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AppZilla Review – Honest Review with $60,000 Bonus and Discount

We all know that, as long as we have a proper marketing plan, it will be as easy as a piece of cake to get more sales. Whether you are a digital marketer, an online shop owner, or an offline business, this statement is always true.

This means you have to market on a lot of platforms to approach many kinds of customers. By using advanced tools, it will be a lot easier for you to drive traffic, engage viewers and get more sales.
In order to achieve all of that goals, you have to own a tool that will run automatically. It has to be newbie friendly, fast and best of all, affordable.

I have discovered a product that meets all of these requirements. It’s called AppZilla. This is what you need to drive more traffic, build sales funnel as well as landing pages. Let’s continue with my AppZilla Review and discover everything about it!

What is AppZilla?

AppZilla is a package of web-based apps that are built to help your online businesses look much more professional to increase customers and get ahead of competitors. There are up to 14 web-based applications that you could use to make your website look better. The tool works with all operating systems including MAC, Linux and Windows.

About author

Eric Dieperink is the vendor of this product. AppZilla is the only product he put a lot of effort and energy to complete. Having worked in the industry for many years, he has gathered for himself a whole amount of knowledge and skills that not anyone can at his age.

Let’s look at the part of the AppZilla Review to figure out what exactly AppZilla can do for your website.

Feature details

Call-to-action video player

AppZilla can integrate a video player in your page thanks to an unbranded player. What’s more, you can easily change the video content according to your purposes.
With a lot of tools such as share buttons, text, images, hyperlinks, custom html inside the video, you are able to edit however you want. That is how you engage with viewers and improve connections.

Article spinner

One of the things I love about AppZilla is that it can spin HTML, videos, meta tags, photos and also paragraph. The whole article will be reworked, not just replaced word by word. By doing so, your content always remains fresh and informative in the eye of the viewers.


By creating a dynamic form of feedback on the website, you can maintain a better connection with visitors. From now on, you can solve every problem at the moment it arises.

Countdown timer

The evergreen timer provides some kind of urgency to encourage people to buy quickly. You can add dates and times in the countdown however you want. This feature works on any website, making it one of the most flexible tools to boost sales.

Stop refunds

To save money and time, the tool will automatically send people special offers made by the app itself.

Lead capture box

This feature lets you collect email information to send special offers and to follow up. The lead capture box of AppZilla works with Aweber, Getreponse and some other platforms.

Exit pop-up

AppZilla simplifies everything you have to do to create a popup. There are a lot of tools and elements so that you can alter to your business needs.

Squeeze page generator

Creating a stunning squeeze page with an opt-in form and a video background will be as easy as a piece of cake. I should not forget to mention that the squeeze page generator is compatible with the lead capture box app I just mentioned above, which will double its impacts if you use these tools to grab attention and generate leads.

Social media buttons

It is now very simple to place social media buttons on a website. There are various sizes as well as designs for you to integrate the social media in the website.

Split test

After launching a product, using the split test to find out the version of your page. This is to make it much easier for you to improve as well as make the most out of it.

Scarcity countdown

Add a scarcity countdown to urge people buy your products instantly.

Banner Rotator

This is to create banners and refresh your content easily.

URL Shortener

Long URL is very annoying. This app is to shorten it, making it way easier to read, copy and paste.

Notification Bar

There are many uses with the notification bars. It all depends on you and your needs. You can add a lot of things in the bar such as a countdown timer, a search engine or even a banner ad.

AppZilla Review – Who should use it?

AppZilla is made for many types of marketers including online marketers, affiliate marketers, online shop owners, or anyone who is running a page. It’s truly worth its weight in gold. Visit its sales page HERE.

Pros and cons

• Affordable
• Flexible
• provide a lot of apps all at once


• I wish the vendor has spent more time designing the interface of these apps. It should have looked much better than this.
• The price may increase after the launch week

Evaluation and Price

This is the end of my review. The price of AppZilla is just $27 for the front-end version. The price may increase when you choose upgrade versions.
Thanks for reading my AppZilla Review. I hope what I just presented here would help you make the right decision.

9.3 Total Score

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