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Fan Marketer Reviews – Start Adding Unlimited 100% REAL and Targeted FANS to Any Fanpage

Hi there and welcome to my FanMarketer review! It’s great to see you here today. FanMarketer is a ultimate automation software to help online marketers build FB fan pages with 100% organic reach.

As I have got the review access to it, I can see some amazing features of this software that no other tool has. To know the full features of this software as well as its pros and cons, read my FanMarketer review right below.

The topic for that FanMarketer was built is building Facebook fan pages. FanMarketer was designed with many functions to curate content, get videos, and automate all tasks for you after setting up.

The smartest functions of FanMarketer is the “Stealing fans” feature which is one of the most unique and applicable method to grow your fan base. You will get to know it specifically in the body of my FanMarketer review. It’s more like you can “hack” the social media networks to get fans from even your competitors.

The organic traffic that FanMarketer gathers is promised to be 100% real traffic from human users. To know how on Earth this FanMarketer can does such a great job, keep up with my FanMarketer review right below to find out!

FanMarketer review – Summary
Creator: Ankur Shukla & Dan Green
Launch Time: 10:00 EST April 12, 2017
Official Price: $27
Recommended: 100% recommended
Customer support: fast response

What is FanMarketer?

FanMarketer is an unique marketing tool for building Facebook fan page by curating and stealing the hottest content and most engaging fans from other pages. This will boot the levels of organic traffic and page engagement so effectively.

By stealing fans from other pages, I mean it literally steals. It makes the fans of the original pages turn into your fans with a secret and creative method. The next part of this FanMarketer review will show you technical side of this software.

Key Features of FanMarketer software

Stealling Viral Content

This is a function that any Facebook marketing tool has. FanMarketer check top pages on Facebook for your niches and keywords and curate their content. This helps your page always gets filled of viral content of the days.

Stealling Organic Fan:

After stealing the viral content, FanMarketer also connect and engage immediately with FB users who engaged with original posts and drive them to your posts instead.

Creating Unlimited Campaigns:

You can create unlimited parallel campaigns for posts or videos at the same time without any limitation.

Automating Comment & Replies with Spin tax:

Another basic function of FanMarketer is auto-comment and auto-reply any comments on your posts. Even more, FanMarketer has the built-in spin tax for those so it looks like written by human.

Multi-network Content Poster:

Except for curating Facebook posts, the software also allow your page to get viral blog posts through RSS feeds and hottest videos from YouTube. This create a plentiful source of viral content for any pages you manage.

100% Web-Based System:

FanMarketer is 100% based on cloud services so you don’t have to know any skills to use. There is also no data loss and no offline file to install.

With that many functions, is FanMarketer user-friendly? See how FanMarketer works in the following process of my FanMarketer review.

Demo video of how FanMarketer works

In my FanMarketer review, I will recommend a basic process to set up your own system. When you log into the system, you will see Dashboard, Setting, Campaign, Tutorial, and Support.

It’s the Dashboard and Campaign one which you should focus. You can click the “add campaign” button to create a new one with keywords.

Then, you would have to control how FanMarketer imports the data through setting up. You can make it curate almost everything on others’ pages such as textx, images, videos, feeds, and comments.

To know FanMarketer better, this demo video will help you get a closer look:
>>> Demo video <<<

FanMarketer review – Pros and Cons

Pros of FanMarketer:

Unique method to steal content and even fans
10% web-based system with high work speed
Easy to set up the fan automation system
Cons of FanMarketer:
You can face the risk of losing Facebook account data when logging in with this software.
Who should use this software?
FanMarketer is one of rare tools in the market which can build your Facebook fan pages with 100% guaranteed organic traffic. The software brings thousands of post engagement to your page and that’s why it’s a powerful weapon. This will be the most effective tool for people taking care of brand building and social media management.
Even more, Facebook fan pages are also great places to promote your product and services to get more conversions and sales. That’s why FanMarketer is also suitable for all affiliates, business owners, online marketers, T-shirt sellers, product creators, and so on. FanMarketer can work with any niches in all kinds of industry.

My verdict

Facebook is control the amount of organic traffic to your fan page so you have to buy ads to get more visitors from organic sources. That means you have to spend more money to get less result than its value. FanMarketer opens the door to 100% organic traffic for you with no cost for ads.

With the engagement level suitable for thousands of reach, FanMarketer is an effective tool for building average fan pages with lots of followers.

FanMarketer review conclusion

FanMarketer is sold on its official website at the price of $27. This is just a limited time offer so the price can change any moment. This is a really good deal so you should take it before anyone does.

If you are interested in this software, click the link right below to secure your FanMarketer account with the best price available!

This is all I have to show you in my FanMarketer review. Any problems related to purchasing this software will be answered and supported in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!

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