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GB Course Review – GearBubble Course by Will Haimerl Review

Facebook is indeed a real gold mine to whoever wants to make money online. It is a place where there are a lot of potentials for marketers to seek new customers and new sales. Engagement is, therefore, also better.

However, it is totally not easy to get started, particularly when you start from zero. There are many courses that offer a blueprint on how to make money using Facebook but most of them are just scams. It’s just a waste of time and money.

However, until recently did I discover an incredible course that goes against the prejudice I’ve always had for online courses. It’s called GB Course and it’s not a bad choice for those who are seeking for a fresh start.

Let’s continue with my GB Course Review to know what it is and what inside.

What is GB Course?

GB Course is a package of an online course that presents several strategies to apply when running Facebook campaigns. Everything from A to Z will be explained clearly and explicitly to fully express the ideas to learners.

The lessons in the course are all gathered from many years of working in the industry of the vendor. For that reason, they are practical and feasible, not the kind of theory-packed course you usually see in many conventional courses.

About Author

Will Haimerl is the creator of GB Course. He has been in the list of the best marketers for many years. With a huge amount of experience working Facebook ad in particular and marketing in general, Will has revealed everything he has learnt all those years in this course. I can’t wait to show you the content of GB Course in the next GB Course Review. Let’s continue!

Feature Details

The lessons mostly focus on:

• How to research, test and launch a new product without inventory
• How to make profits from Facebook Ads
• 43 step-by-step videos on how to run a campaign on Facebook

The selling point of the course lies in the fact that it is totally practical and applicable. Unlike other products which are quite theory-packed, GB Course is very different in many aspects.
These strategies are tested and proven by the vendor in many years and he has earned millions from them. So there is no reason not to believe that this is a reliable and genuine product that could change your life forever.

The vendor mostly focuses on the beginner group. He has put his lessons in a clear and simple way to make sure there is no misunderstanding or confusion while you get along with it. This is very cool because it opens more chance for newbies to thrive.

Who Should Use It?

I don’t think there is any limitation on who can or who cannot use the product. Because the product is designed for beginners, I believe marketers of all levels can go through this new method without any problem.

Pros and Cons


• Newbie friendly
• Practical
• Tested and proven


• Some may not believe the effectiveness of this product

My Experience

In this part of the GB Course Review, I would like to share some points I love about this course. And some I don’t.

First of all, it does not require any level of skill or knowledge base. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced marketer, GB Course will definitely do you some good.
All the strategies provided in the course require only $5 to run and get you profits. This is actually not a big sum compared to what we may see in other methods. Investing a small budget and then slowly grow that into a bigger one would be much better than taking a lot of risks in the first place.
The vendor has provided a very comprehensive yet quite complicated refund policy:

First of all, you will have 30 days to try the course and see if it works out for you. Then if you want to ask for a full refund, you can have that by showing them what you’ve got from the first time. About 10 screenshots would be accepted.

Personally, I feel it’s quite more annoying to ask for a full refund than what I see in other courses. But of course, you can choose. If you don’t mind these steps, then go for it. GB Course deserves a good try.

GB Course – Conclusion

GB Course is, overall, not a bad choice for an amateur, a beginner, or anyone. It’s the thing that can get you to another level of the niche.
Thanks for following my GB Course Review. I wish you success. Goodbye!

9.3 Total Score

  • How To Research, Test & Launch Products Without Inventory
  • How To Master Facebook Ads
  • What's Working Right Now
  • 43 Step By Step Training Videos
  • A Proven System, No Theory
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