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Nine University Course Review – Amazon FBA Course Review

Are you looking for a method enabling you to earn up to 6 figures, or even 7 figures on Amazon? Then do not miss my Nine University Course Review!


Has it ever occurred to you that when it comes to profiting from Amazon, the odds are against all newbies?

Amazon is big, Amazon is a market where almost every item on the world gathers, and Amazon is a place flooded with customers of all kinds. But don’t get happy too early. This might sound like a plus, but only to those that have been running their business there from a year dot. If you are new to the game and just try to find a spot to establish your brand, this can be a total nightmare.
You still don’t know why?

Well, can’t you see it? When a market or an eCommerce store get too big or too crowded, undoubtedly, it is going to become more competitive. And if it comes with credibility as well as popularity, more and more sellers will jump into it day by day.

This goes the same for Amazon.

Customers there have many choices, in fact, they are snowed under choices. How can you persuade them to go for your store instead of the others? It might not be that tricky when you are well-known around the place, but what if you are just a newbie?

Such a pain in the neck, right? Then perhaps what you need to do is to try smarter, not harder. You see, I happen to have an outstanding Amazon course right here. And I’m pretty sure that its approach to the money-making problem is going to bring a smile to your face.

Are you curious? Then scroll down for the rest of my Nine University Course Review right away!

Nine University Course Review – Overview

Author: Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott
Product: Nine University Course
Price: $1997
Sales page:

What Is Nine University Course?

Nine University Course is a cutting-edge, in-depth training program that reveals to you an ultimate method to start making a real fortune out of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) with no string attached.

You do not know what FBA is?

Well, simply put, FBA is just a service that Amazon offers. Once using it, you and other sellers that sign up for the service are going to have all the fulfillment tasks completed by this eCommerce platform itself.

Does it come with fees? Yeah, in fact, you may have to pay like a fortune to make good use of Amazon FBA!
Is it complicated? Of course, it is complicated! And since it is not free-of-charge, making money from it can even be trickier than monetizing non-FBA items.

But isn’t this the opposite of being beneficial?

In that case, why should you sign up for it?

Well, if you use THE FBA service, your products are more likely to get higher search rankings than those that do not. Plus, since everything related to fulfillment is all taken care by someone else, you can get massive weights off your shoulders, thus having more chance to focus on how to improve your business.

As for the difficult part, this is where my Nine University Course Review comes in! When participating in the training course, you will receive tons of instructions and tips that can help you chase away all the problems and hardships. In short, you can make great money from Amazon FBA and enjoy all the benefits that tag along.

Here, let me give you a throughout look at what it can provide.

Nine University Course is going to enrich your knowledge with 160 exclusive videos given to you by the talented duo Kale and Taylor who have got a solid background in making money from Amazon FBA. They cover a wide range of topics, each is important to a lucrative FBA business. In fact, if you pour your heart and soul into learning and practicing the method included, you can seize a 6-figure income in the shortest time!

Now, this program is designed for all Amazon users from all level of experience. However, it is not something you can just take home, only look at it when you are in the right mood and then expect things to turn out to be all right. No! If you want to climb the ladder quickly with the help of this course, you have to take it seriously and work as hard as you can. If knowledge and experience are not there, you need to make up for them with your will and determination. Don’t slack off! FBA is not an easy thing to take on. You slack off, and you are done.

About the Author

Now that you have got a good look at what Nine University Course is all about, let’s give its creators – Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott – some spotlight!

If you have been keeping your eyes on Amazon as well as how to generate profits from it, then you must have already got used to hearing their names. These guys are pretty awesome when it comes to this very field! They seem to know everything related to it, and FBA happens to be their area of expertise.

What, you don’t believe? Then how about I show you some proof? Up to this point, their YouTube channel – K19 – has already reached 20000 followers thanks to their helpful content. I know that compared to many professionals, this is not exactly a big number. Still, they have only been in the field for a couple of years, so it is still something.

Oh yeah, as for the videos they upload onto the channel, almost all of them revolve around running Amazon FBA businesses! Even these guys themselves happen to be 7-figure FBA earners too.

So, you can rest assured that everything they post is backed by their very own accumulated experience.

You can consider checking out their YouTube channel if you feel like tapping into Amazon and FBA. The videos there might not be able to beat that of expensive training course, but they are more than enough to give you an overall of the job as well as what you should do to get started.

Nine University Course Review – Features and Benefits

Well then, it is about time we move on to one of the most important subject of the entire review: The benefits can you seize when using Nine University Course. I know that you are all eager and excited for this. So, let’s not waste time any longer, and begin jumping straight into the juicy parts!

160 intriguing videos

As I have mentioned earlier, if you enroll in Nine University Course, you will instantly have access to 160 out-of-the-box videos. Even though the free stuff that Kale and Taylor put on their YouTube is quite quality itself, this value-packed collection is on a whole new different level! The videos are all segmented into 10 major categories, each of which centers upon:
Instruction for setting up your account and navigating the seller central

This is the most basic part. Still, so that you do not have to figure out anything and have more time to spend on the vital things, the course also counts it in.

Instructions for discovering the greatest products to put on your store

Products are must-have items once running an eCommerce store. However, choosing those that can catch people’s attention and get them to reach buying decisions has never been easy. There are just too many things you need to finish in order to load your store with them! For examples, you need to find out the hottest niches on the market, their winning products, as well as those products’ function.

Nine University Course is going to help you solve this hassle! Just take a look at the videos. And if you are willing to work hard to get the best results, something good will definitely come out of your efforts!

