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Marketer Magic Reviews – Maximize Your Traffic with More Profit Per Visitor

hey what’s going on everybody its Hayden again and in this video I’m gonna break down the number one marketing tool I use to increase my conversion rates and generate more profit in my company. Stick around because this video is absolutely phenomenal. I’ll be breaking this down step by step for you and show you how, you can grow your business and make more money. Before we get started I want to  talk about a few things. First off, this program that I’m going to be showing you is called Marketer Magic. Second off, it was created by an influencer known as Kevin David now I am a huge huge fan of Kevin David, I’ve been following him for a couple years. Now he has amazing content and amazing products and he is the creator of Marketer Magic so if you guys want to learn how to grow your business and make more money make sure to read my review because I promise you I will deliver more and more and more value to you every single day so without overdo let’s dive on into it, let’s get started. I’m excited and I hope you are kidding. Here we are on marketer magic calm now if you guys want to get started with this platform at all I have a link down in the post you can get started at any time. Tt’s a phenomenal platform and I’m gonna break down every single thing you need to know so you’re gonna land on this page here you’ll be able to read through every single thing that they have to say more importantly though let’s actually jump into here so this is the marketer magic home page this is the page you will be landing on and I’ll be breaking down every section here the first thing I want to start with is, marketer University so we’re gonna click on here . I’m going to show you a few things as I mentioned Kevin David before

This is Kevin David so you guys need to learn how to set up or use any of these tools, this is the entire university that will break down everything

that I’m going to show you right now as well I highly suggest watching every single one of these videos first before you get started because there are some technical things you do need to understand about this and it’s best if you make sure you do it right.

Instead of repeating the tasks over and over without actually educating yourself beforehand so marketer University is the first place to start right up in here take you about an hour or so to watch those videos more importantly though. Let’s dive in, the first thing we have here is what’s called Click Proof, now click proof is very very popular, you’ll hear of other platforms as well, that are related to this let me show you what this does exactly so we just go to one of my websites here you’ll be able to see we have this but in the bottom right hand corner in just a minute here or in a second or whenever it may decide to pop up there we go is the verified by marketer magic now this is what click proof is right here very easy to setup and organized you can put this on your sales page you can put this on your order page any way you want so I’m gonna go in here I’m going to show you a few things about it number one we can make a brand new campaign let’s call this the test campaign and we can go through here and we can enter in any of the URL so clickfunnels is one of the most popular products that Kevin Dave and he teaches and uses as well this is a great product for clickfunnels to add these things like I just mentioned here on my website as well so we’re just gonna leave this blank because we are using clickfunnels and we want to enter in the URL the notifications we want to show so let’s just put it Godot whiteboard so there we go just as simple as this and we can go to the next page here now we have multiple different things we can do you can have recent activity which is showing the people who have already signed up. You can have the live visitor account which shows how many people are currently on the page and then you can have a custom one as well which is the one I put here join our free training program that is a custom one as well so you can click any one of these it’s as simple as that,- and go here and customize it and get started he’ll give you the details in market or magic of what you need to know in order to install this you’ll go to the next page you can see all the snippets here and you’ll be able to install them directly on your website as well it’s as simple as that now like I said you can use multiple different ones you can use to see how much traffic has is currently on there to see custom design like this and to see who has already made a purchase or already signed up so the first one right there as I mentioned is click proof. The next one I want to go to is live pic so I actually haven’t used this one yet. I’ve seen being used a ton though so we’re gonna go in here to the campaign we’ll create a brand new campaign here it’s called a test campaign and then you’ll be able to either upload your own photo or use one of the templates so we can just use this template just use the airplane one it’s actually pretty cool and so we can go through here and customize this however we want so let’s go here happy b-day Hayden it’s not my birthday guys I’m just putting that just to organize it so we can actually set this up here you can choose the platform that’s going to be published on as well and then you’ll be able to generate a code in order to put that in and set it up so let’s just let happy birthday Hayden we’ll change that text so we can kind of read it there we go there’s as simple as that let’s call MailChimp that’s probably gonna be the first one and there we go as easy as that we’ll be able to generate that code just right there and we’ll be able to add that code and that snippet into whatever email we’re sending out . As well it’s as simple as that so you guys can create these custom little things here that you can send out to your users and as you saw from the last one here we had them variables chosen so this is a great way to go about and making sure that it’s very well personalized so as they can see. MailChimp here you can use the first name in this case that’s why it would pull up instead of edit me and then first name would be will edit me and then Phil and Hayden right there just as easy as that it’s a great way to get huge engagement on your email list as well so the next one I have for you is email verifier we’re gonna pull this one up there’s a couple ways that you can use this you can install this on to your computer or excuse me your website or you can just manually use it here as well so it’s as simple as this you can just drag-and-drop and upload a list and it will verify all of the active emails that you have and so the reason why email verifier is so powerful is because a lot of people let’s say when you go here and you click enter they enter in fake emails and when the enter in fake emails and let’s say MailChimp which mandrill is SMTP sender in that case we’re to send it out and it’s what’s called a hard bounce or it lands in spam or however it is it’s really going to affect your delivery rate and so if you want to make sure and verify that you actually have all the emails you’re sending out are actually active so you can use them and you can retarget people and you won’t have any spam or bounce errors now the one of the coolest things about email verifier is a. Live verification here so if you guys saw I just went here and uses a little drop-down menu and we go to live verification this is amazing what you can do is you can copy this little snippet that you have right here and install it into this button I’m not going to show you exactly how to do it because it takes a little bit of time but you can do this in marketer University where he teaches you let me show you why this is so powerful let’s just do like so obviously that’s not a real email look at this guy’s it doesn’t go through so it won’t let me go through because of this it’s verifying email this is great because only people can actually give me their real email in this case and so let’s try support at whiteboard Club you’re gonna click that and then guess what guys we’re gonna go through and we can make it to the next page make sure to use email verifier and live verification on your website or on any of your sign up pages as well because it is one of the most powerful tools that you can use and you can make sure that geez you actually deliver emails to people who are interested now the next one we have here is what’s called work hub now we’re Club has multiple different things you can set up projects team members activities and payments as well so we can just set up we’ll set up a brand new one let’s call this project social media management you can add as many team members as you had in this case we actually don’t have any and you can add a budget in a description as well we’re just gonna put a budget in here ten thousand and the description is managing social media just keep it as simple as that so there we go we’ll be able to create a project now you can add as many people as you want to these projects and the things that need to be done as well why this is so powerful is because you can track every single step of all of your virtual assistants and anybody who’s working with you you’ll be able to install what’s called a Chrome extension he’ll show you in marketer University where your users or your employees or independent contractors will sign in to your platform which would be workup and then they would start working on the projects you have for them so the powerful thing about this is that Chrome extension will continuously take screenshots of them to make sure

