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Jarvee Review – Best Social Media Bot For You?

Try Jarvee for your social media scheduling needs
This Jarvee Review is about the most popular social media bot in online marketing right now. If you are a Marvel fan, you will admire how useful Jarvis is to Tony, and Jarvee can do the same way with your social accounts.

The social network industry is reaching its peak and the time to go down the slope is still far away to worry about. A normal person right now can own at least 3-5 social accounts for personal uses. With a people who are working or benefit from the digital marketing, this number can reach to ten more times.

Introduction of Jarvee Review

To manage well such numerous accounts isn’t an easy task so many products, systems or bots are launched to help you automate everything. Jarvee is drawing the spot light as the complete social media solution provider. It’s very helpful to make your accounts stay active and interactive in social network platforms.

In particularly, Jarvee is a crucial bot for the multiple-account handler or the celeb. It can be used to build the fan base and keep in touch with them. The main used platform is Instagram to grow followers and increase Likes. Jarvee can like, follow, unfollow, comment, send direct message, delete comment, etc in a scheduled period of time with the frequency as set up.

In general, it helps users control and navigate their account growth easily without updating and operating manually. This bot can be applied in multiple other platforms such as Google +, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedln.

Jarvee - The Perfect Automation Tool
You can test JARVEE for 5 days for FREE and see for yourself why people are so addicted to it! Your time is more valuable than spending it on repetitive social media tasks that JARVEE can do 10 times better and faster.

Jarvee Review on Its Core Values

Unlike other automated bots, Jarvee is a software tool on your desktop. Once you install and verify the account, it will work automatically, based on your setup. Therefore, to make Jarvee work with its best capability, you have to take good care of the initial setup. It’s also the reason why many people feel confused and complicated at the first use. However, after that, all your account operation is controlled and coordinated efficiently.

The platforms Jarvee supports are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google +, Linkedln. Jarvee functions like a like and comment bot. Its features include Like posts, Follow other people in niche, Unfollow people who don’t frequently interact, Comment, Delete others’ comment, etc. With the private message, Jarvee can be the chat bot to send messages or auto reply to others.

In conclusion, users can have all needed features to facilitate their account directly from Jarvee without going back and forth to several platforms with the same actions. Jarvee can work to leverage content in your accounts, and engage with other users so they will engage with your post, and hopefully like or follow you back. It seems a pretty simple idea but it requires much more effort than thought if you do it by hand.

Jarvee Review on How It Works

There are some basic steps to start work with Jarvee as follows. However, this is a primary instruction only, you will need to set up its timetable more carefully and strictly with specific time frame and targeted audience niche to have the efficient use.

  • Enter your account and verify it, enter your mail in case there are issues, you will get notified
  • Choose the action you want it to perform (Like, Follow, Unfollow, Comment, etc)
  • Schedule the time you want it to action, and set up the interval time as well
  • Start Jarvee to see if it can work as your plan
  • Modify if needed, otherwise, a daily check is enough and you can relax and let it grow your accounts.
  • Jarvee Review on its Instagram Module
  • Instagram seems to be the key platform of Jarvee where it best exposes it ability in growing fan base. Content types on Instagram are visual so the chance to get followers will be more difficult because audience are more strictly.
  • However, it is the fastest growing one used by many brands and influencers. The number of KOLs in Instagram is larger than FB and apart from celeb like singers and actors, they are mostly bloggers about travelling, fashion, lifestyle, and fitness. Jarvee can help you become one of them by its interactive features. A KOL usually gets paid from thousands to millions for a post. Don’t ignore this money-making opportunity!

Jarvee - The Perfect Automation Tool
You can test JARVEE for 5 days for FREE and see for yourself why people are so addicted to it! Your time is more valuable than spending it on repetitive social media tasks that JARVEE can do 10 times better and faster.

