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People love spending money, especially when it comes to trending products that drive them crazy. This is undoubtedly an undeniable fact.

If you have leisure time out of your schedule and you want to make money from the fact that I have just told you, there is a way!

Introducing ShopInspect!

ShopInspect gives you an idea of what will work and what will not in terms of making money from outstanding products.
If it makes you excited, then keep reading my ShopInspect review to find out more!

What Is ShopInspect?

For starters, ShopInspect is an online tool that allows marketers to carry out research on specific keywords that the customers are more likely to use.

You can search based on products or shops. After finishing searching, ShopInspect will give you a full report of the results you are looking for.

Inside the report, there will be lots of information including interest, trends, relevant words, and so many more things that you can use to advertise your products better.

Is ShopInspect Free?

Well, apparently, not!

You can use it without charge during the free trial though, which means you will have three free searches. The first thing you need to do to activate this is to create an account and start your trial period.

After the trial period, if you still want to use it, then you have to dig down into your pocket. The subscription fee can be billed either monthly or annually.
There are no differences in the service you are going to receive. If you are so sure about the plan, then go for the annual one since it is much more economic. Still, in case all of this thing seems so new to you, try the monthly package and see how things go first.


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The ShopInspect Features

As a marketer, one of the things that we care about the most is whether that investment can bring about benefits or not. Well, ShopInspect is a tool which helps you make informed decisions based on data and figures.

Instead of jumping into a random product, with the help of ShopInspect, now you can make a decision more data-driven and accurate than before.
Below are some main benefits of the tool. Let’s keep reading to find out more!


ShopInspect has a very special dashboard. The vendor, with the help of his colleague, has given it a distinctive yet cutting-edge look which makes everything so easy for you. You will see all the sections that include hot products so you would not have to waste time searching anymore.

Besides, you can also use the dashboard to search for hot shops. There are a lot of Shopify stores which have a lot of monthly visits. These sources of traffic will be a great source of reference for you to decide which style you should follow.

Product Search

Just type in a name, and the platform will show you many different factors about the product that you are looking for. If you click the “Hot Product” buttons, there will be a list of orders which come with the highest sales.

Smart score

If you look at the box on the left side, you will see the Smart Score and the average monthly web search. A smart score is rated from 1 to 100, which implies the number of search for one product and the number of store having that product.

Of course, the higher the score is, the better your profit will be.

Interest over time

What this feature means is that it will show you the search volume of a keyword. Just like a smart score, interest over time ranks from 1 to 100. The higher the search volume, the hotter the product will be.

Word cloud

This feature comes with a list of words used for searches that has something to do with the keyword you are searching. These words will help you expand your search to get better results until you are satisfied with the product you are looking for.

Top dropshipping products

Apart from everything mentioned above, ShopInspect also helps you find insight into products by providing a detailed report.

In that detailed reports, there will be lots of valuable information that gives you a hand in profitable products such as monthly page visits, the price, how much a product can earn.

From all of the information, you can conclude for yourself what you want out of your business. The real challenge is that there are so many different sellers on the market selling the same thing.

What you have to do is to find a way to compete against all of them.

Final Thoughts On This ShopInspect Review

When purchasing a product, the biggest question you may have is whether it’s worth your penny or not.

ShopInspect will cost you somewhere from $228 per year. But guess what? You get a lot in return. The upfront investment seems to be quite pricey, yet what you receive is definitely going to bypass what you pay. So why not give it a go?

If you are a product seller, then you immediately get your investment back. It’s really quick!

Instead of spending too much money on too many different tools, ShopInspect combines all the information you need into one platform. If you are still worried, there is still a trial version for you to try and see how it works out.

Thank you for considering this ShopInspect Review and I hope you all the best!

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