How to source the products from China

Everyone, I repeat, everyone working as a seller wants to white label Chinese products. The reason is quite simple: Products in China are much, much more budget-friendly than that of many nations. There is a range of causes attributed to this, such as the massive force of labor, but they are not our main concern so let’s just put them aside.

In short, sourcing products from China is of paramount importance if you want to cut down on the expenses incurred. Still, again, this is another complicated matter since there are many things you need to fulfill.

Nine University Course also helps you get through this problem! Well, I’m going to be honest, this part can be quite exhausting. But if you can master it, you will be able to save a fortune!

How to package your product

You need your products to stand out the most, right? Nine University Course will show you a brilliant way to package them.
Product pictures department
Your products’ images play a vital role in capturing buyers’ attention. Still, this brings us to another question: How can you ensure that your pictures stand out among the rest? Well, this training course will give you an answer!
Instruction for optimizing your Amazon Listing
Again, this is another basic part. However, things can turn into a real mess if you do not have an effective approach to it. You see, since this is the listing of your products themselves, if you do not find a way to optimize them, your sales and profits will be heavily impacted. So far, multiple services have been launched to aid sellers in this matter. But why should you hire any if Nine University Course can give you a free way to take care of this?
How to get reviews for your products
It goes without saying that buyers will mostly focus on the products with many positive reviews. But what to do to fill your goods with such a thing? Don’t worry, Nine University Course will give you a hand!

Instructions for setting up and run PPC

Implementing PPC campaigns when selling your products is a great way to bolster your sales, profits, and even your rankings. Still, this only takes place once you manage to not run into any mistake and set up a flawless plan. A seemingly impossible mission? Yeah, it is difficult. But so what? You have got Nine University Course here, remember?

The right way to launch your products

In this part, the training course is going to show you the best way to make sure that your launched products get high rankings in the shortest time
Instructions for keeping in touch with your former customers

Maintaining a strong relationship between a seller and a customer is one of the greatest strategies to boost your sales. If you can turn somebody into your loyal client, they will definitely come back to you over and over.

But how can you do that? After all, talking and persuading are not considered types of arts for nothing! So, how can you master them?
If you cannot get the answer yourself, why not let Nine University Course give you some?

Of course, since the entire course consists of 160 videos, you will not be able to finish it within a day or two. In fact, the course is supposed to last for seven weeks! I know that is a great amount of time, and might even put you off too. However, the course is long and heavy in information because it is packed with values. Everything you need to know about Amazon FBA can be found here.
It might take you a while to eventually digest all it has to offer, but I’m sure that the obtained results are worth it!

Plus, the course even automatically tracks your watched videos. This way, you will be able to easily keep track of whatever you have learned.

Exclusive Facebook group

Besides the collection of training videos, Nine University Course also gives you access to an incredible Facebook. This is where students just like you gather and share their own successes after enrolling in this one-of-a-kind course. Not only will this give you a motivation to get a hold of the program, but it might also provide you with some tips and tricks that you can implement for greater successes.

And yup, you can post your own questions if you like!

How Does It Work?

Since Nine University Course is a training course, I believe I do not really need to delve deep into how to work with it. Basically, all you need to do is to watch the videos and join the Facebook group, then note down everything you have learned and try to apply them to your own business.

I want to remind you that even though this program does not require you to possess any skill or experience initially, if you do not try hard enough, you will fail. It is definitely not a scam, but it requires you to put in a lot of efforts. This is also the main reason why some people give up halfway. So, only try it out when you have set a goal to successfully tap into Amazon FBA.

Who Should Use It?

The way I see it, Nine University Course is going to be an excellent choice for anyone looking forward to making a fortune out of FBA but have no idea where to start or what to do. Still, the professional can also have a crack at it since it reveals many tricks that you can utilize to boost your profits.

Now, I know that many people say that you do not need to have FBA products to be able to climb the ladder on Amazon. I admit, to some extent, this is precise. Still, this also means you will have to face many risks along the way. Remember that non-FBA items do not really have an edge against FBA ones, and this can cause great problems for you in the future. You would not want that, would you?

If you are already experienced, sure, go ahead and do what you want. But if you are a newbie, I highly recommend you turning to Amazon FBA.

Pros and Cons

FBA is quite competitive, so you have to work hard to actually achieve anything

Price and Evaluation

If you want to enroll in this cutting-edge training course, you will have to pay $1997.
Now, do not freak out! I know that this is not really a pleasant price to look at, and I know that perhaps right now you have already prepared to exit this site and look for something cheaper. But please hear me out!

As I have said, Amazon FBA is nowhere near simple, so you cannot expect tools related to them to be dirt cheap, especially when it is a training course filled with values. In fact, I have even seen FBA courses out there which are much, much more expensive than this. Nine University Course might not be the most affordable one, but it is no doubt some of the most reasonable ones out there.

Besides, I do not think you should trust things that look way too cheap. Price is often in a positive correlation with quality. Therefore, think wise and choose carefully.

Nine University Course Review – Conclusion

You have finally reached the bottom line of my Nine University Course Review. Thank you so much for stopping by!

So, what do you think? For a training course, it has all the essential perks to meet your demands, right? FBA is a somewhat complicated matter, so if you want to join that competitive game, you have better find a useful assistant.

In that case, why not go for what is built by experts and received many great feedbacks?
Then, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and hit Nine University Course’s sales page at once!

9.4 Total Score

Easy To Use
  • Require no prior experience
  • The lessons are segmented into different categories
  • Informative and value-stacked
  • 160 incredible videos included
  • A powerful Facebook group included
  • Prestigious creators
  • Boost sales and revenue
  • Last for seven weeks – A huge amount of information to absorb
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