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Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review – The Best Dropshipping Course in 2019

Five years ago, to have an e-commerce website, there were tons of preparations that you had to do such as buying domains, designing layout, developing the site,…All of these steps not only cost you a lot of money, but it also takes a lot of time and effort, too.

But nowadays, there is an all-in-one solution that will minimize your cost, time-consuming, and extremely easy-to-use: that’s Shopify. Another advantage of Shopify is that it also integrated SEO into its system; therefore users can easily optimize SEO, get more traffic, and boost up their sales.

With all of the advantages above, it’s understandable why Shopify has become one of the hottest e-commerce platforms in the world, especially for drop shippers. Therefore, tons of people have head longed to sell on this incredible platform. But the question is how many of them get the best out of Shopify? Not so many.

On the other hand, in these recent years, we can quickly find out hundreds of courses related to Shopify. But the quality of them remains an unanswered question. If you’re searching for a practical course, then my Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review is what you need!

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review – Overview

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1. A warm welcome from the author and his advice on how to get the most out of this course.

For your information, this incredible course is also the brainchild of Kevin David, the CEO of the multiple 7-figure e-commerce businesses and the owner of the largest Youtube channel for e-commerce. He is a whole-hearted expert who has taught and guided a lot of students all around the world for years. The results and feedbacks from his courses are unbelievable: Most students who followed his advice and lessons strictly achieved success in just a short period. Some of them had failed multiple times before signing up for his courses.

According to Kevin, the key to success lies in the right mindset: Be patience and never give up. Don’t take short-cuts, watch the whole course twice at least. In your first time, you should watch and absorb everything, take notes, read them and think about how you can apply your knowledge into reality. In the second time, start taking actions while repeating all the steps above.

2. How to select niches and a few things to note

Before reaching the main topic on product research, in this first lesson, Kevin will introduce to us the best buyers, examples of successful niches, questions that you should ask yourself about potential niches, and a few notes of things to remember or mistakes to avoid.

According to Kevin’s experience, the best buyers are women. But why this information is essential? The reason is that it helps us detect our targets clearly from the beginning.
Next, Shopify Ninja Masterclass will give you a list of successful niches in correspondent with the real results.

The last section of this lesson aims at different mistakes we can make as well as how to avoid them. Kevin will also point out some important notes that you should do to boost up your performance.

3. How to use Aliexpress to find suppliers and some tools to simplify the process.

This video is a 30-minute length lesson, where Kevin introduce you the best website to find suppliers for drop shipping – Aliexpress. Nowadays, there are tons of websites that you can find suppliers from, but according to Kevin’s perspective, Aliexpress is the most advantageous.

This lesson will demonstrate step-by-step on how to search for profitable yet good suppliers on Aliexpress, how to create and maintain a good relationship between you and the suppliers – which is also essential and reveal some of the secret tools that can make your life easier.

4. Some IP tricks and tips to look for the best selling stores

We all know that the most efficient way to achieve success in this field is to find the already successful products and learn from them. In this video, Kevin will show you some examples of the best selling stores on Shopify based on volume, analyzing them, taking notes on which we can add to our stores, and get to know which categories of products and niches are usually in favor of buyers.

Besides that, Kevin will also give out some websites and tools that he frequently uses himself when having problems with IP as well as searching for the best Shopify stores. They’re all proven in reality and come at an affordable price!

5. What is Intelligynce? And how to use it with high efficiency!

Following the lessons above, Shopify Ninja Masterclass will introduce to you an incredible premium tool that can simplify your process of finding products.

As you know, Kevin always try to stay away from paid tools, which of course require payments. But this is a must-have tool for Shopify, for drop shipping that worths the money.
In this video, he will tell you all the information about Intelligynce including the price, the platform, details, and how to use this tool efficiently.

6. How to find trending products, profitable keywords, and the top trafficked Shopify sites.

In this section, Kevin and us will point out some useful tools such as Alexa on how to find Google Trends, high-ranking keywords, and the top trafficked Shopify stores.

Moreover, he will analyze real examples, and gives out some precious advice and method on this topic, too.

