can present a personal and customised experience for every visitors depending on their needs.

Pros And Cons

9.1 Total Score

Easy To Use
  • All-in-one Package.
  • Welcoming Affordable And Reasonable Price.
  • High Deliverability With Mailingboss.
  • High-quality Training Tutorials.
  • Access To Private Facebook Groups.
  • Easier To Use Than Wordpress.
  • Highly Converting Sales Pages For Product Creators.
  • Require For Zero Download And Installation.
  • Autoresponder With Up To 10,000 Subscribers.
  • Unlimited Available Website Hosting.
  • Suitable For A Broad Range Of Users.
  • 7-day For Free Trial.
  • Complicated.
  • Newbie-unfriendly.
  • Non-wordpress.
  • Cannot Transfer The Existing Files.
  • Might Come With Compulsory Commercial License.
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Who Should Buy Builderall 3.0?

Builderall is a handy tool designed for online businesses and entrepreneurs. So, you can find out yourself in the following list.

  • Affiliate and internet marketers
  • Digital and marketing agencies
  • Online businesses
  • Sales funnel builders
  • Web designers and developers

Personal Experience

In comparison to this last update, Builderall’s first version in October 2018 was quite complicated with an unintuitive and confusing interface. Also, it was very difficult to use its drag and drop builder. However, its available templates were very various for you to choose from.

Builderall 2.0, which was launched a month later, came with a series of newly added and updated features.

And everything becomes better once Builderall 3.0 appears. One of its highlight is the new Canvas Funnel Builder. I consider this app is much more potential than the last ones.

Still, I think the vendor and his team focused too much on supplementing more apps and tools to their platform. A 33-app platform makes the tool more complicated to use, especially overwhelming for newbies.

In my opinion, they should give much focus with their major tools such as Canvas Funnel Builder, MailingBoss, Pixel Perfect Builder. This way, the tool will be more intuitive for you to use.

Price And Evaluation

The vendor of Builderall 3.0 provides customers with two 2 available service plans. Each of them will have their limits. You can check them out and choose the most suitable package for your online business.

Essential package: 29.90$/month

This Builderall plan is created for basic online business with marketing strategy via email. It is a perfect solution for the growth of the digital marketing business.For this package, you can develop your business with three various website builders and build marketing campaigns through email with the Mailingboss autoresponder.

The plan is suitable for smaller businesses because it allows you to generate fully-function landing pages and sales funnels. In comparison to the Premium Plan, this package will come with no advanced affiliate marketing features.

Premium Package: 69.90$/month

If you buy this package, you will get all the apps and tools included in the platform of Builderall. This plan is for entrepreneurs and businesses who are operating their entire online business.
This package will be a good choice for:

  • Affiliate and online marketers
  • Web developers and designers
  • Sales funnel builders
  • Promotion and sell of online digital products.

Final Verdict

In short, I find Builderall 3.0 is extremely useful for my online business. It is a complete system with all the essential features to maintain a website.

With various apps and tools, Builderall 3.0 allows us to build many campaigns to develop our online business. Generally, we have to spend much time, money, and energy to run out business with separate tools, but with Builderall 3.0, you can say goodbye with this situation.

So, if you want to run a lucrative online business with a low budget, I think Builderall 3.0 is ideal for you. Plus, you have 7 days for free trial, so you can experience its effectiveness before you decide to buy or not. It’s great, right?

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and register to buy it now!

It’s time to say goodbye now. I hope that my Builderall 3.0 review is useful and helps you make a right choice. Thanks for your patience of reading my long article. Kindly contact me any time if you have some questions!

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