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Auto Pilot Agency Review and Huge Bonus

Brian Anderson has built a $3 MILLION DOLLAR a year local consulting agency with this exact same system. Not something ‘sort of similar,’ but the same exact system. Very few Top Dog marketers like Brian would ever reveal the details as he’s doing today.


Some of Brian’s students – with NO previous experience – are signing $2k+ clients (plus recurring revenue) using the super simple “copy+paste” techniques.

Full Disclosure: The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

Now for the first time, you can experience a proven, unique local system that…

Puts you on the FAST TRACK to making $10,000 To $30,000+ A Month

AND, Working way less hours than most ‘wage slaves.’

Even better, once you discover this incredible ‘Automation Brainstorm’, you’ll do ALL this with…

  • No need for a staff of employees to produce business growth. The automation takes their place!
  • No more grinding cold calling, or discouraging door knocking or expensive postal mailings or tons of emails being ignored.
  • No producing boring blog posts, tedious article, endless videos or ANY of that so-called branding.
  • No more sneaky prospects asking to “pick your brain.”
  • No more unqualified, ‘pretend’ clients wasting your time.
  • No more bothering with webinars that no one attends…
  • No more constant following up, praying for a deal.
  • No more competing with other service providers for crumbs.
  • No more hearing “Send me your price list/proposal and he’ll let you know”…
  • No more sales slumps or slow months… Y’know one month you feel rich, the next month you qualify for food stamps!
  • No more hearing “he’ll have to think about it.” (Now your prospective clients will be ready to sign up on the spot… and gladly pay your fees… BEFORE THEY EVEN TALK TO YOU!)

Here’s The Best Part

  • It works even if you’re not a ‘hot shot, silver tongued’ sales person.
  • It works even if you’re a ‘wet-behind-the ears’ new local marketer.
  • It works even if you’re an unknown to your local market.
  • It works even if you’ve tried every approach, system, formula and strategy already… and still failed.
  • Because this Automation System
  • You’ll be given access to his closely guarded 3 Strategies to land the best clients using Messenger Marketing
  • You Get The Free Trial Model
  • You Get The Emails
  • You Get The Facebook Ads
  • You Get Simple 10 Slide Presentation (for use with prospects)
  • How To Market To Clients in any niche
  • Recommended Pricing Strategy for Messenger Marketing
  • Two Recurring Income Services Using Messenger Marketing You can deliver (And what to charge).
  • How To spend as little as $5 a day and get 5 to 7 new client inquiries everyday!

$500+ Value Facebook Messenger Bot Included!

  • Don’t know how to “Build-a-Bot”?
  • Don’t want to learn?
  • Don’t have time to mess with it?

Here’s the answer to your prayer!

We’re including an automated, integrated, sophisticated, dedicated, and generated, Facebook Messenger Marketing Bot!

This ready to install bot runs on the worlds best Bot platform and will keep you 100% compliant with Facebook and keep your customer list 100% secure!

This bot, built SPECIFICALLY for the *Newbie* Local Marketer, will take your Facebook page and Website and turn it into Lead Generation MONEY MACHINE!

  • Brian’s EXPERT TEAM – recognized by Manychat as a “Messenger Marketing Expert,” has built a brand new bot just for YOU!
  • This Changes Everything!
  • Throw away your opt in forms!
  • Grow your list even faster
  • Communicate w/80% improvement over email
  • Enhance & build your brand
  • Drive sales 24/7
  • Close deals easier


Use Auto Pilot Agency as they show you for 30 days. Really take action! If you show us that you gave it a fair shot and didn’t get any results, they will happily refund your money!

Bottom line is this works 100% if you take action!

If you’re the type of person who just wants to see what the new shiny object is and then immediately ask for a refund, please don’t buy and save us both the hassle.

We’re here to HELP YOU. If you have any questions please send us an email and they’ll do our best to help you!

9.4 Total Score

Easy To Use
  • Attract the BEST clients. Including clients with the biggest budgets.
  • Enjoy a less stressful business with more free time.
  • Invest fewer hours since the automation is doing much of the work.
  • Remove all the 'grunt work' once and for all!
  • They're giving you a ticket to an extraordinary income (you'll see)
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