Ecom Free Traffic Extraction Review: Why Don’t You Waste Money On It?

What is Ecom Free Traffic Extraction?

It’s the course that a man named Anthony Devine said he will shows a 100% Free traffic method to his Shopify Ecommerce Dropshipping store. He also show what dropshipper he is using as well as some Shopify tips increase revenue and sales.

And he said his method is…

Simple Method: this is how this method works that He created

  1. Set up 100% free traffic source (takes 5 minutes)
  2. Buyers go to your online Store and purchase
  3. You use that money to pay your dropshipper
  4. Dropshipper sends the product to the customer for you. You make the profit.
  5. Repeat as many times as you like.

He also show you his proof that I think it is stupidly fake


Why do I say you shouldn’t spend money to this course?

Because his FREE TRAFFIC is from Youtube and I think you know it is one of the biggest competitble soucre to get traffic from your website. Even in through his course, he don’t say just an one word how to rank this video on top that uses to get traffic!

And the second thing I hate this course is: He was doing all work to try driving other people even his customers who bought his copy to register Shopify Plan through his affiliate link. I will show these part of his product which he’ll recommend you follow

You can Sign up for Shopify here, Make sure you get the middle option, same one I use, this is a MUST have. Don’t go cheap, this option gives you the ability to send emails automatically to people who went to your store but didn’t buy. It also has a lower transaction rate per sale so this will more than make up for the extra amount you pay in a day or two. You can lose thousands monthly by just going with the $29 option. Shopify stores are very, very easy to set up, as in so easy you can be up and running this method by tonight.


If you pick a plan and then after 14 trial days you pay the fee he’ll earns 200% of a customer’s subscription fee per-sale commissions each time he refer someone to Shopify!

About his knowledges about Dropshipping, I think all of them are so basic, you can search Google for “How To Make Money With Dropshiping” and learn for free, even more quality than his course. I got a refund immediately after just 5 minutes because it’s low quality for its price $12.95. I have to write this review because I don’t people grab the product that garbage in, garbage out. Thank for reading and have a nice day! If you want to make money in the stable way, I recommend you should take a look at here: 20 Minute Results Review

Thank for reading my honest review. If you have any question, just leave a comment below. See you later!

2 Total Score

  • Difficult to follow
  • You must spend lots of money in the begining but maybe don't work
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