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Freedom Ticket Review – Why Should You Get Kevin King’s Amazon Course?

Today, an experienced marketer- Kevin King will reveal his A through Z training on the way to start your own Amazon FBA business. It is Freedom Ticket which helps you to get a ticket to living that life you deserve.

I believe that it is a great opportunity for an employee who works at a set salary to becoming an online business owner where you work on your own to improve your income and enjoy your work every single day without the observation of the manager.

It means that we can have flexible working time, wake up whenever we want, work wherever we want, but the greatest thing is making money doing what we love to do.

Also, if I have things that I don’t like to do about my business, I just outsource that task to be done. It is not about how much money you make, it is about how you make it.

Since I achieved the success from my first lead gen business, I have also started to learn about E-commerce selling on Shopify to sell on Amazon.

Kevin King is one of the guys I trusted, followed and learned from his method.

If you are interested in sourcing physical products as well as selling on Amazon, do not hesitate to check my post now.

Freedom Ticket Course Overview

Kevin King’s course will show you from A to Z everything you need to know to get started your own Amazon business.

Basically its:

  • Product research and selecting a niche
  • Product Sourcing- Vetting out suppliers, Testing samples for the highest quality
  • Continue to control inventory and customer feedback
  • Order Bulk
  • Optimize Your Listing
  • Wait until your listing reaches page 121 hours of detailed training plus bonuses.

Kevin King is really thorough, all great stuff and no fluff.

Personally, I like Kevin King’s teaching style because it is very direct and straight to the point.

Top Tips from Kevin King

Kevin reveals that his number 1 tip for a beginner is to invest in product research tools such as JungleScout or ASINspector.

Kevin also says product research is the most vital part of this whole Amazon business.

He shows different metrics that he follows when choosing a product but it is still not a fail-proof system.

I know that some people got stuck on this task for too long, they might get paralysis by analysis and get the trigger.

It is better to just go for it and in case the product does not work out, it is not that big of a deal.

As long as there is a demand on the product, you can always set lower the price a little bit as you want to just adjust your inventory and start over.
The next tip of Kevin King is vetting your suppliers. After picking your product, you can order some samples from 3-5 suppliers and ensure that you go with the highest quality one.

Future of Amazon?

Amazon is predicted to continuously expand its delivery system from local pickup stations to drone deliveries. Some cities have 1-hour delivery now.

It is also shown that 70% of Americans that generates $160K or more have Amazon prime accounts. Also, there is a 31% increase in Net Sale from $136 Billion in 2016 to $177.9 Billion in 2017.

Therefore, it is no wonder that Amazon is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Challenges of The Amazon Business

Since there are more and more Amazon FBA sellers enter the game, you have to face with more than more competitors and competition for every product is getting much tougher and tougher.
So it means that you will not generate any money until you reach page 1 of the search results.

But since more and more sellers start entering the game, it is getting harder to get to page 1, as well as taking much longer to achieve to page 1 than a few years ago.

Now it is all about conversion of your listing as well as having a genuine high-quality product that gets great reviews.

Since most people are becoming for suppliers from the same sites such as eBay or Alibaba, it is also a challenge to source a product that stands well-known above everybody else in terms of quality.

Sometimes you can be able to find out a good supplier but other sellers are also selling the same product so that can be difficult for you but you can still do a lot with optimizing or creating better branding, etc.

The next challenging part is that Amazon has the final say moving forward in whatever changes they select to apply for Amazon FBA sellers.

A few years ago, the big scared thing was their update on no longer letting fabricated reviews and a lot of FBA sellers thought the world was ending.

You just have to take these changes in stride and persevere as well. Things will continue to change and businesses must adapt.

Selling physical products are a great thing to do when you find a great product but I consider that selecting the right product is becoming more difficult these days.

This past year, I sourced 2 different products and it was a fail.

Also, since more and more people try to sell on Amazon, other people start selling the same products or even the exact same products with different branding since we can see there are a lot of suppliers out there. It means that it is challenging to become outstanding from the competition really.

Now, I have sold many products on Amazon, generated good money.

Amazon can work but you need to be prepared to fail as well as have enough mental fortitude to not give up and keep going.


I got many different Amazon FBA courses before. So I can confidently say that Kevin King did a great job with Freedom Ticket.

It is packed with everything you need to start a successful physical product business.

There is one thing I also want to remind you is that you need to treat this like a real business and put this as one of the top priorities of your life for a while, just like any other business
I completely immerse you in Kevin’s coaching videos as well as actually do the work. Therefore, do not hesitate to take actions.

You will get the success as long as you keep going and keep trying things with a never give up attitude. If you get the first failure from the first product, pick yourself up and try another one.
I have generated money in a few different things online, and that is all I want to come down to your mindset.

Everyone is looking for that magic pill or magic method but the fact is that such a thing does not exist. Anything is worth building takes time, patience as well as persistence

Just like this blog, in the start, I did not have many readers. Nevertheless, since I consistently spend at least 2-3 hours every single day writing a blog post, I achieved success now.

As long as you try to develop skills that allow you to bring tremendous value to the marketplace such as learning to start ranking websites and generating leads for small businesses or blogging, the money will come.

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