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Zon Ninja Masterclass Review – The Best Amazon FBA Course in 2019 by Kevin David

Nowadays, Amazon has become one of the largest retail sites in the whole world. Therefore, a lot of people have rushed to this potential market to make money. Thanks to this, the Amazon market now is competitive than ever.

If you’re an experienced retailer on Amazon, you may already know how everything works in this field. But if you’re a newbie, there are a lot of things that you need to learn to succeed.
In the market today, we can quickly find hundreds of courses specializing in this field. But not every course is informative and brings back great results. If you’re searching for a good course, then my Zon Ninja Masterclass Review is born for you!

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Zon Ninja Masterclass Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Kevin David
  • Product: Zon Ninja Masterclass
  • Official Sales Page: CLICK HERE
  • Niche: FBA Training Course + Merch Training Course (Bonus)
  • Bonus: CLICK HERE
  • Refund: 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Support: Effective Response
  • Skill Level Needed: All Levels
  • Recommend: Highly Recommend
Zon Ninjas Masterclass - $1000 Per Day On Amazon FBA In 3 Months Guaranteed
Exclusive 75% Off Coupon!

Module #1: Product Research – The First Skill That You Need

1. The Author of Zon Ninja Masterclass and How to get the most out of this course.

First of all, we will get to know some basic information about the creator as well as the necessary mindset for you.

The father of this ingenious idea is Kevin David, the CEO of the multiple 7-figure e-commerce businesses and the owner of the largest Youtube channel for e-commerce. He has mentored thousands of students all around the world and helped them achieve their dreams and success. A lot of his students used to experience failure before they met Kevin, the most devoted teacher as they stated.

So how to get the most out of this course? Have the right mindset, which is patience and never gives up. Don’t take short-cuts, go through the entire course twice at least. In your first time, you should watch and absorb everything, take notes, read them and think about how to apply your knowledge into reality. In the second time, start taking actions while repeating all the steps above.

2. How to set up your LLC: The cheapest safest and best way and get an EIN (Tax ID)!

When mentioning the LLC, many people question that why we need it? Here is the reason:

Without an LLC, your customers, whose dogs or babies may choke on one of your Amazon products and get hurt, may sue you. In that case, the LLC can protect your assets and liabilities.

So, how to set up your LLC at the lowest price yet safest way? You’ll learn all of the steps in details when signing up for Zon Ninja Masterclass. After getting your LLC, you are now able to get your EIN (or also called the Tax ID) on the government site.

3. Amazon Seller Central Tutorial for Complete Beginners (Introduction to Seller Central).

In this section, Kevin will tell you everything related to the Amazon Central. As a matter of fact, you’ll have to sign up for a Seller Central account on the Amazon Services website on which you’re offered 2 options: The Professional one ($39.99/month) and The Individual one ($1/item you sell).

There are a lot of questions about this process such as “Which options should we choose?”, “Should we wait to sign up for a Seller account until my inventory arrive?” or “Must our store name match the LLC? Which name should we choose to attract more customers?” and so on.

Well, all of that question will be answered by Kevin himself in the course.

Zon Ninjas Masterclass - $1000 Per Day On Amazon FBA In 3 Months Guaranteed
Exclusive 75% Off Coupon!

4. Common Mistakes when people set up their Seller Central account.

Although Amazon let us edit the information about our store and our product, it’s still difficult to change. It’s pretty serendipitous since sometimes it may work, sometimes it doesn’t. Above all, it’s a waste of our time to edit the information that we could have provided correctly at first.

The second thing is about banking. Amazon provides strict rules on changing bank account. This is because if your Amazon account is hacked, the hackers will replace your bank account with theirs. Therefore, changing your bank account is not a good idea.

So, how to avoid all of these mistakes? Check out the Zon Ninja Masterclass.

5. Should we borrow money to experience our business faster or not?

When facing this question, most people will tell you that if you’re not good at financing than just go with what you already had. Well, Kevin has another thought: Borrow money and leverage it in the right way.

In the Zon Ninja Masterclass, you’ll learn how to make the most out of your borrowed money.

