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FanBump Review – The Best And Safest Instagram Growth Service

Why is Instagram the best platform to become an influencer?

If one wants to become an influencer, undoubtedly, Instagram is the perfect platform for them.You know this, I know this, everybody knows this. But, have you ever wondered why?

This is due to the fact that Instagram is now the third most prevalent social media platforms available and also the most well-known photo-sharing app. Currently, it has already reached a billion of new users joining per month, with 50% of them fancy scrolling down their feed each day.

Plus, the average time that users spend on Instagram is about fifty-three minutes every day. That makes Instagram one of the best platforms for you to find more customers and develop your business. As Instagram is crowded with users from all over the world, by joining it, the possibilities of having your content viewed by prospects will be higher than when using other platforms. And you know what they say, more clients, more profits!

Besides, Instagram is extremely popular with the young generation. The majority of Instagram users are adults aged eighteen to twenty-nine years old. Hence, if your targeted customers are gen Z and millennials, this might be the perfect spot for you to establish your business.

Furthermore, Instagram provides everything you need to become an influencer as it can serve at a camera, a photo editor app, and a social media platform, respectively.

Fanbump - Industry Leading Growth & Safety
Your account manager will execute a customized organic strategy to help you effortlessly (and safely) gain an average of 150-1,000 real, relevant, and engaged followers per month
Month to Month: Cancel At Any Time

Why Do You Need An Instagram Growth Service?

Instagram might be the best place to start your career as an influencer, but this does not mean it is the easiest place. That’s why you will need a reliable Instagram growth service. And here is how this service can help you.

First, a high-quality Instagram growth service has a team of Instagram marketing experts. They know how Instagram’s algorithms work and which strategies are most suitable for your business’s development on this platform.

Moreover, with the help of such a service, you do not have to work your head off just to enhance your Instagram performance. Rather than that, you will have more time to spare and can use that to create some top-quality posts as well as enjoying your personal life. As for your business, just let the service handle it. It will interact with the customers and grow your account in the shortest time.

However, this brings us to another matter: Which Instagram growth service is the most superb? If you cannot decide what to use by yourself, why not let my FanBump Review give you a hand?
What are the main differences between organic growth services and bots?

Before taking a look at the tool itself, let me give you some vital information on how organic growth services and bots are nothing alike.

At first glance, it appears that both growth services and online bots help you gain more followers and interactions, right? So, what are the differences between them?

Growth Manager

If you purchase quality Instagram growth service as FanBump, you will have an experienced account manager to monitor all the works for you. He or she will work with you to determine the targeted audience, then build the most suitable plans to meet your demands. On the contrary, in terms of enhancing your account using online bots, you will be the one managing them all. Thus, you have to do all the groundwork, which can be quite exhausting, not to mention time-consuming.


Of course, the expense for organic growth service is a little pricier than bot. However, the value is in keeping with the cost. Besides, if you use the bot, you are at a higher risk of being caught by the Instagram team. Then, your account might be banned or deleted. Therefore, to protect your account, an organic growth service would be a wiser choice.


It takes around a few days for you to gain more following and followers by using the bots. However, the instant growth might attract the attention of Instagram and might result in the downfall of your entire Instagram business.

For the quality growth service, you will need to wait for at least a month to see the positive changes. But after the arrival of the first results, your account will develop much faster and steadier.

Fanbump - Industry Leading Growth & Safety
Your account manager will execute a customized organic strategy to help you effortlessly (and safely) gain an average of 150-1,000 real, relevant, and engaged followers per month
Month to Month: Cancel At Any Time

What is Fanbump?

FanBump is an Instagram growth service built in late 2017 by Cam Woodsum. This service safely grows your Instagram account while you sit back and enjoy your sweet time.
You want to know how?

Well, it is capable of an exceedingly impressive task: Getting you new followers by interacting with the people fond of your content. With the help of this tool, you can get up to hundreds of new followers every month. However, you will need to be patient as it may take months to grow your Instagram account to the size that facilitate your business tremendously. If you cannot stand such a long period and want to speed things up, you can aid the process by producing appealing posts to attract likes and comments.

What’s more, this service is a total piece of cake. you only need to provide detailed information about your ideal audience to be able to have it do wonders for your business. This allows the FanBump team to build effective strategies to achieve your goals. After that, your account manager will go into high gear and begin interacting with the potential audience.

