Tracking And Improving Conversions

If you are not tracking your results you have no way of knowing what is working and what isn’t. It is crucial that you have a tracking system in place and it is very easy to do this. Let’s say that you are driving visitors to your squeeze page using a Warrior Forum WSO, solo ads and Facebook ads.

All of these are costing you money, so you will want to know which ads are working and which are not. It is probable that all three are sending traffic to your page, but which ad is delivering the most traffic? Once you know this you can work out the return on investment (ROI) of each method and then concentrate on the method with the highest ROI in the future.

There are many companies offering link tracking software. There are some free options available which you can start with, but they tend to have limited facilities. A lot of autoresponder services have good tracking built in to their service now, so check this out first before you spend money on a premium tracking product.

Your success in the email marketing business depends on you testing and tracking your results. You really need to track everything!

Improving Conversions

There are likely to be two main conversion points in your email marketing funnel. The first and most important of these is your squeeze page. Without gaining a subscriber you cannot possibly make a sale! There are various ways that you can analyze your squeeze page:


This starts with your headline. A good headline is vital to compel the visitor to opt in to your list. Ask yourself these questions about your headline:

  • Is Your Headline Simple And Persuasive?
  • Will It Solve Their Problem?
  • Would A Question Be Better? “Do You Want More Traffic?”
  • Are You Using Words That Sell? “Discover”, “Free”, “Secret” etc

Lead Magnet Image

A high quality image of the lead magnet can help to improve conversions. Make sure that you get a professional eBook cover made for your report.

Buttons And Colors

You can experiment by using different color buttons and using different graphics on your squeeze page.
Email Open Rates And Unsubscribes

You need to track whether you emails are being opened or not, and take action if they are not. Most autoresponder services will provide this information to you and it is very valuable. If your subscribers are not opening your emails then you have a big problem.

If you find that after a certain event your emails are not being opened, try to see if there is a pattern there. Was it one particular email that was causing the problem? Maybe something that you said in this email has upset your subscribers to the extent that they no longer want to read anything you send to them.

If you send broadcast emails to your list then check these too. If there was a sudden surge of unsubscribes then a broadcast email could have been to blame. You have lost these subscribers which is disappointing but you need to learn from your mistakes. It could be possible that your broadcast was too sales orientated. Analyze it and find out what the problem is, and don’t make the same mistake again.

Track Your Sales

You shouldn’t have to be told about this. When you send out an offer compare the email open rates with the number of sales that you made to come up with a conversion figure. Measure this against all offers that you make. If the conversion figure suddenly drops or climbs then analyse the offer email to find out why.

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