6. Explanation on selling on Amazon FBA from another country.

It depends, but in most cases, you can sell on Amazon FBA from other countries. You can check the list of countries that are accepted for seller registration on the internet. If your country isn’t in this list or your account get suspended right after you create it which happens a lot for international sellers, don’t worry. Kevin will solve that problem for you.

7. How to see if a product has a trademark or pattern

How to be sure the products you want to sell aren’t copyrighted or have a trademark? Well, this is a frequently asked question. To be 100% sure or in case that you invest a lot of money, you should hire a lawyer who specializes in copyright issues to examine the products for you. But if you’re searching for a free method, Zon Ninja Masterclass will show you how.

8. How to do the Amazon FBA Product Research

Besides all the benefits listed above, this course also brings you the top 2 software to master the Amazon FBA Product Research. It’s not an exaggeration to say that these upcoming tools are the only things you need to be successful. Indeed, the efficiency of these software has been proven by the amazing results of Kevin’s students.

9. How to use product discovery to find hugely profitable products

Yes, finding the products that potentially create huge profit is an essential part of your success. But how to find them is the real matter. According to Kevin, we should apply the tortoise and the hare method. To have further explanations on what it is and how to use it, you should participate in the Zon Ninja Masterclass.

10. How to go against the grain

We all know that nothing is perfect. Never just copy the entire concepts of others, make some twists, create an improvement version of them that include your experience. That’s how we reach the peak of success. In Zon Ninja Masterclass, you’ll have every knowledge you need to go against the grain.

11. How to find profitable products in 5 minutes by searching other successful seller’s product portfolios!

This is one of the three most important keys to success in this course. You can have a complete instruction and detaitls on this wonderful techinique inside Zon Ninja Masterclass.

12. Find hugely profitable products using the Amazon’s internal data

We all know that Amazon tends to sell successful private label products themselves. They will store all of the product’s information as well as the sale data of it, and make a version of their own.

That’s why their internal data is beneficial in search of hugely profitable products. So, the method to get the most out of Amazon’s internal link lies entirely in Kevin’s course. Check it out to get precious information.

13. Identify home run products using the best seller subcategory lists

Yes, Zon Ninja Masterclass provides another method to find cool products. Most people just quickly go through all the Amazon’s best seller main category lists without realizing that you can take advantages of them in another way. Do it right, and you can earn more profit than ever.

14. How to find the best products to bundle with your first private label product

For your information, bundling means that you take out an additional piece of friction for your customers. For examples, people, who bought a basketball ball, often purchase a basketball pump, too. So, instead of finding the basketball pump, the seller could sell both of them in a bundle at a higher price. This usually works like magic on Amazon.

And in Zon Ninja Masterclass, we can get every detail on how to do it perfectly.

15. How to get product research ideas from innovative start-ups via Amazon launchpad

Amazon Launchpad gives up online products of start-ups with the most advanced technology and the best up-to-date features. And in Zon Ninja Masterclass, we’ll learn how to get the best out of this website.

16. How to find amazing products under 5 minutes using general descriptors

This is a unique method that Kevin uses a lot himself. Many of us know the Amazon Auto Filters but what they don’t know that instead of the specific name of the products we can also enter the description of them, too. You’ll find a lot of exciting products by doing this. But there’s more! And you can obtain all of the information via the Zon Ninja Masterclass.

17. How to do product research in international markets

It’s not as hard as you think! Many old students of Kevin is from the outside USA, and they still can succeed. Actually, the steps are simple, but not everyone knows that. Join Zon Ninja Masterclass, and you’ll discover the secrets.

18. How to never get the dreaded “your listing is suppressed” email from Amazon!

In this section, Zon Ninja Masterclass will teach you how to tell if you’re able to sell a product or not. Typically, no other courses teach this, but the fact is that most beginners make this mistake and get the dreaded “your listing is suppressed” email from Amazon. Kevin will help you avoid this unwanted situation.

19. All the things you need to know about the FBA Fulfillment Fees, Storage Fees, and Long-term Storage Fees.

Since Amazon handles almost every hard step of your business as the fulfillment, the storage, the picking and packing process, and many more, it’s reasonable that they charge fees. You can easily search for the prices as well as all the packages online. But what you can’t find is the full explanation of them or the answer to the question which packages should you choose, which is fully presented in the Zon Ninja Masterclass.

