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6 Easy Steps to Create A Sales Funnel

In Internet Marketing, it is important for a marketer to create detailed job checklists to accomplish something. Thus, today I am excited to show you 6 easy steps to maximize the effectiveness of the funnel.

Lead Generation Funnel helps to maximize the effectiveness of this Funnel. It is the basic instructions (checklist form) that you can create. If you desire to gain more potential customers for your business but you are still not achieving the results you want, do not hesitate to follow these steps.

Step # 1: Create Lead Magnets

To get started to create lead generation Funnel, all you need to do is = a Lead Magnet. It helps to motivate visitors with the purpose of attractting them to your site as well as transform them into real buying customers.

Basically, a Lead Magnet is an Offer given for free to your website visitors in exchange for their information, phone number or email. Lead Magnet is also regarded as a gift in exchange for their participation in your list. It often includes PDF, eBook, Report, Webinar and other proprietary content.

Personally, I consider that you need to create a simple Lead Magnet. Thus, users can digest instantly within 5-10 minutes.
If the more complicated you create it, the more difficult it is for them to follow. In my opinion, the simpler the Lead Magnet created, the higher the ability to convert.

Step 2: Create Squeeze Page (Landing Page)

If you want your Lead Magnet to be accepted by many people, you need a Landing Page (Squeeze Page or Opt-In page) in order to advertise it.
Your Squeeze Page shows your Lead Magnet in detail, including why potential clients should take it.

Moreover, you need to make sure to create a big, colorful and outstanding CTA. You also need to insert it right on the first page. Thus, potential customers cannot miss it.

Step 3: Email Follow-Up

Now, your Lead Generation Funnel is basically completed that allows your potential customers to sign up and receive Lead Magnet and be on your email list.

You should then send at least 3 Follow-up emails to build relationships and sales for your potential customers.

Your Email Follow-up need to be a message or CTA to create customers return to your site in order to learn more about your products

Step 4: Create 1 Sale Page With (CTA) And Contact Form/ Payment.

Once people join your Lead Magnet list, they will be redirected to your product or service introduction page. In this page, your own revenue is generated, which allows your potential customers into your real paying customers.

The trick is that you do not need to be too exposed to the service or product. By providing potential customers with some good value, you are starting a relationship with them and start exchanging values with each other. Thus, it is easy for you to boost the conversion rate.

You may wonder if you can direct traffic to service/product pages. The answer is you can skip Lead Magnet totally and gain traffic directly.

When you know a sales funnel, I suggest creating a Lead Magnet.

Now, I am excited to reveal some of my practical experiences that allow you to write Landing Page effectively:

In order to convince people to buy your products and services, you need to get to know what makes a difference for your product and service, the reasons that make people need them, you are focusing on serving a particular field or not.

It is necessary for you to know at least 3 top benefits that your product/service can bring to your target customers. It helps to prove your own value, your company.

There is no need to write too long and complex.

Also, you can insert more social evidence like review articles or Case Study with the purpose of building more trust for customers

Step 5: Funnel Tracking

There is one more step before you activate this system.

You need to set up tracking to gain more valuable information such as the number of people visit Squeeze Page, in the sales page to come up with a purchase or leave contact information/booking/ payment and more.

You can choose to set up Tracking by many different tools. I want to suggest a simple and free one called Google Analytics.

Step 6: Change In Traffic

Where does traffic to drive seems to be the most difficult question, right?

You can start running Facebook or Google Ads. I highly recommend you to start with Facebook Ads. You might think cost-per-click can be a little bit expensive. However, you can start with $ 5-20 every single day to gain high-quality traffic.

But remember, with this kind of traffic, it is necessary to take a lot of time to take care of potential customers before they come up with the decision to buy.

Google Ads allows you to search for user behavior. It means that the ability to gain transactions is available instantly. If they have problems, they look for solutions.

It is necessary for you to adjust during your hopper operation in order to find out the biggest leak in your hopper. So that you have the chance to connect, keep repeating, optimizing and boosting sales.

So if you want to create your business with a basic yet effective Lead Generation Funnel, let’s follow these six simple steps.

In short, you need to use Lead Magnet to cultivate a relationship with new leads and do not forget to focus on quality of Lead Magnet as well.

Moreover, please remember to create professional email with clear, strong messages to attract more potential customers.

It is also necessary for you to use Google Analytics and Google Sheets for basic tracking for sales funnels

It is the end of my article today. These 6 steps also provide you with a basic view of the work that I am doing every single day for my customers as well. I hope that it gives you enough information to create a great sales funnel.

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