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Split Test Monkey Review – Does Split Test Monkey Work?


If you read my Split Test Monkey review, you will be very shocked to know the fact that your money is being lost every day and you have not known this. Why? The answer will be revealed in the next part of the review post.

Today I want to introduce a software that can not only help you keep the profit, but boost your online business. Are you so curious?

Yes. It is Split Test Monkey.

First, we take a close look at the overview of this.

Split Test Monkey Review – Overview

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Product Name Split Test Monkey
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Front-End Price $37
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Refund 30-day money back guarantee!
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What is Split Test Monkey?

It is the ultimate split testing software that allows you to boost the conversions, sales, increase op-tins and rake in more revenue.

With Split Test Monkey you can optimize your sales page and test how your visitors really respond to your graphics, your layout and pricing as well as every aspect of your site.

This powerful software also helps you utilize your traffic in the most profitable way by showing you what you need to change and what you don’t. Split Test Monkey was designed for the newbie as well as for the seasoned ones. This is very easy to use because it is web-based, so you don’t need to download or install anything.

Split Test Monkey - Boost Sales, Increase Opt-ins And Rake In More Revenue
With Split Test Monkey you can optimize your sales page and test how your visitors really respond to your graphics, your layout and pricing as well as every aspect of your site.
Split Test Monkey Review – Does Split Test Monkey Work?

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What Types Of Test Can You Run With Your New Split Test Monkey Software?

A/B Dynamic ‘Snippet’ Tests – The most popular type of test


With A/B Dynamic Snippet Testing, each element or variation is rotated directly and dynamically in your website or blog. In this type of test, all visitors are viewing the same URL.

Whenever a site visitor arrives at your website, one of your test variations is shown to them immediately. And each visitor will see the same variation at any time they return to your page to ensure the consistency.

Dynamic testing works well for testing the existing pages and on-page elements like headlines, guarantees, images, video, buttons, banner ads, CTAs and even entire blocks of text.

You can test two or even six individual variations of each element in a test with each variant shown equally across all visits for the faster results.

Split URL/Web Page Tests


Split URL or Web page testing is different a bit from the A/B Dynamic testing because the test variations here are complete web pages.

For each test, you can add two or up to six individual web pages that will be measured against each other to determine the best converting. Split URL testing works very great for the big changes like page layouts and new designs, color schemes, offer changes, pricing/payment plans, etc.

Besides, you are provided with a special rotator link to drive traffic to and every visitor will be shown the same page if they visit your page at the different time.

Split Test Monkey - Boost Sales, Increase Opt-ins And Rake In More Revenue
With Split Test Monkey you can optimize your sales page and test how your visitors really respond to your graphics, your layout and pricing as well as every aspect of your site.
Split Test Monkey Review – Does Split Test Monkey Work?

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Split Test Monkey is also packed with three alternative testing options that work with two above types of testing:

Auto Optimizer


All you have to do is just pick your test ‘rules’ like the time that the test runs, the minimum number of total conversions needs to reach before a winner is called. Set a confidence level.

Then Split Test Monkey begins to run the test on full autopilot and will automatically choose the winner and from that point only show the winning element or page to all future visitors.

Conversion Race


Just select how many conversions the winning element/page should hit for it to be declared a winner – For example, the first page needs to hit one hundred sales. You can also set a ‘margin’ number which ensures a winner is not called too early if it is a close race.
Finally, all the winners are shown to the future visitors.

Manual Mode


You are now in charge and the decision when to call the test will be yours alone.
There isn’t any automatic choice to test by the system so you can run, edit it and even add more test elements into the mix as well as keep it running until you are really confident on the result.

How Does It Work?

Testing your website with Split Test Monkey is a piece of cake. You don’t believe, do you?
Watch the demo video to clarify everything!

Demo Video : Don’t settle for the small video! Click the fullscreen button and Watch in HD


Why Should You Buy It?

If you read all the above parts of this Split Test Monkey review, you can know the importance of testing your website. With this amazing software, you can optimize all the pages on your site and this make the contribution very big into increasing the conversion and sales.


Moreover, when buying Split Test Monkey, you will get:

Unlimited Split Tests

There isn’t any limit to the number of the experiments which you can create, or even the number of domains that you can run them on.

Unlimited Visitors

This is not like the other services which want to ‘nickel-n- dime’ you, you can get the number of visitors or clicks which you wish.

ZERO Monthly Fees

If you get a copy of Split Test Monkey today, you will not pay the fee each month because it’s one-time and updated 100% free.

Built In Reporting

You should use key data to understand the customers and quickly make the smarter decisions to boost your profits.

9.5 Total Score

With Split Test Monkey you can instantly begin optimizing your sales pages and test how your visitors actually respond to your graphics, your layout, pricing, virtually every aspect of your website. Do they respond better to one variation of your ad copy more than another? This incredibly powerful information will help you utilize your traffic in the most profitable way possible by showing you what you need to change and what you don't! Split Test Monkey was designed for the newbie as well as for the seasoned pro. And it doesn't matter if you have ever installed a script before or if you are a whiz at it, our software is web based, so there's nothing to install and creating a new test takes just a few seconds.

Easy To Use
  • Unlimited Split Tests
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • ZERO Monthly Fees
  • Set & Forget Testing
  • Built In Reporting
  • VIP Level Support
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Beside, you are given a lot of valuable bonuses like:

Split Testing Made Easy – Value $12.95

Whether you’re new to marketing online, or you have been around for a while, you already know that split testing is incredibly effective.

Inside this easy to follow guide, you’ll discover exactly how seasoned pros utilize the power of split testing to increase conversions and improve every aspect of their websites.  

  • Discover exactly where to start testing, what to test and why.
  • Unlock the 3 step secret of writing “Grab ‘Em By The Shirt Collar” headline using the incredibly effective POW formula.
  • How to test your offers and pages even with low volumes of traffic, plus how to avoid common split testing mistakes.

The 6 P’s Of Conversion – Value $12.95

Discover the SIX KEY FACTORS that influence conversion rate of any offer and how to improve and test each to maximize your browser-to-buyer results.

  • Wildly effective product pricing strategy, how to nail it first time and how to test prices without turning off potential customers.
  • 10 quick tweaks for your sales copy that are guaranteed to lift conversion rates (and you can apply them all in just a few minutes).
  • Simon’s simple ‘from scratch’ 3 stage split testing strategy that delivers winning ‘control’ pages quickly and easily.
  • Discover the strongest sales page incentives that create a sense of urgency and compel prospects to take action immediately.

Copywriting Crash Course – Value $12.95

Boost Your Sales Pages, Sales Videos & Landing Page Conversions Fast!

  • Get a detailed 11 point copy “Success Formula” used by top web conversion specialist Simon Hodgkinson.
  • Revealed:  How to make simple, quick and easy tweaks to your pages and scripts that deliver amazing conversion boosts.
  • Powerful and proven strategies that work anywhere you need to increase your conversions (landing pages, ads, checkout pages etc.)
  • How to construct a sales letter/script from start to finish with explanations, real life examples & ideas for your own pages.

And our bonuses here: Split Test Monkey Bonus

They are very great, right? So what are you waiting for? Try Split Test Monkey today and enjoy the interesting things which this software brings to you. Click on the button below to make a payment right now!





Split Test Monkey will be launched on 30th, at 11:00 EDT. The price at that time is $37. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Question Asked! You have got nothing to lose. And when you buy through this page, you will receive the bonuses which He mention as above.

As usual, I will give you the bonuses when you purchase products through links on my website. To claim this bonuses, after completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: [email protected]. IMPORTANT: Please clear your cookies before buying or open the link in an incognito window!


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