They’re actually doing the work and verify how they’re getting paid and then from that point you’ll be able to track all of the activity and you’ll be able to pay them out based upon all the things you have so no more somebody saying it’s going to take too to do this when it only takes them two hours to do this you know you can’t verify that actually does it now you can actually physically see if they’re working what’s working what isn’t working as well so work up is a great way to keep track of your virtual assistants and anybody who’s working remotely with you as well now the next one. I have here is called mini leads this one is powerful guys really really powerful a lot of people don’t even know about something like this that could exist so we’re gonna call this real estate very very simple in this case a real estate agent there there we go and we’re gonna do just like it says Los Angeles area because it makes it easy for us so watch this guys I just entered in a campaign name a main keyword and a location we’re gonna go show leads it’ll take just a second to pull us up some might be longer than others this one’s gonna be relatively fast because it is a very common search and it’s gonna have a lot of results so as you guys can see here we can break this down we have eight hundred and thirty nine total entries aka leads and look at this we have a name of the company we have email their website phone number address social media and we can check if we sent them any emails and this goes on for a very very long time it’s amazing I mean how long does it take you to drive leads if you let’s say manage social media for real estate agents well I just made it that easy for you and gave you a ton of leads in just a few seconds so just having mini leads is worth every single penny of this entire program there’s no doubt about it because is if you can close one of these people on a contract that you have it will make you all the money back on entire all of market or magic and guys I’ve just targeted in Los Angeles here and we got 800 people can’t imagine targeting wealth the rest of the world. Literally so the next thing I want to move into the final thing is mini-me this is my absolute favorite one I just love the name of it – everything on how it’s done so if you guys actually go to all my YouTube channels I’m just going to show are all my YouTube I’m gonna show you guys right here so you understand what I’m using this for and how you can use it as well this is my most recent video we put up yesterday as you guys can see here I have all these links this is mini-me right here and boom boom boom boom boom boom boom all these so as you can see – I’ve gotten lucky because I came in on this platform early and I got clickfunnels I got marketer magic funnel scripts pipedrive many chat a lot of the things I talked about and constantly I’m doing so let me dive on in here and show you exactly how it works as you guys can see here there’s multiple different things we have link shortener deep link retargeting link and Link tree as well in the marketer University he’ll break down every single one of these in detail we’re gonna go through and show you a few that you can set up so we’ll just go to link shortener now guys I’m telling you you need to get on this ASAP make sure to click the link below and get started I get you set up with a free trial and everything the reason why it’s cuz you want to claim these URLs while you can for example if you sell on Amazon or you sell Amazon training courses well many mean slash Amazon that might be available I don’t know if it is we can check in this case let’s actually create one just for fun so let’s just do which would be a URL so you can. Have affiliate links you can have things to your training programs all sorts of things like that I don’t suggest doing as you guys know but this is just an example so we’ll call this Amazon and then we can go here and we can change this around so you’ll see Amazon and see if it works no way that’s serious okay well I guess Amazon was just approved guys that’s absolutely crazy I’d even know that could happen so that’s one way we can set this up just like this nobody has taken Amazon it looks like yet so it takes just a few seconds to do this because they are customizing everything and setting up these links but as you guys can see just like that the link shortener has been created and you can save it X out here I’m blown away that Amazon wasn’t already available so guys like I said before you need to go through here and you need to set up a bun things yourself as well to make sure you can clean these URLs if you know like bitly comm well pretty much every URL in that case is taken so you wouldn’t be able to get all these great names like I have just like Amazon right there that’s absolutely crazy so what we do from this point on you’ll be able to see here is we have Amazon we can go through we can edit it we can change it we can look at everything as well you can click on this and we can go check out the things that they have to offer so under the stats here we have a lot of fun things you’ll be able to see the days the total days and the clicks available the countries they’re coming from and the traffic as well very basic statistics here but it’s a great understanding to break down just how much traffic you’re truly driving there as well now the next thing we have here is what’s called deep links so I’m not going to go through and create this one but the reason why you need to use deep blank deep links is because what happens when you click let’s say you’re scrolling through just Google and you find one of these links let’s