7. How to do Amazon Product Research for Shopify and dropshipping

First, we have to know that the product research process is vastly complicated since there is a whole course on how to do it. But, in this lesson, we’ll mainly focus on how to find suitable and hugely profitable products for Shopify and dropshipping only. So if you are searching for a bigger view, then this section can only provide information on the Shopify and dropshipping perspective.

Kevin will show us some categories of product that are restricted to sell on Amazon. The purpose of this action is to open an opportunity for us to add it to our drop shipping product list. Also, we will discuss the differences between FBA and FBM.

8 .Some other Product Research methods

Yes, in those sections above, we’ve discussed how to use Aliexpress and Amazon to find the products that potentially create enormous profit. But as Kevin stated a few times, that’s not the only ways. And in this video, he will present some other methods to do product research when not using the Aliexpress and Amazon.

9. How to do Product and Niche Research taking advantages of some paid apps on Shopify.

The title may be quite complicated to understand, right? But let’s have a look in this way. According to what Kevin stated in this section, paid apps can reflect the performance of a store on Shopify. If a store has low income and profit, they probably won’t pay for paid apps. And so it is on the other hand.

Following is a step-by-step guide on how to take advantage of paid apps to find the best selling products and niches.

10. How to find profitable winning products using trade shows!

In this video, Kevin will present a cool technique to use ASD – one of the biggest trade shows in the US hosted in Las Vegas once a year. But how it actually relates to the product research process.

Here is how: Most vendors appear in this show are successful ones. Therefore, we can take a look at their products and get our needed experience.

11. How to make sure you can target your perfect customers before choosing a niche.

Validating your ideas from a marketing perspective is one of the essential things in the product research process that we have to take into consideration seriously. Here is the reason why:
If you aren’t able to appropriately target, improve social interactions, it would be much harder to plan for marketing. Therefore, we’ll be acted upon our own business.

So, in this lesson, Kevin will tell you all the things you need to target your perfect customers before choosing a niche.

12. What is Thieve Co? and how to use it properly!

Yes, this is another useful tool that Kevin uses to do product research. It provides a set of influencers and product creators, and give you their final opinions on their favorite selections from Aliexpress. It also means that Thieve Co has already done the sorting and choosing products for you.

But this doesn’t mean that you should copy them as Kevin said never copy exactly anything. Otherwise, take those products as examples for your product list.

So, this video is basically a guide on how to use Thieve Co properly.

13. The whole process review and how to do it step-by-step

This is the last video of the Product Research chapter. Kevin will show you real examples, the real way he does the Product Research applying all the sections above.
If all the videos above only contain parts of the product research process, now Kevin will combine them, and give you the whole view on how to do it. This is absolutely an excellent way for us to understand all the lessons and help us imagine the process quickly.

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1. Alipay and big mistakes to avoid not to get your payment accounts suspended!

As dropshippers, we can hardly deny that the success of our business is in direct contact with the manufacturers. With a good source of supplies, who always provides high-quality products, ships your products on time, and is always supportive when something goes wrong, you already have a 50% chance to be successful.

So, Kevin will cover all details on how to choose the best manufacturers on Alipay in this section. Moreover, he will also point out a lot of big mistakes that can cause your payment account suspended, which is a bad scenery for anyone, I believe.

2. What you should know before making purchases

Basically, this is a lesson on many different mistakes that Kevin himself has been through. It might be difficult to understand just after one listening, so it’s quite essential to take notes while Kevin is explaining. You’ll save a lot of time and money on things that you may never notice.

Another great thing is that these notes apply to every scenery on Aliexpress.

3. What to do with wholesalers and how to ensure that you are getting the best price from your manufacturers for your new products

It’s obvious that you want to purchase directly from the manufacturers but not some middlemen who are eating up your profit by reselling to you. Getting in direct contact with the real manufacturers will be the best way to get products at the lowest price.

For wholesalers, you should never pay any fees for them. It’s a waste of both your time and money. Aliexpress has everything you need to search for your desired products without paying any fees.

4. All the standards you should look for in a supplier

As mentioned above, the importance of suppliers is unignorable. Just a fake product or some issues on the quality of the products can bring you business down quickly. Your payment account might be closed, and everything will start to crumble. Therefore, you should pay attention to setting things up correctly.