20. Examples an Explanations of the perfect FBA products

Examples are very critical since they illustrate perfectly the situation as well as providing the clarity. To analyze and deeply understand the case, we also need an explanation. In Zon Ninja Masterclass, we get both of them. Now we can learn lessons from successful FBA products quickly and easily.

21. The step by step process demonstrating how to make your first Amazon FBA product a huge success (the entire due diligence process!)

This the final part of the Product Research module. Kevin will summarize everything we learned in this section into five steps. Apply and follow these steps strictly to make your first product a huge success. Most people think of the launch of the first products is scary. You’ll no longer face that situation any more thanks to the step by step process provided in Zon Ninja Masterclass.

Zon Ninjas Masterclass - $1000 Per Day On Amazon FBA In 3 Months Guaranteed
Exclusive 75% Off Coupon!

Module #2: Supplies and Shipping – All Things You Need for Great Supplies and Shipping

1. How to find the best supplies in the world and Kevin’s exact manufacturers template!

It’s a common sense that the success of your business is in direct contact with your manufacturers. In this course, you’ll know where to find supplies and how to have a good relationship between you and your manufacturers. With a good source of supplies, you already have a 50% chance to be successful. Moreover, Zon Ninja Masterclass will also provide its students with a manufacturers template that Kevin uses himself to negotiate with his suppliers.

2. How to ensure that you are getting the best price from your manufacturers for your new products.

When it comes to business, we cannot deny the importance of price on the final decision of your customers as well as the profit that you ends up with. So, how to make sure you get the best price from your manufacturers? The answer will be in the Zon Ninja Masterclass.

3. The favorable quantity of products that you should purchase on your first order

This is a frequently asked question when it comes to making the first order. Many people get the wrong idea that they should buy an enormous number of products. In this course, Kevin will tell you how many units you should buy on your first purchase and explain to you the reasons why on both Mathematics aspect and Reality aspect.

4. How to ship directly from the storehouse of your manufacturers to Amazon FBA warehouse

For many people, this process seems to be complicated. Well, it is but if you think about it logically, it’s easy to understand why. To break this process down for you, Zon Ninja Masterclass has uploaded an entire video on this topic illustrating all the steps you need to take to transfer your products to the warehouse of Amazon in the USA.

5. How to find American manufacturers and save more money and your time

Well, when transferring your products from another country, shipping can sometimes cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. And finding American manufacturers is a great way to reduce the overall price. In Zon Ninja Masterclass, Kevin will introduce to you great alternatives options inside the USA.

6. Summary of all the things you have to know about the whole manufacturing and shipping process

This is the end of the second module. In this section, the Zon Ninjas Master will provide you with all the information and tips that you need to know to complete the manufacturing and shipping process without any difficulties.

Zon Ninjas Masterclass - $1000 Per Day On Amazon FBA In 3 Months Guaranteed
Exclusive 75% Off Coupon!

Module #3: Listing Optimization

1. Mistakes to avoid when creating an Amazon product listing and the right way to do it!

As the name of this section claims, Zon Ninja Masterclass will arm you with every information you need to create a fully optimized Amazon product listing and frequently met mistakes. For example, a mistake that many of you make is that you don’t read the whole category and description. A lot of time, the first result appeared in Amazon’s product category search engine isn’t the best one. Another common mistake is to try to outsmart Amazon by misappropriating where you should be categorizing your products in the long run.

In Zon Ninja Masterclass, Kevin will show you how to avoid common yet risky mistakes like those above.

2. More information that you need to know on listing and how to find the most commonly asked questions about your products.

Before going into details on the best way to create a product listing, Zon Ninja Masterclass reveals a useful tip. It is to find a list of commonly asked questions about your products and prepare the answers for them. The reason is that since there are a ton of people wondering the same issue, it means that they want to find out the solution. And putting the answers on your titles or descriptions can help you attract more customers and get more sales.

But where to find these questions is still a myth to a lot of people. Don’t worry, Kevin will tell you the answer.

3. The brand new Amazon registry 2.0 and how to register a trademark right for your business.

A question that a lot of you may be wondering right now is what a trademark is for. Well, to be honest, at the end of the day, the only thing that protects you from hijackers who are trying to steal your buyers is the active registered trademark. Moreover, nowadays, to get a brand registry, you must have an active registered trademark. And in the USA, your trademark must be from the federal, and state trademarks aren’t allowed to get brand registries.