You still have a doubt about whether FanBump can deliver positive results or not? Then let me give you some solid evidence! Up to this point, the Instagram account of the service itself has already obtained over 20,600 followers, while the account of the founder – Cam Woodsum has more than 35,500 Instagram followers.

Plus, as a brilliant service developed by a prominent vendor, FanBump has been equipped with the latest technology and a qualified team that always update the method implemented by the tool in the shortest time when the Instagram algorithm changes. Also, this service stays within Instagram’s Terms of Use so just rest assured your account’s safety will always be guaranteed.

Fanbump - Industry Leading Growth & Safety
Your account manager will execute a customized organic strategy to help you effortlessly (and safely) gain an average of 150-1,000 real, relevant, and engaged followers per month
Month to Month: Cancel At Any Time

About Cameron Woodsum

Cam Woodsum is the founder and CEO of FanBump. He decided to start this fantastic Instagram growth tool after his Instagram account grew like a bat out of hell and brought him massive profits in return.

During the first few months, he managed the development for all of his clients on his own. But then, a lot more influencers came to FanBump for support, and his work soon expanded so rapidly for him to handle single-handedly. So he decided to establish partnerships with the best Instagram growth experts to deliver the best service for the customers.

Now he and his team manage to provide the best and safest service for the customers.

Before FanBump, Cam was the manager of the special projects group at DoorDash – a seven billion-dollar company backed by the early investors of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Uber. He also ran two lines of business, generating over one billion profit annually.

Key Features And Advantages

So what makes FanBump stand out from tons of Instagram growth services? Read on my FanBump Review to discover.

Safest Instagram Growth Service

FanBump put the safety of its users on top of everything else. Thus, since FanBump establishment, nobody has ever had their Instagram account banned.

On top of that, this program does not enhance your Instagram account by filling it with fake likes and followers. They stay well under Instagram’s Term of use and do their best to increase your daily engagements gradually. This kind of slow and steady development will keep your account away from the Instagram alert.

Unlike many services of the same kind, Fanbump doesn’t offer a free trial. But there is a good reason for this. If there is a trial, you will do your best to get as many followers as possible in the period provided, right? And these immediate results provided the free trial can capture Instagram attention. In this case, your account might receive an alert, or worse, is completely deleted.

Reliable Support From The Team Of Instagram Marketing Experts

Unlike the other service, the FanBump team is highly qualified with tons of experience in this field. Thus, by using the service, you will have a dedicated and experienced account manager who will help you reach your goals.

So now, with the help of FanBump, you can spend more time creating quality content, while this support team will keep an eye on your account. They will take good care of your audience as long as you constantly fill your Instagram page with appealing, trendy content.

Industry-Leading Growth

When it comes to managing your organic growth, FanBump is far more superior than other services as they customize their growth strategy to suit your account. They also aim at your target audience only to bring the best results to you and your business.

Although it is going to take a while to turn your account into your cash cow, this service will help you achieve all of the long-standing goals for your Instagram. After a few months, you will be able to create a robust community of fans for your own brand. As they have a thing for your product, rest assured that they will help you polish your brand in the shortest time.

Analytics Dashboard

Another feature that you will love when employing FanBump is its analytics dashboard, which lends you a hand on monitoring your Instagram growth.

This cutting-edge dashboard provides detailed statistics about the results you have got, such as how many followers you have gained, the engagement rate, and other vital statistics. These statistics are easy to understand as they are presented in graphs and charts for the customized period.

Fanbump - Industry Leading Growth & Safety
Your account manager will execute a customized organic strategy to help you effortlessly (and safely) gain an average of 150-1,000 real, relevant, and engaged followers per month
Month to Month: Cancel At Any Time

How Does FanBump Work?

So how can this tool help you engage with potential clients?

Step 1: Work with the account manager to determine the targeted customers

Once you have signed up for the service, you will need to work with your personal account manager to define the targeted audience. It is necessary for you to provide detailed information about custom audiences such as their interests, genders, ages so that you only gain relevant users.

Then, your account manager will collect the information of other Instagram accounts that share the same target audience with yours.

