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Freedom Ticket 2.0 Review – An Outstanding Product From The Famous And Successful Businessman, Kevin King

Are you sick and tired of the obsolete 9-to-5 jobs? Do you want to tap into a field in which you can earn massive profits with ease? Then Amazon FBA seems to be an ideal field for you However, it always require beginners to have decent business knowledge first. So to achieve success in the position of Amazon FBA business leader, a professional guilder with clear instructions will be a great choice for you.

After conducting an exclusive research on different free and paid courses, I come to realize that the Kevin King Amazon – Freedom Ticket course is the best to date. This program is now called Freedom Ticket 2.0 and it is free with the platinum package of Helium 10.

Freedom Ticket 2.0 Review – Overview

Vendor: Kevin King
Product: Freedom Ticket 2.0
Niche: Software
Refund Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee
Recommended: Highly recommendation

What Is Freedom Ticket Course?

Freedom Ticket 2.0 Course is a marketing tool focusing on the world of Amazon business. It provides a new businessman with all the necessary information to keep his or her business running smoothly.

With this course, you can learn all the A-to-Z steps to build and develop your Amazon business successfully. Here is a glimpse of what it can offer:

  • Product research and choose a niche for your business.
  • Product sourcing: Vetting out providers, testing samples for the best quality.
  • Bulk order.
  • Optimize your listing.
  • Manage your company’s inventory and customer feedback.
  • Keep serving you until your listing runs to page 1.

The Author Of Freedom Ticket 2.0

For the people who are unfamiliar with the name Kevin King, he is one of the most well-known and successful businessmen in several aspects of Amazon. Kevin joined the eCommerce industry in 1995 with his online website. In 1999, he began his business on eBay and Amazon as well.

With 30-year of experience in online business, he has turned into one of the names that many entrepreneurs hold in high regards. Target Marketing magazine even recognized him in the Top 40 Direct Marketers under 40. Plus, only in 2015, Kevin brought to Amazon with 5 brands at a private level which has helped him to gross 3,000,000$ by 2017.

Freedom Ticket 2.0 Review – Main Features

The course will give its students a lot of outstanding features. Here they are:

  • 8 weekly modules and more than 60 lessons.
  • 21-hour training with 22 bonus chapters in the form of Question and Answer and webinars.
  • Extremely detailed study notes.
  • Over 30 handouts and slides allow you to do a quick review.

Many people might think that this 21-hour training is not enough for them to fathom all the vital business knowledge, but this is its most interesting part.

You see, as Kevin King is well-known for a simple and clear teaching method, he only focuses on the most fundamental steps of setting up a business on Amazon. This means that the information included has been selected carefully so that only the crucial details are mentioned and no redundant material will be in the way.
In comparison to other training systems, the Freedom Ticket Course is more outstanding with its interactive nature. The content you study from this course is filmed in a decent studio. Therefore, it follows a professional yet interesting style that can tremendously capture your attention.

After experiencing some courses on Amazon, customers compare Freedom Ticket 2.0 with others and most of them appreciate it.

Therefore, if you are new to Amazon FBA, the Freedom Ticket course is also the most suitable course for you. Or even when you are doing successful online business on Amazon with your available products, this course also gives you many benefits. In particular, if you want to enhance your sales and keep your online business develop stably, this course is for you.

Customer Feedback And Kevin’s Training Method

Customers who completed this course comment that the most useful and valuable part of the course was the author’s explanation on how to approach and choose a product to invest in.

Kevin’s teaching method is commented on as a unique style. It seems that his method is different from other sellers on Amazon.

The metric system that Kevin applies to choose the product is pretty exciting if we don’t want to say that it is completely perfect. And what you need to do to pick the product is only to follow the given instructions.

Besides, Kevin also offers users the best method of generating a conversion for businesses with the module for advertising, promotion, and ranking.
If you are planning to launch your product or relaunch your previously failed product, Kevin can provide you with many great ideas.

Manny Coats – Host Of AM/PM Podcast

The host of AM/PM podcast, Manny Coats compared Kevin as an encyclopedia with in-depth knowledge in Amazon business and his online marketing world is infinite. The compliment mentioned above came from a person featuring the stature of Manny Coats.

Manny has been developing his online making money since 1999 with Twisted Humor. For more than 14 years, he has taken part in producing companies that are largely successful in online marketing & sales and PC software as well.

By 2015, he also widened his business with the Amazon Private Label. Only after 9 months, Manny earned 1,000,000$. He applied almost the online marketing strategies that he achieved from his 16-year experience in managing his mobile games and online business.

Thanks to that, he helped many people release many products via the promotion of aggressive search. Manny Coats released his first AM/PM Podcast in December 2015.