To get more details about this rigorous process, you can join Kevin in the Zon Ninja Masterclass. It offers literally everything you need to get a federal trademark and register your brand.

4. How to build organic keyword rank quickly and effectively (title, bullets, and backend!)

It’s a common knowledge that the title, the bullet, and the backend are the essential factors when it comes to the words you put in your listing. The reason is that these factors are the only things that Amazon has to go offer when it comes to how they organically index and rank your products.

In this section, you’ll know how Amazon index and rank your products, the weight of each following factor: the title, the bullet, the backend in the descending order as well as how to boost up your rankings quickly and effectively with these factors.

5. How to get product photos done the right way (tricks to increase your rankings by 10 times) (Needs Viral Launch, Outlinematic, and Fiverr Li)

This section is actually what Kevin had to re-make and re-master in this new version of Zon Ninja Masterclass. At first, he taught people how to do it by themselves, and he realized that there are certain things that you shouldn’t mind paying for. Creating product photos by yourselves will even cost you more by the sales you lose than spending money on professional services.
So where you should get your product photos from? Well, this question will be answered inside the course.

6. 3 Hacks to increase your rankings by 10 times.

Sounds interesting, right? As Kevin states, you can easily achieve higher rankings with better images or some tricks in the description of the product. Well, you can find out the detailed instruction when joining Zon Ninja Masterclass.

7. How to deal with hijackers on your listing

So, a hijacker is who copies all of your contents and information on the product. It’s pretty annoying since sometimes they could steal your customers. If you want to find out what to do when there are hijackers on your listing, enter Zon Ninja Masterclass.

8. How to deal if you’re about out of stock

There is a misconception around this topic: As you’re starting to sell out and have fewer and fewer products in stock, which is a good sign, you should raise your price higher and higher to slow down the sale. Here is the reason why:

How Amazon works is that there is the BSR (Bestseller ranks), and when your products are completely out of stock, Amazon will register that product into their records. If your products are in under 40 days, your ranks will remain. On the other hand, if you increase your prices, your ranks will fall continuously.

So what to do when you’re about to stock out? Find out in the Zon Ninja Masterclass.

9. Create a listing from the beginning with a fully optimized title, bullet points, and backend keywords.

This is the end of this module. In this section, Kevin will put together all the information and show us how to create a listing from scratch with a fully optimized title, bullet points, and backend keywords.

Zon Ninjas Masterclass - $1000 Per Day On Amazon FBA In 3 Months Guaranteed
Exclusive 75% Off Coupon!

Module #4: Product Launch Strategies – A Step Closer To Your Success

1. How launches work and how to get reviews, promotions, and follow up emails.

As you may know, page #1 is where the most purchased products appear. So, in this section, Kevin and Zon Ninja Masterclass will show you the correct way to launch your products so that they get to page #1 as fast as possible. How appealing that is!

The first thing you need to focus on is the follow-up emails. Next, the first critical reviews also play a huge role in the success of the products. After that is the promotions. All of them have a crucial impact on the launching process of the products.

To know how to get the best follow up emails, reviews, and promotions, you can join the Zon Ninja Masterclass, where all your questions will be answered.

2. How to drastically increase the effectiveness of your follow up emails

As stated above, follow up emails are indispensable in the success of your products. In the previous part, you already know how to create them, but how to boost up their effectiveness remains an unanswered question. If you want to find out how Zon Ninja Masterclass will provide you with your desired methods.

3. How to get those critical first reviews!

Only ranked behind follow up emails, we couldn’t deny the importance of critical first reviews. According to Kevin, we should get a couple of reviews before launching our products. It’s easy to understand why he stated that.

How do you think if you see a product that is advertised or given away with no reviews?

It’s a common sense that customers would likely not to buy the products with zero reviews. They may click the ads or see the products, but they won’t buy it. That’s why we need reviews, and in this section, Zon Ninja Masterclass will show you all the steps to get amazing reviews detailedly.

