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The Cat Language Bible Review – How To Communicate With Your Cat

Nowadays, many people have cats or dogs as their pet. The pets may receive more care, better food, more toys, and even beauty care. But it is still a challenge to communicate them and their emotions. When I heard of The Cat Language Bible program, I thought it was scam. Because how on Earth can you talk to your cats and understand what they want to say. But in fact, the book doesn’t try to teach you how to speak cat language, it guides you on how to better understand and respond to your cat. From that, a bond between you two can be built. After reading this The Cat Language Bible review, you can decide for yourself if it’s a scam or not.

About the author:



Jonas Jurgella is an animal researcher and an Animal Behavior Specialist. He has been working in the area of animal-human interaction, both verbal and nonverbal, for over 14 years.
His job involves working with hundreds of cat owners and their cats to help enhance the communication and build the bond between the two.

What is The Cat Language Bible?

Bringing a cat home, then feeding him/her is all the thing cat owners need to do. When taking care of a pet, we all expect a two-sided relationship, which means sending love and receiving love. Cat parents who look after their cat really well and love them like a member of the family may sometimes be disappointed by not receiving the bonding and cuddle from a cat. It doesn’t mean that you’re not a good owner or that your cat doesn’t feel your love, maybe you just don’t get the message they want to convey. Japanese study shows that a cat can understand human emotion and even words. So now it’s time for us human to learn how to get what the cat says.

The Cat Language Bible is the result of many types of research and testimonials with hundreds of cats in their verbal and nonverbal language. Through those tests and his own working experience as an animal behavior specialist, Jonas will help readers to interpret cat gestures and sounds. You will be surprised by how complicated cat emotions and feelings are. When you get to know them, you will be able to respond in a right way. And from there, a deeper and stronger bond is built between you two. The Cat Language Bible review will summarize the major content of the book.

What are The Great Features of The Cat Language Bible?

The 11-chapter, 107-page-long book will break down many aspects of a cat personality and language.

Illustration of Cat Body Language

The book presents and interprets the meaning of a cat body language and gesture. A gesture may imply its feeling or request to human, but normally we don’t get it because we are not bilingual in cat language. So, this section of the book will help owners to understand and respond to a cat behavior. The explanation comes in text description and shots of different cats which make it really easy to compare with your real cat.

Reading this book, you will be surprised to know that cat emotions are complicated, just like humans’. If one human gesture conveys a feeling or emotion, so it does with a cat. As cats are naturally a predator, they are quite and calm.

Most of their communications are nonverbal a.k.a body language. So, even the slightest variant can carry an entirely different meaning. Studying this, we will be able to know when your cat is hungry, scared, bored or seeking attention. Then you can react to their needs and receive love.

Cat Verbal Language Dictionary

Cat verbal language can be in the form of meow, screech, or purr. These are the primary cat words. Since they don’t have letters and alphabets like us, cats convey different ideas and emotions through tones. Again, The Cat Language Bible will help you to understand the message of screeching tones and soft tones, or low, medium and high pitches.

Cat uses 20 voice sounds to communicate. It’s not that much compared to human language system. However, it is not that easy to learn. But you don’t have to since the author has done all the hard tasks. All you need is to apply the result to your cat to understand their verbal language and respond to them.

Additional information about cat

Besides interpreting cat language, The Cat Language Bible also provides the various information related to the history of cat and human relationship, note on health and diet for a cat, and behavioral correction you can apply to your cat. Considering it comes from an experience ‘cat scientist’, I think these are very useful for cat owners and lovers.

In my The Cat Language Bible review, I do want to express my respect to the author hard work to create such an informative and exciting book.

How Does It Work?

As it is stated on their website, The Cat Language Bible will help to build a stronger bond between owner and cat. The process is simple: The author has done all the research works. You only need to read the results, apply them to your cat and learn its language. Understanding your cat and respond to him/her. Finally, see your relationship improve.

The book can be purchased from the website at the discounted price $27.
More than that, you will get huge bonuses when buying the book listed below in my The Cat Language Bible review:


The Cat Care Guide guides you to show love and compassion to your cat and accepts his/her feedback. It also helps you to give the cat proper attention, entertainment, support, or feeding.


Training Your Cat instructs you how to raise a well disciplined and highly respective cat in a correct way, using love, instruction, and language feedback altogether.


As the name suggests, A-to-Z Feline Nutrition, this bonus gives you lessons on how to have a suitable nutrition plan for your cat to provide him/her with enough energy every day.


With this final bonus, whenever the author updates his book, you will receive the new copy via email, for free. This bonus is a lifetime one.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you have a cat or plan to have one but don’t know how to communicate with a cat, The Cat Language Bible is the answer. It is user-friendly, easy to understand with detailed texts and various photo to illustrate. You will also collect a lot of tips, techniques, tricks and so on for a stronger bond with cats. It is affordable with great result, and exciting bonuses.


Cats have learned to understand human for centuries now. And it is our time to learn their language and respond correctly to them. In The Cat Language Bible review, I want to thank the author for an excellent job to help strengthen and deepen the bond between human and cat. With people who do not have so much experience with cat like me, it is essential.

9.5 Total Score

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