Kevin King Webinar

Now, choosing to buy the course or not all depends on you. Even there are many great compliments about Kevin’s Freedom Ticket course good feedback about it, the final decision is yours.
Still, if you want to widen your business, I think you should give this course a try. It will surely bring you many ideas for your online business.

The author of Freedom Ticket 2.0 understands that for some people, it might be a big-budget to involve this course in their business. That’s why he decided to give his customers a refund policy of a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, he gives a 2-hour free Webinar for everybody who wants to register for this course.

With this free Webinar, you can study some free in-depth knowledge given by the author, including:

Home-run product research: You can get the point game plan provided by the author to find products with a suitable niche genre for your online business. Once they get popular, it will be an ideal investment.

Tricks for money-saving sourcing: This section will help you get several trade secrets used by Amazon sellers. From now on, they can save much money and time in their online business.
Three-time reviews to increase sales: This section will show you how to increase the number of reviews on your products into three times and your entire business as well via legitimate ways.

Helium 10 Elite (previous name: Illuminati Mastermind)

Manny Coats is the father of not only the AM/PM podcast but also the founder of Helium 10. This product is known as one of the best all-in-one software suite that a lot of Amazon sellers have been applying in their business.

Manny invested in this outstanding product with a team full of many talented engineers. Creating this product, the author hopes that all Amazon sellers can implement all the right tools to widen their business. And even Kevin, he also recommends tools from this useful software.

The tool will give you:

A chance to join in the tool’s training workshop with great ideas to source your products. This process will come without using any Alibaba or any kind of split testing you need to do before listing your product on your website.

The way how to rank up your conversion rate up, by a main focus on the keywords that your competitors use. From now on, it will recommend you what you should do next to develop your site.
The opportunity to connect with other successful Amazon sellers, enabling you to exchange ideas or give a product an investment together.
Access to monthly webinars taught by famous professionals in online marketing.

In particular, the Helium 10 Elite plan will give you exclusive content and access to Helium 10 Elite Members Facebook Group.

Conferences Of Kevin King And Seller’s Sessions

Kevin has taken part in a lot of conferences in the globe and his audience consider him as a professional speaker. He doesn’t offer his audiences empty advices, instead, he regales them sincere stories of his real experiences and gives them with the greatest plans for their business.

In only first six months of 2019, he has taken part in twelve conferences, including Billion Dollar Seller Summit 2019, the Global Sources Summit in April 2019, and so on. He inspires his audiences, encouraging them to be proud of their work and willing to get a better result.

If you don’t have much time to attend Kevin’s live conferences, but you want to learn more from his experience, his seller sessions will help you solve this issue. With a mobile device, you can find out the podcasts by accessing to the channel Seller Sessions on Youtube.

Kevin is not only a successful seller on Amazon but he is also now a renowned character on this social site. He uses it as an useful site to train users with other online marketing hacks on Amazon as well as to analyze brand. In particular, if you listen to Kevin’s seller sessions, you will have a chance to attend in person meetups.

Kevin King Podcast – AM/PM Podcast

Kevin King is a frequent visitor of the AM/PM podcast where he has given his customers almost hour-long sessions or sometimes longer. He gives Amazon FBA beginners necessary knowledge, including:

  • Insights on what they have to do.
  • The way to choose a product.
  • Things to do before releasing a product.
  • All the strategies and tools necessary your online business.
  • Kevin is pretty famous among podcast holders on Amazon, however, it seems that Manny’s AM/PM is his favorite. Kevin always tries to go into detailed specification in these sessions. Before listening to these podcasts, you should prepare a pen and paper cause’ there will be a lot of things to write down.

Pros And Cons

9.1 Total Score

Easy To Use
  • No investment.
  • Alive training videos.
  • in-depth knowledge in online business from professional trainer.
  • 24/24 customer support.
  • Newbie-friendly.
  • Until now, I found no drawback about the effectiveness of the Freedom Ticket Course.
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Price And Evaluation

A few months ago, to access every lesson of Freedom Ticket 2.0, you would have to pay up to 4997$ to own the Freedom Ticket course. However, right now, it is completely free! Isn’t this great?
I think this is a big chance for you. If you are looking for the best method for your online business, you had better take advantage of this opportunity. Otherwise, you will miss a completely great product.


Now it’s time to say goodbye. Thanks so much for your sticking with my long Freedom Ticket 2.0 Review. I hope that it can provide you with a sufficient amount of knowledge of how to start an online business.

Plus, this interesting and helpful course not only gives you in-depth knowledge in online business and aid you develop in making online money but also help you save your time and money.
In case you have any question about this course, please feel free to contact me at any time. I am always willing to answer all of your questions in due time.

Finally, if you enjoy this review and want more in the future, please consider following my website. Tons of intriguing things are about to arrive!

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