say a YouTube one when you click on the youtube link it’s not gonna open up on the mobile browser on your phone it’s gonna open up the YouTube app instead or if you’re using let’s say Instagram a lot of people aren’t logged in aunts Instagram on their mobile phone the browser they’re logged in on the application itself so deep links are extremely powerful to make sure that you can open up applications that people are actually signed into so where they can follow you they can like your posts they can subscribe to you all of those things if a person clicks on your link and it goes to Instagram on the mobile application and they’re not logged in they’re probably not going to take the time to log in just to subscribe to you that’s just the fact that matter there’s so much things there so many things they’re available on the internet that I would tell you if you don’t have this right the first time you’re probably going to lose the customer so the next one I have too is retargeting links this is one of my most powerful ones that I have so if you can see at my on my videos here I have this one right here this is my business mastery program so this is for very high elite business owners. We work with in this case I have a retargeting link so anybody who clicks this link I actually have what’s called a Facebook pixel installed to here and it will be able to track that and I can retarget them based on tons of different things in this case mainly based on the interest in what they have in what they were interested which would be my business mastery program so guys I can show you how to do this you would go through here create the same thing you actually add a pixel here as well you’d be able to track that this is a completely different scenario this would take a while for me to breakdown and truly help you guys understand so make sure to just check out marketer the marketer university and they will be able to help you there and break down every single thing on how we can install us and get it set up just don’t want to waste your guy’s time right here just breaking all this stuff down so that is the retargeting link though make sure you use that if you’re ever selling anything online where you have these links like I do directed to my business mastery program directed to my training everything like that so you can use paid advertising to retarget people and the last thing we have here is link tree as well so if you guys know anything about link trees or anything like that here I can I’ll show you the one we have on one of our other ones so this is link tree one of the most popular ones and it just pops up just like this and you can get free tips and join all that type of stuff like this so there we go this is the same exact thing you can create your own link tree and add as many links as you want and customize it through here just as simple as that it would look like I mentioned right here maybe a little bit cleaner actually because Katherine is pretty good at his stuff so this is the main breakdown of all of the marketer magic tools you can go through here into the settings and customize your account everything you have as well a couple things I want to mention to you guys that are extremely powerful number one make sure you join the group so you can click right up here and join the Facebook group. It is powerful and every single one of the Kevins facebook groups are phenomenal and they provide so much insight and help so I would highly suggest starting there and another thing is if you might have seen this is get $300 so I’m gonna open up this in a new tab guys this is his affiliate program he pays 41% recurring revenue so if you ever want to resell this product, I am a partner with them as well and if you click the link below and get this setup then I would make a commission off that that would be really cool if you did but at the same time it’s not a big deal my only thing I really care about is helping you guys out so this is super powerful though because you just log in here you’ll get your link and you’ll be able to sign up I’m not gonna log in here because I do have some personal information I want to keep that private for my sake and Kevin’s as well so this though is the breakdown of marketer magic I highly suggest getting started, you can get started for free and immediately today go ahead and click the link below and if you have any questions about this leave me a comment I’d be more than willing to help you out as well that was about as fast as I could have broken down that entire program for you as you can see there is so much power behind all the tools that he has to offer if you understand the industry that little mini-me tool that he offers if you were to go through bitly instead it would cost you $1,000 a month here’s absolutely insane that’s just crazy even think like that in order to do deep linking and all the other things that I mentioned as well so Kevin offers all of these tools at it serious fraction the price and the power of this is he’s not doing this just to make money he actually has his own business as well so he uses these in his business everyday which means they’re probably going to improve in the future now if you guys want to learn more ways to make money like I said . Make sure to subscribe other than that check out this video where I break down 7 different methods you can invest in right now to secure your future most of the people that I’ve met in my life do not know how to invest and this isn’t their fault the fact of the matter is they were never taught properly and neighbor younger and importing

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