That’s also what Kevin and his course will cover in this section. You’ll find out how to evaluate a supplier to choose the best manufacturers for your business.

5. How to deal with Chinese customers and all the things you need to know about samples as well as import fees

They are one of the most asked questions that Kevin received in the last few years. Actually, their answers aren’t simple, but Kevin will give you his real experience in this final video.


1 .How to select the right theme!

There are two themes explicitly explained in this section. If you sell only flagship one product, then you should use Jumpstart. But if you’re selling more than five products, which most of the students in this class will do for sure, then Brooklyn is what you search for. The reason why Kevin choose Brooklyn is that it’s eye-catching, free-of-charge, and supportive.

Both of these themes are extremely easy to manipulate, and they are all fully optimized on mobile, which is useful since most of our traffic will come from Facebook, Instagram, and social media.
Every information on these two themes will be presented carefully in this section.

2. The best Shopify settings and why using them will save you from 100’s hours of pain

This lesson will explain how to finally setting up your store on Shopify and doing your real e-commerce business. In this video, Kevin will play the role of a guy who has never done Shopify settings and shows you step-by-step how you should do it from the beginning.

Other courses often teach it in the professional ways, which they tend to skip steps. Shopify Ninja Masterclass is different. Kevin himself will explain every single step in details for you in here.

3. How to Get Your Domain and Domain Email Address

Well, in this section, we will learn how to purchase a domain. I’m sure that all of us want to have a domain, which only contains our shop names and provides a domain email address that leads customers to our websites. The reason is that it’s more professional in this way!

So if you’re having a hard time figuring out how to get a domain and a domain email address, Kevin and Shopify Ninja Masterclass will help you out.

4. How to import products from Aliexpress and how to make collections, menus, and a contact us page

This is the fun part when we start adding our products into our store and making your store look like a professional one. At first glance, many people think that it would take forever to finish this process, well for some other methods, it’s true, but with Kevin’s secret technique, everything will be much faster than what you’ve imagined.

Although at first, everything seems a little bit out of order, the results are worth-to-try. In this video, Kevin will reveal some apps that can simplify this process. One of them is the best of the best as Kevin stated.

5. How to Optimize Your Product Listings

This section is mainly about how actually to start setting up our products listing. Of course, no one would like to leave our products disorderly. It’s essential because customers love a beautiful and logic appearance.

Another important thing is that we want to make sure the title, the description, and the images of our products can pull traffic and attract customers.

Therefore, how to optimize your product listing is always a burning question. You’ll get the detailed answer in the Shopify Ninja Masterclass course.

6. Some apps that we should use to increase our sales conversions and get more traffic on your pages

Sounds interesting, right? In this video, Kevin will reveal some of the top best apps for your Shopify store to skyrocket your sales conversions, get useful information for your marketing campaign, and get tons of traffic on your pages.

7. What is Product Reviews App? And how to use it!

So, Product Reviews is an app that was mentioned in the last video of Shopify Ninja Masterclass. Everyone knows the importance of reviews as customers love proven results. Having different 5-star review will be a customer-magnet.

With Product Reviews App, you can quickly generate tons of great reviews to boost up your business status and performance.

8. How to set up automated coupon distribution with product receipts

We all know that coupons work like magic in the business field. Many people even said that nothing could bring customers back faster than a coupon. Indeed.

So, in this video, Kevin and Shopify Ninja Masterclass will give you a useful app to set up automated coupon distribution with product receipts. This fantastic app’s name is Conversio.

Basically, what this app does is that it sends a receipt with an attached coupon to your customers after they purchased a product. For examples, you bought a Polo shirt, and Conversio will send you a receipt with a 30% off coupon on any other products. Yes, Shopify can also send you a receipt but it isn’t as beautiful as the Conversio one, and it doesn’t include any coupon at all.

To know more information about this incredible app, you can check the Shopify Ninja Masterclass course out!

9. What is Spin a Sale? And how to use this app!

Spin a Sale is an interactive email popup, which helps you get more customer’s email addresses. This is undoubtedly very important in a marketing campaign, and it will skyrocket your sales if you use it in the right way.

So, in this lesson, Kevin will give you all the information that you need to function this app as well as other details related to this fantastic product. It will help you a lot, I promise.