4. All the huge mistakes you should avoid while running giveaways

The biggest mistake people may make is that they don’t pay attention and set the maximum order quantity before launching their promotions and giveaways. The reason is that someone can come in and buy all of your in-stock products at the discounted price, resell them on your listing, and make huge profits. This situation actually happens a lot.

If you want to know how to set up your maximum order quantity or other mistakes, Zon Ninja Masterclass is a good choice.

5. How to use coupons to stand out and explode your sales!

Depending on your financial health, some Amazon accounts will get coupons, and others may request access to them if they don’t have coupons currently via Seller support. People love a good deal, so definitely having coupons is an advantage.

But not everyone knows how to use them wisely! In Zon Ninja Masterclass, Kevin will tell you how to get the best out of those coupons, make your products stand out, and explode your sales.

6. How to create a profitable video ad for your Amazon products

Nowadays, only accounts with EBC (enhanced brand content) can upload videos to their listing on Amazon. To have this content, you’ll have to have a registry, which requires a Federal trademark.
To create a profitable video ad for Amazon products, join Zon Ninja Masterclass for more information.

7. How to properly price your product for maximum sales (Split tests!)

There is a myth that everyone is wondering about. It is that product with lower prices always sell better. Therefore, a lot of people get the wrong idea that if their products are the cheapie in the market, they can boost up their sales, their conversions to the maximum level.

In Zon Ninja Masterclass, you’ll know how to price your products with split tests included.

8. How to collect customer emails for future launches and skyrocket your sales

You already know the importance of reviews and customer feedback from the previous parts, right? So, how to collect customer emails for future launches and skyrocket your sales? You can receive the answers when participating in Zon Ninja Masterclass.

9. Launch a product using Pageoneify

Nowadays, launching and ranking have completely changed, Amazon is testing things right now. They are devaluing on things that used to work and trying to keep the market competitive, which is a common thing to them.

If you want to know how to launch a product using Pageoneify, the favorite software of Kevin David, you can check the Zon Ninja Masterclass out.

Zon Ninjas Masterclass - $1000 Per Day On Amazon FBA In 3 Months Guaranteed
Exclusive 75% Off Coupon!

Module #5: Amazon PPC, ClickFunnels, Facebook, and Instagram Traffic

1. What is the Amazon PPC and where to focus your energy?

This module contains everything you need to know about marketing for Amazon. By definition, the Amazon PPC is an internal built-in platform, where we create all of our marketing campaigns. This is also the only way that Amazon allows us to get reviews, so it’s critical.

There are still a lot of things more in this section! It will bring you essential knowledge on how to spend your time and effort as well as getting the most out of your energy.

2. How to find keywords that convert for your product!

Yes, on the internet nowadays, it’s easy to find thousands of keywords; each brings back a different result. The real problem is that they’ve been stored in the database for a long time, and most of them haven’t been updated since then.

There are only a few services that actually take the data from Amazon and show the correct estimated monthly volume. In another word, it’s hard to find keywords that convert for your product. If you want to find a solution to this existing issue, join Zon Ninja Masterclass.

3. How to find hundreds of new exact customer search term keywords in 5 minutes

In this section, we will get to know some tricks to find a bunch of new exact customer search term straight from Amazon that you can use in your PPC campaign.

4. The best trick that changed Amazon PPC forever – low bid broad match discovery campaign!

This is a life-changing trick that can change your Amazon PPC forever. The trick is about how to acquire a low bid broad match discover campaign as well as the best, easiest, and fastest method to implement that trick.

5. 3 Hacks to increase your PPC profitability (Business ink preferred Affiliate Link)

These tricks will give you several cheated sales and get cash back! Be smarter than your PPC! One of these hacks is to translate your keywords into Spanish to get some cheated sales and add advertise exact match for misspelling or some other common mistakes.

If you want to find out the 2 other hacks, you could join the Zon Ninja Masterclass.

6. How to Make Profitable Automatic PPC Campaigns With Bonus PPC Algorithm Hack!

Actually, it’s extremely easy since all you have to do is to click one button. But it’s essential to understand what is happening on the screen and the outcomes as well. All of these will be answered during the course.

7. How to interpret your search term report (STR) and make data driven-decisions!

In this section, you’ll find out how to interpret your advertising reports. Most of the reports aren’t interesting, except for the search term reports, which we are aiming at. Although the reports look intense and overwhelming at first sight, it will be easy when you know what is going on.

