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Helium 10 Review – Should You Spend Money to Buy?

I have a lot of reviews about Amazon’s FBA training programs and how you can use a Vending Machine to make a profit. Today, I have access to Helium 10. This is a popular product on the market for you to increase profits on Amazon.

But how does it work? Is it really worth your purchase? I will answer these questions in my review. Some of the key parts of this review are as follows:

  • What is Helium 10?
  • Price’s Helium 10
  • Breakdown of Helium 10
  • Who created this product?
  • Is Helium 10 worth buying?

If you are a business that is making a profit by selling products on Amazon, beating other competitors or wanting to dominate the Amazon market, keep watching my reading because Helium 10 is all you need.

What is Helium 10?

The first thing I think about Helium 10 is a training product like the other products I’ve reviewed. I often check products like AmaSuite or Amazon Bootcamp to see how they teach how to build Amazon businesses. But unlike what I thought, Helium 10 is not a training course. This is a tool to help you develop and optimize your business.

There will be videos that show you how to use the tools in Helium 10. But one thing I am not happy about is that it does not have enough training time to use all the tools inside. It only instructs you to use some of the most typical tools. The training takes a lot of time. So you will need to learn more to thoroughly utilize the features within this product.

I will break down the tools below to make them easier to understand. Basically, they are SEO tools for your Amazon list. When you enter a good keyword, there will be a lot of focus to list your product. They will not care what needs to create a good list or how to get a purchase box or increase sales conversions. However, Helium 10’s tools will help you list the best keywords, find effective keywords to promote your products on Amazon.

Prices of Helium 10

You can become a member to start using for free. But it is very limited. You can only track 20 keywords and use Cerebro twice. Cerebro is the tool I used to become a Platinum member. We only need to log in to ASIN and own hundreds of products or difficult words.

You will discover new keywords and find ideas for your products.

Gold package is a great package for businesses that want to dominate on Amazon. With this package, you will be able to use all the features inside Helium 10. This upgrade works with super – fast speed. It will help you earn thousands of dollars. And $97 is the price you need to pay to own these powerful tools.

Helium 10 Monthly price – You will have more tools to start work. With the money you earn today you can go to Platinum or Diamond. In addition, you will have the right to monitor 300 ASINs for HiJacker notifications and you can check misspelt keywords 600 times within a month.

Breakdown of 10 Helium tools

Magnet: this is a keyword research tool

This tool has the same function as other keyword search tools on the market. It relies on parts of Amazon to produce results. So, you need to pick a result that you find best suited to your needs. After that, you will export the Frankenstein floor keyword.

Frankenstein: Tool to organize and combine your keywords

This is quite a new tool. Your keyword will be displayed at the bottom of the screen on the left. There will be a lot of filters to choose from. They will be used for different purposes.
This is the tool to distil your keyword book. You will get the most powerful keywords to use them.

You can look at the image below and see that he has removed all neutral words and then sorted by their level.

5k Checker: Check for phrases or keywords that you are not listed

This is a super awesome feature of Helium 10. It helps you check out private phrases that you haven’t rated on Amazon. Your product will be expensive ASIN and then you can create a list of keywords with just a few clicks. Everything you are or are not ranked will appear in the most detailed way for you.

Trendster: Check trends or seasonality

This tool works extremely simple. You will easily find the trends of a keyword learning a phrase in Amazon. It helps you get the most detailed view of a trend or seasonal keyword over time.

Misspellinator: Check misspelt keywords

People may misspell some words in search terms. Amazon will fix it for you automatically. But it is not always. This tool will help you correct misspellings at all times.

Scribble: Make sure your keywords are in the description or title

When you have owned a list of the most trending keywords, you can include them all in your title or listing description. They will be removed from your list when you add a list of words. You can easily check the words you have used and the words you have not used.

Brand gate: Check whether the brand complies or is protected by copyright

This tool will be explained in detail in the tutorial video. With a brand portal, a product can only be sold to a certain person. This is really good if you are the one who took it. If not, this is not good for you. This tool will check whether the products you are selling are subject to brand control.

Hijack Alert: Check if your list has been hacked

If someone is trying to tamper with your work or steal your information, this tool will immediately detect and stop immediately.

Genie refund: Check Amazon for mandatory refunds

This tool will show you what items have been repaid at the end of the month if Amazon owes you. In my opinion, these items are returned due to Amazon’s errors such as product failures, products being exchanged or broken during transport.

Cerebro: Research keywords from ASIN instead of seed keywords

This great tool helps you find hundreds of other products on Amazon and rank them according to keyword relevance. You will be provided with additional ideas to rate your product.

I have learned very carefully about these tools. One thing I am quite disappointed is that there are some tools that will be free. Some tools will require users to pay to access it. It will be very tiring if you pay a monthly fee for this tool every month. But, according to the video they provide. They say that after only half a month you can use these tools for free or you must become a member to use them for free.

If the tools you have to pay to help you earn a high profit, I think it doesn’t matter. But if you are a new person with a small amount of clutter, keep an eye on its price so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the price increases.

Who is Helium for?

I don’t want to see you throw some of your business money to get things that aren’t worth it because I myself experienced these unpleasant moments.

Do you know how to register Aweber for 2 years? Helium 10 itself helped me to do this. I no longer have to worry about building lists or emailing customers.

In my experience, this is not the perfect tool for newcomers to enter the business. You will have to split $ 100 per month to pay for the tools. Instead, you can use some tools like Mangools KW Downloader or Ja Wax. They are much cheaper but the results you get will be very limited.

But if you already have a business on Amazon, you should catch Helium 10 to get all the great benefits inside it. You can grow your business with powerful tools.
Helium 10 is not a repair tool for your business. It will take you from a hugely profitable business to a profitable business. You need to learn how to use the right tools to get the most out of its features.

Imagine you want to have a beautiful shape. To get a beautiful body, you just need to do gym and do nothing else. I am sure you will take a lot of time to achieve results. But when you associate with tonic or protein, you will quickly achieve the goals and results you want in the shortest time.

In short, I see Helium is a great weapon for businesses operating on Amazon.

Is Helium 10 worth the price?

I rate Helium will cost as its price. Maybe this is quite a high price but this will be the motivation for you to make money every month.

When you have a good ranking with many keywords, it means that your income will increase.

When I decided to buy a tool I always figured out what I would get when I bought it. In summary, I find Helium 10 is really valuable for your business.

9.6 Total Score

Easy To Use
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