10. How to add a countdown timer to your product listing and increase conversions using the Hurrify app

In this section, Kevin will show us the Hurrify app in details. It’s also a paid app, but the quality of it is incredible compared to the price. It helps us add a little bit of urgent feeling towards people who come to your store.

As a result, people will think that they need to purchase your items quickly before the time is over. This behavior is easy to understand as if your products are available forever; they can just ignore it and come back whenever they want.

Therefore, the Hurrify app is essential. In this lesson, Kevin will tell us all the steps we need to do to get the best out of this app.

11. How to add Product Upsells to increase the average cart size and your store profitability

According to Kevin, Product Upsells is the app that earns him the most on the Shopify Appstore. It basically popup an upsell notification when customers click on the purchase button.
So, what is an upsell? It is a saying technique, where the vendors offer additional features of the original product at only a little higher price. This technique has become a massive success for over

the past few years. Therefore, we couldn’t miss this fantastic method as well.

To know more information on this app and know how to increase the average cart size and your store profitability, join the Shopify Ninja Masterclass now!

How a print on demand Shopify app added additional 10K per month in revenue for your store.

This section will provide you with details on TeeLaunch, a useful app. An excellent way to advertise your store is to make your brand appear on many items such as T-shirt, bags, cups,…You just need to upload any designs that you make yourself or any popular designs on social media, and they will handle everything else for you.

By doing this, you can pull more traffic, attract more customers, and earn more profit.

How to navigate your theme like a pro and optimize your stores feel for higher sales.

This is a general optimization video, where Kevin shows you in real time how to go through your store and make some updates on things that should be updated. You surely don’t want your store to look empty, right?

How to automatically fulfill your orders the right way!

This lesson will tell you how to process your orders. Typically, shop owners will have to do this by themselves, which is pretty time-consuming. What students in this course are going to do is to use Oberlo, a fantastic app.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass course will help you get more information on this app as well as know how to use it correctly without any effort.
How to set up Google Analytics to make data-driven store optimizations in the future.

Google Analytics will provide us with tons of information on our current store status such as which products receive the most views, which products are best sellers, and so on. This will help us make a lot of decisions on how to optimize our driven data store later on.

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1 .How to set up your Facebook ads account in the correct way and the overview of Facebook ads

We all know how advertisement can help us to power up our stores, get some sales and have a successful marketing campaign. Therefore, Facebook ads are something we cannot miss when entering the competitive market.

In this section, Kevin will show you how to set up your Facebook ads account in the most effortlessly and most straightforward way.

2. How to understand all the Facebook Ads vocabulary and three secret tips you should know to be successful with Facebook Ads

There are tons of vocabulary words in the field of Facebook Ads. Without knowing them, we can hardly utilize all of the most advanced portions of the Business Manager.

In this video, not only does Kevin explain to you all of the vocabulary words that you need to know, but you will also learn three secret tips to master your Facebook Ads and increase your performance.

3. The marketing objectives and the Ad Lifecycle

So, this section will point out which types of ads should we use. In the e-commerce field, there will be a pretty specific lifecycle of advertisements that you’re going to use.

Although the marketing campaign section looks pretty overwhelming, things will get more comfortable with the instructions from Kevin as he will provide you with a lot of examples during the lesson.

4. How to laser target your audiences and master the art of Facebook

Audience Insights is the most powerful tool that helps us identify detailed targeting. This section will provide you with useful information on getting the best out of this tool and find the best targeters.

Also, this section will briefly introduce you what detailed targeting and the impact of it on our store is.

5. Conquering the heart of Facebook Ads

This lesson will teach you how to narrow your audience through detailed targeting. This is also where the Facebook ads experts stand out, distinguish themselves from others.

After watching this video, you can be like them. You will be able to take any niches or topics whether it’s golf or makeup or anything, and utilize the narrower in the targeting measures that Facebook provides and target their audiences most affordably and effectively.

In this lesson, Kevin will explain everything you need to know to conquer your Facebook ads.

6. How to create a Facebook Ads that converts over and over again

This is the part where you start creating Facebook Ads. In this section, you’ll receive tons of advice from Kevin on the materials you should use in your ads, how to create attractive ads that pull more traffic and converts over and over again.

