My First Sale And How I Start With The Affiliate On Pinterest

Affiliate and Pinterest are no longer strange to everyone but affiliate on Pinterest may be a discovery for some people. I also used to think of this red sites as the source of outfit ideas, recipes, etc in photos. But thing changes!

I made money on Pinterest! Yes, I made the first sale from my pin weeks ago. Firstly, I didn’t care much about it but then my head told me to try more with another pin. And I keep making some sales with new products. And instead of selling on the website, this experience is much more interesting. This is also the reason why I want to share my steps in my recipe with you.

If you want to find a more knowledgeable training course, I recommend you to consider Get Paid to Pin. I read it before and this eBook helped me a lot. My post may be subjective and personal but this eBook is more structured and clear. It can help you imagine what exact step to follow and proceed. Moreover, there is available access to the group and the author’s strategies on Pinterest. With a newbie like me months ago, it was a big help.

And now is the time to follow my coincidence:

Build an Impressive Profile

The first thing to do is to create your own profile. Whenever someone cares about you (you write a viral post, you upload a mesmerizing GIF, or you sell something), they will look into your profile first to go. It’s the same happening on various platforms, as well.

To start an affiliate Pinterest account, besides filling out all field in the signup, there are some items which should be in your checklist:

  • Sign up or convert your account into Pinterest analytics
  • Optimize your own business with keyword contained username and bio
  • Pick an affiliate niche you will launch
  • Have at least 10 relevant personal boards belonging to your niche

If you want to invest more and make it professional from the first bricks, you should consider Pinterest Primer. McKinzie Bean shows you how to make an impressive pin and use Board boosted with newbie profile.

Sign up Affiliate Programs

Once you have your profile polished, you need to find the product to promote and make money. Observing the market will help you know which product will potentially be a hot sale, which eBook will be bestselling, and so on. Sign up for affiliate programs of those products. Connect with the creator to get a good deal. If he/she doesn’t make it public, email or contact them via Skype, FB, etc. The core things are finding a good product in mind and joining its affiliate programs to get affiliate benefits. You should also research the vendors carefully before cooperating.

Here are some popular affiliate programs I like:

  • Craftsy
  • Udemy

Design Your Attractive Pins

Clearly, pins are how to pinpoint your leads into buyers. The more attractive your pins are, the more leads will gather around. And it means more exposure for your pins, making it popular, getting it more visibility. So don’t hesitate to spend some time designing your pins. Try to experiment with 34 pictures to find out which colors or fonts should be published. People will glad to repin your beautiful posts.

Don’t Forget SEO Your Pins

Your pins need description and you need to make it SEO optimized. Every online platform with a search engine will be about SEO. Pinterest uses a search bar to filter keywords in your description. So, make sure you include the keywords in the earlier positions naturally.

Your whole purpose is to push your pin at the higher slot in searching. More repins can help you do that but ultimately, you should make your post SEO enriched first.

Join and pin to group boards and tribes

Group boards are the places you find the new audience but with nearly the same insights. Groups are amazing for you to expand your coverage and influence.

Depending on what products you promote or what niche you are in, there are different groups to join. My tip is researching the KOL, the celeb or influencer in your niche, find out which group boards they join and join them.

Moreover, you can manually search for the tribes with keywords. I also want to advise you to set up the searches in advance. You should join to pin your posts in highengagement and richSEO group boards. Try to notice the repins and keywords in the group profile.

PinGroupie may help you a little bit though it hasn’t been updated for a long time. However, leave no stone unturned, let’s try!

Schedule your post with Tailwind

You need to take the right time to post your beautiful and well prepared posts. Mark the crowded time of your targeted customers and schedule your posts. You can check out Tailwind for a free trial!

Additional Tips

  • Try to build other channels to drive leads like authority review blog or social media
  • Leave disclosure text in your affiliate pins
  • Promote and introduce the products with email marketing

Above are my experience after I started my affiliate on Pinterest. Honestly, I think if you already have online marketing experience, it will be much easier to make the first and many more affiliate sales.

If you want a basic and detailed training about Pinterest affiliate, you can take a visit to Get Paid by Pin. I went through all of it and I think it’s worth guiding you in this niche. Dale is a nice guy helping you with creating a clear affiliate path for and explain 5WHs to you.

If you’re on the fence, here are what you will receive when you make the order:

  • Training from baby steps to make sales
  • List of more than 35 suggested affiliate programs
  • List of more than 120 group boards categorized into niches
  • Instant access to Dale’s affiliate program

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