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GrooveKart Review with $60,000 Huge Bonus and Discount

In the past few years, e-Commerce platforms have flourished in the e-Commerce market. Indeed. Nowadays, it’s not hard to spot out several of them when surfing on the internet. As the number of platforms grows significantly every day, people are extremely confused as they don’t know which one to use.

Moreover, the e-Commerce platforms’ monthly fee is incredibly high. Therefore, we cannot randomly pick one. If you’re wondering about the same issue, then my Groove Kart Review today will be beneficial for you.

Overview – Groove Kart

Vendor: Mike Filsaime et al
Product: Groove Kart
Niche: e-Commerce Apps

What is GrooveKart?

For your concerns, GrooveKart is a brand new, game-changing e-Commerce platform in the market. It contains tons of exciting and useful features that even more superior than what the world-leading platforms nowadays can offer.

As GrooveKart is better, extremely easy-to-use, and its price is much lower than others, it is also known as the biggest competitor of Shopify – the most popular e-Commerce platform in the market. On October 2nd, 2018, the beta version of this product has gone live and received a shower of compliments thanks to incredible results it brought back. Therefore, in this comeback with the official version, it is believed to be the most outstanding product of 2018.

The Author – Mike Filsaime et al

If you haven’t known yet, Mike Filsaime et al is a group of famous creators on MuchEye. They are Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta. Being praised as a brilliant vendor whose products are centered on the marketing, designing, and business field, they have been one of the most successful creators on the internet.

When mentioning their products, the saying “Quality is better than quantity” can be more precise. Although they only have 4 products on MuchEye – Evergreen Business System 2.0, Video Genesis, Webinar Jam, and Groove Kart – which is released recently on December 04 2018, all of their brainchildren are highly rated and work like magic. And Groove Kart – their newest product is not an exception.

Unique Features of Groove Kart

When mentioning this excellent platform, it’s challenging to list out all of its features. It contains high-converting templates, social proof, timers, funnels, scarcity, retargeting, statistics, and so forth. But if you ask me what the most outstanding features are, here is the answer.

  • When using Groove Kart, users won’t face any difficulties as this platform is simple to use without the help of any developers. The interface is also incredibly user-friendly, too.
  • Moreover, the payment process is also much simpler than what other platforms provided. We all know that most e-Commerce platforms nowadays charge you an additional fee per transaction. Groove Kart is different. You won’t have to pay any fees on transactions at all. Also, you can accept several payment methods all around the world as PayPal, Stripe, and are currently available on this platform.
  • Using Groove Kart also gives you a chance to simplify your business with two gestures click and sell. No codes or developers needed at all. You just have to click, and Groove Kart will handle everything else for you. Now, increasing conversions and sales will be as easy as pie.
  • Users can switch quickly to Groove Kart from Shopify using the 1-click import feature.
  • With the 1-Click upsells feature, now users can add unlimited upsells without paying any fees at all.
  • Another exciting feature is the GrooveKart Studio. This studio is everything you’ll ever need for your business as it offers an amazing drag-and-drop page builder, useful product design tools, and an incredible layer app which helps you drag any desired patterns on to a various range of products such as bags, sneakers, backpacks, hats, and so on. The studio is also integrated with the GK
  • AliConnect feature that offers automated drop shipping and Print-on-Demand Apparel.

Last but not least, Groove Kart also provides users with a built-in Teescape integrated feature and a built-in helpdesk, too.
With all of the game-changing features above, there is no quarrel with the fact that Groove Kart is a potential candidate for the title of The best e-Commerce platform in 2018.

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How Does It Work?

To be fair, Mike Filsaime et al is the most devoted vendor I have ever since. Although the platform itself is extremely easy-to-use, they still post a lot of tutorial and support videos on their website. You can literally find everything you need to know about it on its sale page. Therefore, remember to check it if you don’t know what to do or if you face any problems.

Who Should Use It?

With all the features described above, I believe these people should use GrooveKart:

  • Online shops
  • Online marketers
  • Website owners
  • Content creators
  • Video designers
  • Local marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Marketers
  • People in business.
  • People in the e-commerce field.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Easy-to-use Interface.
  • No skills needed.
  • Money-saving.
  • High Performance.
  • Tons of unique and innovative features.
  • Proven Results with uncountable conversions and sales.
  • Reasonable Refund Policy.


  • I have absolutely no issues when using this platform.

Price and Evaluation

When signing up, customers will have 3 payment plans:

  • Yearly Payment: $997/year. But on the first day of the launch period, it’s only $497/year. I consider this option is the best of all.
  • 4-Month Payment: $397/4 months. But on the first day of the launch period, it’s only $197/4 months

Monthly Payment: Users will also have 3 sub-plans to choose from when selecting this option:

  • Starter option: $79/month
  • Basic option: $99/month
  • Platinum subscription: $149/month. But on the first day of the launch period, it’s only $99/month

Last Words,

After all, I think Groove Kart is a potential e-Commerce platform. It is extremely simple to use, money-saving, and incredibly useful for your business. Many users like me witness the significant growth of our business with excessively high sales and conversions. And now, it’s your turn to try it. My Groove Kart Review above has already given you everything you need to know about this amazing platform!

Thank you for reading my article, and I hope you find it useful. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comment section below. I will check them and answer as soon as possible.

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