Knowing all of these will benefit you a lot when starting your e-commerce business in reality.

7. How to get social proof (Likes, Shares, and Comments) for your ads

As Kevin used to state, nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. Indeed, a wise vendor would use social proof such as likes, comments, and shares to generate attention for their ads. It’s simple to understand why. If people see an ad that has tons of comments and likes, they will stop and take a look for sure.

As you’ve known the importance of social proves, then you sure are curious about the method to get them. The answer will be wholly presented in Shopify Ninja Masterclass course.

8. Intro to Split Testing and How to use Conversion Campaign the right way

In this section, you’ll get to know how to retarget people, how to optimize your ads, and how to scale your Facebook Ads campaigns. In previous lessons, we’ve mentioned the retargeting concept, but we haven’t learned it in details. So in this lesson, we will.

Moreover, this video will also provide a full instruction to use Conversion Campaign in the right way to convert more and more as well as improving your results from the ads.

9. How to utilize the power of Micro split testing to find winning ads without paying too much quickly

So, why we need Micro split testing? Well, not every one of us needs Micro split testing, but those, who are on a budget or simply just want to have our results faster without spending thousands of dollars on split testing, would appreciate it.

In this video, Kevin will show you how to utilize the power of Micro split testing to find winning ads in details quickly.

10. How to use Automation Rules to save yourself time and scale faster than you thought possible!

Yes, I know everyone often doesn’t like rules. But in fact, rules on Facebook are incredibly useful. In this section, Kevin will list out some of his favorite rules to categorize your ads with higher efficiency and simplicity.

Why do we need to categorize our ads? It’s to evaluate their status and plan your marketing strategy! And of course, you cannot spend the whole day selecting which ads you want to scale among hundreds of your ads. And rules will make this issue disappear.

11. How Long Should You Run Your Ads and at What Daily Budget!

Yes, the budget is also an essential thing that you need to pay attention to. Typically, the cost between $5 to $20 is ideal. But it may vary depending on the price of your items, how many people you want your ads to reach, and so forth.

The duration of your ads also depends on many factors, too. So if you want to find out more, then the Shopify Ninja Masterclass course will help you.

12. Retargeting and Custom Audience Building in Shopify

Retargeting is the most critical factor that you need to master Facebook ads. When mentioning Conversion Ads campaign and Retargeting, it’s essential to tell the differences between them. So, Conversion Ads Campaign means that you are primarily retargeting the similar people, who have performed actions on your site.

On the other hand, retargeting means that your retarget specific people but not look alike audiences. In this video, Kevin will present the retargeting process and how to do it correctly to earn traffic and sales.

13 .How to optimizing campaigns for your objectives

Yes, there is absolutely no specific formula to optimize your campaigns, but we can have examples and role models to look at. In this section, Kevin will tell you how he optimizes his campaigns accordingly for his objectives.

14 . How to influencer marketing and the HARO

We all know the impact of influencers on our customers. Therefore, it’s crucial to use influencer marketing and HARO. To find out the details, you can have a look at the Shopify Ninja Masterclass course.

15. Email Marketing Automation and the Sequences

Email Marketing is one of the most important ways to have better sales online. Because if you have a list of emails of people who are interested in what you offer, then you will have an easier time selling more products, building your brand name, and skyrocketing your profit.

In this video, Kevin will tell you all the things you need to have a successful email marketing!

16. Tie things together

In this part, Kevin will combine all the previous lessons, and give you a step-by-step guide on how to actually do everything from scratch.

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1 .How to maintain a laser focus and scale your store through Analytics

In the beginning, we need to maintain a laser focus, which means only concentrate on one single thing. So, if your store hasn’t reached $100 per day, then you should pause this section first.

2. How to interpret Google Analytic and make data-driven decisions!

Optimization is the process of making the best and most efficient use of your resources. So, in this section, you’ll get make data-driven decisions. And how to get data is interpreting Google Analytics.

All the steps and details will be presented inside the Shopify Ninja Masterclass course.

3. The behavior and the e-Commerce Analytics Interpretation

In this section, we will get to know the behavior section, where you want to make sure your site speed is loading at 5s or less on both desktop and mobile devices. Google will provide all of this data in details.