Step 2: Get the customers’ attention

Depending on your clients and your goals, the FanBump team will run various tactics to engage with ( follow, like, and unfollow). It usually takes around twenty-four to seventy-two hours after your signing up for the account manager to log in your Instagram account and start engaging with users.

Step 3: Grow your Instagram account organically

Within a month, you will reach thousands of relevant people who are likely to be interested in your content. These people will then follow you and engage with your content. Plus, FanBump has helped its clients get between 150 and 1,000 followers per month, so rest assured that it will do the same for you.

Who Is FanBump For?

If you are looking for instant results with the number of followers increasing quickly after a few days, then FanBump will let you down. Because this service only provides sustainable results from organic growth. It prioritizes the safety of your account so that it never uses fake accounts or bots.

Therefore, you have to work with it to define your ideal customers, and then its personnel will grow your account organically by interacting with real users. As I have said, it might take some time for your account to outperform the others. But trust me, the wait is worthwhile!

So if you are searching for methods to grow your Instagram account organically and safely, FanBump is the perfect choice for you. No matter if you are a micro-influencer or online business owner, this service will assist you in achieving the prosperous Instagram business that you have yearned for the whole time.

FanBump Review – Pros And Cons

9.5 Total Score

  • Easy to sign up
  • Simple to monitor the Instagram growth
  • Solid results
  • Customized organic strategy
  • Managed by experienced experts
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Multiple ways to target new followers
  • Influencer focus
  • Secure payment process
  • No fake/bot followers
  • Transparent pricing plans
  • Weekly growth reports
  • Month to month plans
  • Fast and helpful customer support
  • Free consultation
  • Able to cancel anytime
  • No trial period
  • No refund policy
  • Able to use for Instagram only
  • Unable to pay through PayPal
  • A little pricey
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My Personal Experience

As an online clothing store owner with another full-time job, I am constantly snowed under a hectic schedule. No matter how hard I was working on creating quality content and interacting with customers, the number my followers always remain lower than my expectation.

That was a challenging time for me as my customers were friends and relatives only. My income couldn’t make up for the expenditure. Thus, I gave FanBump a try and hoped it could do something for my business.

The account manager took the time to identify fans likely to connect with my products and has helped increase my engagement while filtering out bots and fakes. Within a month, I had huge army of new followers, and their number has been climbing up ever since. In the beginning, I only had 200 followers, but now I had 1.2 million followers only after eight months using the service.
For all those reasons, if you want to grow your Instagram account sustainably, FanBump is the most suitable choice for you. Grab the tool as soon as possible to become the leading Instagram influencer.

Price And Evaluation

There are two options for you to sign up for the service: Professional growth and Extreme growth. Let’s get into detail about each option.

Professional growth – Industry-leading growth and safety

This version costs you $99 per month. By using this service, you can reach your target audience through a customized organic strategy. There are no fake or bot followers; your account’s safety is assured. Besides, there is an experienced account manager working with you to determine the custom audience and plan suitable strategies. This expert will help you stay engaged with the audience as well as provide you with weekly growth reports.

This option is most suitable for micro-influencers and small business owners. This is because you are able to create your brand identity at a low cost. Moreover, you can spend more time and effort in developing your products and content as your account manager has done all the groundwork for you.

Extreme growth – custom plan for extreme goals

This version is a little bit pricey as you have to pay at least $1,500 a month. Along with unique features, you will get in “Professional growth” service; you also get specialized support from the elite Instagram team. They will assist you in gaining between 5,000 to 25,000 followers per month.

If you have aggressive goals and a larger budget, this option is perfect for you. You can also require a consultation at no cost to discuss the expenditure for your aims.

FanBump Review – Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my FanBump Review from the beginning to the end. As you can see, simply by using this service, you will have a chance to develop your Instagram account in the best and fastest way. Plus, you also have a team of Instagram marketing experts to support you whenever you need it.
If you are determined to become a well-known Instagram influencer, then, purchase FanBump straight off! I am sure that what it has to offer is going to blow not only you but also your prospects away.

Well, I hope that my FanBump Review can give you give a hand in making the right decision to choose an outstanding Instagram growth service. Lastly, I wish you all the best!

Fanbump - Industry Leading Growth & Safety
Your account manager will execute a customized organic strategy to help you effortlessly (and safely) gain an average of 150-1,000 real, relevant, and engaged followers per month
Month to Month: Cancel At Any Time

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