Here are some main features you can set up in Jarvee Instagram Module:

  • Auto Likes: Auto like post of others or the trending post to increase interaction
  • Auto Follow: Auto follow people to encourage them follow you back
  • Auto Follow Back: Auto follow back when people start to follow you
  • Auto Unfollow: Auto unfollow ones who don’t follow you or have little interaction
  • Auto Comment: Auto comment to get attention and increase your account exposure
  • Auto Like Comment: Auto like comments by others or your own
  • Repost: Repost content of others with specific standard
  • Direct Messages: Manage your direct messages from a singular dashboard
  • Schedule Post: Set the time to post content at any times
  • Extract Users: From a specified source (i.e., your competitors’ followers), you can extract the user contacts to ping them
  • Hashtag Research: Extract the hashtags with most posts and mentions for your own posts
  • User Research: Filter users with specific queries and follow/like the most potential ones
  • Report and analytics: Review Jarvee performance in your accounts with visual and combined stats
  • Proxy Support: Avoid the risk of being blocked by Instagram, used for one with 3 accounts or above

Want to see everything Jarvee’s Instagram module can do? Check out the page Here.

Jarvee Review on its Facebook Module

Facebook is the largest platform in social media currently though it’s quite increasingly intense and saturated. However, the user pool of Facebook will continue to grow much more, at this time, it has reached the number of nearly 2.5 billion active users every month. Considering its wide coverage all over the world, I totally suggest you should create an official Facebook page for your business.

The algorithm of Facebook changes a lot and quickly with the same trending of minimize corporate content and prioritize friends’ post and activities. Therefore, it’s harder to improve the low engagement in this platform.

Jarvee has some specified features for Facebook to take advantage of its large consumer base. I, personally, feel amazed with how it generate the reach of my pages in quite a short time, especially with the group works. I think using Jarvee on Facebook accounts is a smart choice and a need for digital marketers, affiliates and local consultants while they have to manage multiple accounts.
In FB, Jarvee can do some following tasks:

  • Auto Like: auto likes the status, images or videos of other users
  • Auto Comment: auto comment in others’ status, post, etc.
  • Auto Friend Request: auto send friend request to other users in your niche
  • Auto Accept: Auto accept the friend request of other people
  • Auto Schedule: Schedule and publish your post in personal profile, groups, or pages
  • Auto Join: Find the groups in your niche and auto join
  • Auto Invite: Auto invite friends to join the groups, or invite friends to like pages
  • Auto Reply: auto send or reply messages in inbox

Want to see everything Jarvee’s Facebook module can do? Check out the page Here.

Jarvee Review on Its Twitter Module

Twitter has a quite similar newsfeed as Facebook’s but I feel this platform is cleaner. But with this reason also, the bot can be a little limited here. Nevertheless, Jarvee can still work on Twitter and generate traffic via the natural retweet and tweet.

For eCom stores, I think this platform is great to lean on and develop your product listing as well as orders. In other way around, Jarvee increases the activities among you and the followers, updating the trending so you can have better insight of your products.

  • Check out the quick features in Jarvee Twitter Modules:
  • Auto Likes: auto like twits to get their attention
  • Auto Follow: follow people within your niche
  • Auto Follow Back: follow back people following you to keep interacting
  • Auto Unfollow: Auto unfollow who don’t follow back
  • Auto Retweet: Auto retweet to get more traffic and catch up with the trend from brands and celebs
  • Auto Messages: Auto send messages or mentions to other users

Want to see everything Jarvee’s Twitter module can do? Check out the page Here.

Jarvee Review on Pinterest Module

Pinterest may be strange to some users but with a marketer, you should know this is a long-term site to develop your brand. Users, once clicking in Pinterest, usually spend much more time here than other platforms maybe because of its open and linked content network. Additionally, a Pin will last longer in the trend tab of Pinterest than it does in Instagram.

  • Jarvee provides the core features so your accounts can be controlled in its dashboard like:
  • Auto Like: auto like pictures of others
  • Auto Follow: auto follow people in chosen niche
  • Auto Follow Back: auto follow back people
  • Auto Unfollow: Auto unfollow people who don’t follow you
  • Auto Repin: Increase the engagement between accounts by repining their pictures
  • Jarvee Review on Google +/YouTube/ Linkedln Module
  • The key features are nearly the same as the above ones. Jarvee continues to grow your account by auto interacting other users. At the same time, you can set up the niche to restrict the user bases it will approach. Jarvee will also get people to interact back with your account, as well.
  • Quick list of its features on these sites:
  • Schedule Post
  • Auto Like
  • Auto Comment
  • Auto Follow/Unfollow

Jarvee - The Perfect Automation Tool
You can test JARVEE for 5 days for FREE and see for yourself why people are so addicted to it! Your time is more valuable than spending it on repetitive social media tasks that JARVEE can do 10 times better and faster.