Learning in Zon Ninja Masterclass, you will have all the useful information as well as how to make data-driven decisions.

8. How to use Clickfunnels to explode Amazon sales and collect customer emails!

In this section, Zon Ninja Masterclass will tell you how to use Clickfunnels, a company that went from zero to the hero, to do launches, create pixel data, and email lists for marketing.

9. How to run Facebook and Instagram traffic to your Amazon listing in the right way (Advanced!)

Nowadays, there is a problem about marketing directly to your Amazon listing, which is you don’t control that listing. The way Facebook or Instagram works is that you have to input a little piece of codes into the HTML or the backend of the website to be able to attract and return people, who visited your site.

There are a lot of ways to proceed this, which violate the rules of Amazon. Kevin also mentions them briefly in the course and introduces to you the best way to run Facebook and Instagram traffic to your Amazon listing.

10. Custom Audience Hacks That Have Made me Millions (And How You Can Apply Them to Your Business!)

For your information, custom audiences are the seed and the life blood of targeting on Facebook. Also, they are the seed audiences that you can do anything else with on Facebook.
In Zon Ninja Masterclass, Kevin will give you all the hacks to earn millions with the custom audiences.

11. The Ninja Ad Lifecycle (Nothing Attracts a Crowd Quite Like a Crowd!)

To create amazing and profitable ads, it is a must to understand and have a strong infrastructure and foundation. The Ad Lifecycle gets social proof on your ads in the forms of likes, comments, and shares to generate attention for your ads. If people see an ad that has tons of comments and likes, they will stop and take a look for sure.

12. Brand Awareness and Reach Marketing Objectives

The Facebook marketing objectives and when to use each one are essential things you need to know about how to maximize your results and minimizes your ads spent spontaneously.
And in this section, Zon Ninja Masterclass will give you all the information about Brain Awareness and reach your Marketing objectives.

Zon Ninjas Masterclass - $1000 Per Day On Amazon FBA In 3 Months Guaranteed
Exclusive 75% Off Coupon!

Amazon Seller Central Hacks – The Last Step To Your Success

1. How to remove negative seller feedbacks!

There are 2 types of public feedback nowadays that customers can give you as an Amazon seller. They can either leave a review on the actual product with their ranking from 1 to 5 stars, which can be viewed by everyone or the seller feedbacks, which we are aiming at. To know the details, you can enter the Zon Ninja Masterclass.

2. How to open multiple Amazon accounts in the right way

Yes, as mentioned above, it’s nearly impossible to have multiple seller accounts on Amazon. But Kevin does have a way, which is totally legit. If you’re creating multiple accounts the wrong way, you may get a suspension and bear a lot of risks, too.

3. How to outsource your Amazon customer service in the right way

Working on Amazon is risky and may contain a lot of potential problems. Therefore, it is best to receive support when needed. In this section, Zon Ninja Masterclass will show you how to outsource your Amazon customer service in the right way.

4. How to be featured in popular blogger gift guides for top ten holiday ideas and more!

This section will help you boost up your sales by helping your products get featured in popular blogs. You can earn massive attention by doing this and skyrocket your profit in seconds.

5. 3 Secrets to getting your account back after suspension

It’s a fact that most sellers may eventually get suspended when they violate the rules of Amazon. Without a doubt, that’s definitely a bad situation. But don’t worry, Zon Ninja Masterclass is here to help sellers get their accounts back after suspension.

6. How to use many chat messenger bots for explosive launches, reviews, and build a list!

As mentioned above, we all know how important the reviews are in the launching process. To get more reviews, Zon Ninja Masterclass will show you how to use many chat messenger bots to collect reviews, rock your launches, and build a list for your next launch.

Zon Ninjas Masterclass - $1000 Per Day On Amazon FBA In 3 Months Guaranteed
Exclusive 75% Off Coupon!

Not only that, he included 2 Modules that are really worth

Last Words,

If you’re about to enter the Amazon market, or simply you’ve failed many times and didn’t understand why then the Zon Ninja Masterclass is for you. It’s a fantastic product, an all-in-one course that can turn you into a master on Amazon. Try it now, and you won’t regret.

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