Therefore, you’ll know which section you need to improve.

4. How to find out insights into your audience to use to narrow your advertising further!

This is a life-changing trick that can change your Amazon PPC forever. The trick is about how to acquire a low bid broad match discover campaign as well as the best, easiest, and fastest method to implement that trick.

5. Google Analytics Audience Report

As stated above, Google gives us the purest and the most accurate and detailed descriptions of your audiences. Therefore, their reports are what we should definitely take a look.

In the previous section, we’ve made a look at the audience report, the home report, now Kevin will talk about the acquisition report. This is where we acquire our customers from. In this section, you’ll know every useful information you need on sources of customers. Based on this information, you can plan your marketing better.

6. Creative Custom + Lookalike Audiences

Getting creative with how to create new ads is one of the essential factors that can affect your business a lot. Why? It’s because it’s critical to reach out for new customers.

All the steps and lessons above tell you how to keep your old customers and maintain your traffic, but this step is where you learn to reach new targets and earn higher traffic thanks to data-driven decisions.

7. Pixel URL Optimization and Conversion Campaigns

In this section, we’ll get to know what the Pixel URL is telling us and where people are spending their time! Acknowledged all of this information, and our marketing campaign can shoot to the sky!

8. Offline Events and Seasoning Your Pixel

Although “Offline Events” is one of the less well-known Facebook tools as far as other advanced advertising tools, it’s beneficial, and they are incredibly underutilized. Offline conversion means that if our products get purchased, we’ll have the buyer’s name, their addresses as well as a lot of information about them. Then you can add them to the Facebook data storage to optimize your Pixel even more.

9. Drift Customer Service

As we start to scale, one of the most important things we need to care about is the Customer service. And when your business thrives, it’s nearly impossible to control everything by yourself. We’ll need to find out a way for our customers to communicate and ask questions, which can bring back a lot of conversions, too.

But how to do that? The answer will be told by Shopify Ninja Masterclass course.

10. Virtual Assistants

A lot of us surely heard about Virtual Assistants and how they can save a lot of time at an affordable price. But not many of us have actually used it. As your business grows, the most precious thing is time.

Therefore, in this section, Kevin will explain all the things you need to use Virtual Assistants.

11. What is FOMO? And how to use it!

FOMO is a useful product that Kevin use in multiple different parts of his business. To know how to function it with high efficiency, you can participate in the Shopify Ninja Masterclass.

12. Snapchat Ads

Besides Facebook, Snapchat is also one of the trendiest social apps right now. Therefore, we couldn’t skip this potential marketing area. In this section, Kevin will provide all the information you need to have successful Snapchat ads.

13. What is Manychat? And how to use it!

Manychat is a messenger bot. When people start messaging your page, and the number of messages reaches thousands or hundreds of messages, you cannot reply one after another by yourself anymore. That’s when Manychat comes in.

To know how to use it, join the Shopify Ninja Masterclass course.

14. How I made 5.5k in ONE day on Shopify using polarizing topics and finding my audience first!

This part is where Kevin shows you the Ninja Backward Approach. Typically, people would look for the perfect product, then find its audiences. But Kevin is different, he will find the potential customers first, and then find the products. To know this method in details, take a look at the Shopify Ninja Masterclass course.

15. Shopify Scaling to Small bulk purchases on proven winners

We all know that shipping products from China to your customers may take us from 12 days to 20 days, which is pretty long! But Kevin has a solution to this problem! In this part, Kevin will show you how to eliminate the long shipping time, one of the biggest obstacles that you have to overcome to be a successful drop shipper.

16. Print On Demand

In this section, Kevin will tell us all things about print on demand, especially how to increase your profit using print on demand.

17. High Ticket Items

In this section, we will get to know how to sell more expensive products on Shopify and dropshipping rather than selling what people most think when mentioning dropshipping. With the right method, selling high ticket items will earn you more and more profit.

Last Words

If you’re about to enter the dropshipping field on Shopify, why not sign up for the Shopify Ninja Masterclass course. It’s a fantastic product, an all-in-one course that can turn you into a dropshipping master. Try it now, and you won’t regret.

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