Jarvee Review With My Favorite Feature

The thing I like most in this bot is its detailed setup at the first time you log in. Like I said, it may be a burden when you first start but the more details it includes, the more potential leads you get. With normal bots, your set up will be much easier when it just helps you click like, follow and unfollow, continuously, leave the non-sense comments everywhere. The development isn’t sustainable and easy to get blocked permanently by the host. Another weakness is it can turn all your account operation into spamming, minimizing your visibility in the newsfeed.

Whereas, with a carefully-set campaign, the bot will look more like human base and find the most targeted audience. For example, Jarvee allows you to set up the waiting time between actions. You can think like a real person, normally, you will need to view an image first, quickly browse a profile to see what they’re doing and then decide to follow them. The process may take at least 20-30 seconds so you should set it as your interval time.

In addition, I think we only need to invest time to set up for one account on one site only. With the similar ones, you can set up exactly as the previous account. In fact, it won’t take you long time to keep all your accounts on tracks efficiently and safely, optimizing the performance while minimizing the risk.

Jarvee Review With Biggest Concern

The biggest fear of every bot user is will I get banned? Honestly, I have to say I have no insurance or money to guarantee to you everything will be perfectly safe and fine.

But with my experience and knowledge, I still think it’s a worth-trying solution. Why?

Firstly, as I mention in the previous part of this Jarvee Review, the setting part of Jarvee is so meticulous that it may shock you at first. But the chance of being banned or blocked is completely lower when you set the time and the frequency for each reasonably.

Secondly, I am running dozens of accounts with Jarvee and until now, I have got no shadow banned or unpublished penalty. My accounts are largely on Instagram and Facebook. It growth rate is faster and quite steady. The engagement between my own account and other accounts is kept as a mutual good relationship.

If you are handling multiple accounts like me, and you are still afraid of the worst issues, you should use the proxy for it.

And my advice is also to check your account on a regular basic. Jarvee can work on auto pilot and you will get the email notifying in case of any problems. However, I think everything should be under control, check it daily quickly and consider modify your plan after a long time.

Jarvee - The Perfect Automation Tool
You can test JARVEE for 5 days for FREE and see for yourself why people are so addicted to it! Your time is more valuable than spending it on repetitive social media tasks that JARVEE can do 10 times better and faster.

Jarvee Review on Detailed Evaluation

9.6 Total Score

Easy To Use
  • Multiply handle multiple accounts on multiple platforms
  • Auto like, comment, follow/unfollow on all sites
  • Schedule post in a long time frame
  • One integrated dashboard for messages
  • Stats to review the performance and export to csv file
  • Duplicate setting among accounts
  • Work consistently without much manual controlling
  • Don’t need to go in and out between accounts
  • Free trial in 5 first days
  • Have many tutorial videos
  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Need a daily check
  • Not compatible with Mac
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Jarvee Review With Conclusion

In general, Jarvee does help me so much with controlling and managing the accounts on different sites. It reduces the time I have to spend on social to manually like and comment on others’ posts. By letting Jarvee does it, I can keep my focus on other important things. Moreover, it can manage the accounts with the same level of concentration. With a normal person does it, you will get tired and bored soon and then the benefit margin reduces significantly when you can’t stay focused long. You will start hit random likes and comments and your niche can be saturated.

Right now, actually, I just need about 5 minutes for each account on each site every morning to see if it’s OK. And I also don’t have to open bundle of social apps to check my notifications.

One more last reason I suggest you try it is Jarvee works offline. Many other online bots have been shut down before like Instagress. Therefore, an offline bot will be less affected and embodies lower chance of bad issues.

The 5-day trial is offered for this bot so if you are still on the fence, I recommend you with 5 days first and you can see if it brings real results to you. Remember to research your setting carefully because it has great impact on how Jarvee can work.

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