Video Keyword Spy Review – Best Review with $60,000 Bonus and Discount

Best value Video Keyword Spy Review – Best Review with $60,000 Bonus and Discount
9.3 Total Score
  • Rank product review videos and earn commissions
  • Rank videos for local / offline businesses and then SELL or RENT those rankings
  • Rank videos for your OWN products and services
  • Rank videos for seasonal trends such as Black Friday, Halloween or Christmas

The major reason for any failure in video ranking is incorrect keyword targeting. However, knowing which keywords to rank for is a daunting task. There are literally billions of keywords, and an error in keyword research will lead to the whole failure of the campaign. In the era when there is an all-time high demand for a keyword research tool that does really work, Video Keyword Spy appeared and buzzed the market. This Video Keyword Spy Review will now give you an insight of this avant-garde software tool.

Video Keyword Spy Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Andy Black
  • Product: Video Keyword Spy
  • Front-End Price: $25
  • Official Sales Page: CLICK HERE
  • Niche: Cloud Based App
  • Bonus: CLICK HERE
  • Refund: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Support: Effective Response
  • Skill Level Needed: All Levels
  • Recommend: Highly Recommend

What is Video Keyword Spy?

Video Keyword Spy is a desktop software tool that allows users to see if any particular keyword is worth ranking or not. In other words, it offers the details on the ranking feasibility of any keyword you search for. Thus, it optimizes the ranking process of any video and ensures its presence on the 1st page of Google search results.

What really sets this tool from any other keyword research tool is that it can analyze any type of keyword and bring out the results based on any Google Region. I also appreciate this value because this software allows for thorough research on the data from Google and YouTube. It thus optimizes the performance of any video possible to rank.

About Author

Andy Black has been familiar with millions of online marketers with his software apps that maximize user’s power on the social networks. Some of his major successful tools are Social Link Machine, Easy Ad Wizard, WP SEO Traffic Magnet, and the latest Video Keyword Spy.

Andy Black again shows his expertise in creating software tools to tap into the enormous flow of traffic on the Internet. But this time, he focuses on Google and YouTube. And for those who are working in the field of video marketing, Video Keyword Spy is good news. Now my Video Keyword Spy Review will articulate on the features and values that this tool offers.

Video Keyword Spy Review on Features & Benefits

Identify The Ranking Difficulty On The Fly

For the keyword identifying feature, Video Keyword Spy seems to dominate the current market with its impressive performance. The best thing about this feature is in fact, not about how fast it can give you the result. But indeed, what makes this tool really avant-garde is the comprehensiveness of the research results.

This value is also what my Video Keyword Spy Review appreciates the most. Specifically, it does not restrict on searching the generic keywords only. This tool offers the ranking ability for local keywords. Also, whether it is a broad keyword, long-tail keyword, or any kind of it, Video Keyword Spy still provides exactly the details on its ranking feasibility.

No Need For Publishing The Video To Determine The Result

Video Keyword Spy removes all the guess work and manual task of publishing a video to see if it really can rank. Instead, as long as you enter the keyword, the software will give you the exact answer. In other words, it is a 100%safe and reliable method for ranking video.

Simple Traffic Light System

This software tool shows the status of the keyword by using a traffic light system. And just as simple as looking at the three colors of the traffic light, users will know if that particular keyword or video should worth their time and effort to make it rank. If you see the green light, the content is ready to go, yellow – there should be some improvements, and red – it’s not ready to do.

Clear And Precise Conclusion

Besides offering you the ranking feasibility of the keywords, another feature that my Video Keyword Spy Review really appreciates is its supreme consultancy. This software tool provides the exact conclusion whether or not you should rank that keyword. And more importantly, it helps you to see if there is anything you should do to improve the ranking.

Video Keyword Spy - Rank Your Videos on Google’s First Page by Targeting the RIGHT Keywords 100% of the Time
Video Keyword Spy is my brand new desktop software that allows you to quickly identify just how easy or hard ANY specific keyword would be to “rank a video for on Google”. Unlike other software tools it calculates the CORRECT data that is required to give an accurate conclusion. Video Keyword Spy will prevent you from wasting valuable time and energy trying to rank “Un-rankable” keywords, and instead allow you to target keywords that are sure to land on Google’s first page.

How Does It Work?

Video Keyword Spy works in four simple steps.

  1. Search – Dig out the keyword for ranking
  2. Analyze – Research the ranking ability of each keyword
  3. Answer – Choose the keywords that worth ranking for
  4. Save/clear – Store the search data or clear it instantly

Watch Video Keyword Spy in action in this demo video:

Who Should Use It?

Video Marketing Enthusiasts

Video Keyword Spy is a great tool for any video marketer who wants to thrive with their campaign. It ensures the optimum conversion of the video by showing exactly what’s worth ranking and what is not.

Video Traffic Seekers

Anyone who tries to boost the traffic flow for their video should come for Video Keyword Spy. This software tool is a robust traffic-pulling machine that can make any video appear on the top pages of Google search results.

Novice In Video Marketing

As this app is designed with supreme ease of use in mind, you don’t need to be a tech lover or a video marketing expert to be able to use it. The interface is super easy to navigate, and the research analytics is super easy to understand.

Video Keyword Spy Review on Pro & Cons

This Video Keyword Spy Review lists ease of use, comprehensiveness, and high-speed performance as the pros of this software. It is a no-brainer yet powerful solution to video ranking and optimizing the ranking ability of keyword. Needless to say, it deserves a ten out of ten ranking from this review.

There is one thing that I don’t find myself in favor of this software tool. Even though Video Keyword Spy comes with comprehensive research and analytics features, this is also a disadvantage. As there are so many details to look at, I sometimes find myself hesitating among many options of keywords for ranking.

Personal Experience

My personal experience with Video Keyword Spy is more than just satisfaction. This software comes with a good package of features. And I can’t really say if one feature is more beneficial than others. This tool is like a complete blueprint for ranking marketing video, and the best thing about this blueprint is that it does work.

So for those who are interested in hijacking the traffic for marketing videos, Video Keyword Spy is a perfect choice. This software does every single step of the entire process of ranking video. And it puts the conversion in mind, so there should not be any worry about its high-performance mechanism. The traffic flow is real and high-quality.

Evaluation and Price

Even though every single feature of this software can come as a separate app, Andy Black decided to put everything together and set the whole package at an all-time low price. As my Video Keyword Spy Review already mentioned, the front-end price is now $25. This is a one-time investment for all-time traffic flow and profit.

This tool is for those who want a cost-effective yet powerful solution for their video campaign. And as it offers the lifetime profit, there should not be any hesitation for the purchase. Visit the sales page HERE.

Video Keyword Spy supports payments via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX. It thus ensures the 100%security of any purchase. And once the buyer gets his payment verified, they will have the full access to its features immediately.

Video Keyword Spy Review the bottom line

Video Keyword Spy is a good deal for any video marketers of any level and any niche. With impressive performance of researching, analyzing, and consulting for video ranking, it should earn the “Highly Recommend” title in any Video Keyword Spy Review. If it is for you, there is no point in wandering around looking for anything else, just grab it now.

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9.3 Total Score

Easy To Use
  • Rank product review videos and earn commissions
  • Rank videos for local / offline businesses and then SELL or RENT those rankings
  • Rank videos for your OWN products and services
  • Rank videos for seasonal trends such as Black Friday, Halloween or Christmas
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