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Tabfu Review – Honest Review with $60,000 Bonus

Facebook has become a crucial part of our daily life. To digital marketers, it is even more crucial as Facebook is the place where most traffic and leads come from. However, it does not automatically mean that getting more likes, more fans, or more traffic are as easy as a piece of cake, especially when you have a light budget.

So what is the solution? If you are looking for a digital product that could help you with that, you have come to the right place.

As you already know, Facebook marketing techniques have been used a lot on business landing pages. PayPal and Shopify are two of the most noticeable examples of this case.
Which is why I am introducing a product called TabFu. It allows users to create landing pages in an efficient way. Curious enough? Let’s find out more about it in this TabFu Review.

What is TabFu?

TabFu is a software that is designed specifically for Facebook marketing. Its ultimate goals are to generate more traffic, leads and sales inside your fan pages. Along with ad campaigns, your advertising campaign would be absolutely like what you have expected.

TabFu allows you to create landing pages incredibly fast. With some ready made elements, you can edit your pages to make it more suitable and fully functioning.

About author

TabFu is made by Salman Mahmood. He is not a strange name in the industry anymore. Spending years in digital marketing, he has gained a huge amount of knowledge and skill to design incredible products like this. Bleupage Pro –a popular product that used to receive a lot of attention from experts and the audience – was created by Salman alone. It’s amazing!
Well, let’s find out more about what in each version in the next part of my TabFu Review!

Feature details

Front-end version:

Within a few clicks, you can create a complete Facebook landing page, which will definitely be outstanding from the rest. This landing page is promised to boost your conversions, grab more traffic and leads. This is really productive!

Upsell 1: TabFu Pro upgrade

This version provides users with more features such as the ability integrate with all popular integrations instantly. The upsell 1 also gives you an access to powerful analytics as well as CRM support. This is definitely what you must have to step to the next level of your career.

Upsell 2: TabFu pro ads and motion posts

In this version, you can even create motion posts to call more attention. Facebook ad integration is allowed in this case.

Upsell 2: Unlimited license with agency rights

Unrestricted access to TabFu is perhaps the greatest support you can ever have to grow your business. This upgrade would definitely do you much good!

So what exactly can Tanfu help you?

• Win over your competitors with incredible promotion
• Create impressive Facebook pages, tabs, high-converting Facebook ad images, and more
• Track data in one single dashboard
And more!

How does it work?

TabFu does not pose limitation of any kind. It is approachable, accessible and newbie friendly. You would be even more surprised to find out that TabFu is completely cloud-based. Just login and drag and drop things to finish your landing pages. It’s as simple as that.

Look at the demo video right here:

Who should use it?

TabFu is a wonderful choice for those who are currently working as a Facebook marketer, local marketer, service based business, product creator, list builder, affiliate marketer, CPA marketer. Anyone who needs to create landing pages and grab massive traffic should never miss this one.

Pros and cons


• Newbie friendly
• Create landing pages very fast
• Save money, time and energy
• Affordable
• Good customer service


• Like me, you may be confused and have no idea which versions to go for


In this part of the TabFu Review, I am going to point out some points that make TabFu outstanding:

Create professional tabs

This tool enables users to create new tabs within a few clicks. With the help of the top experts in the industry, TabFu would be your one-and-only tool to generate traffic, leads and sales.


Tabfu allows many kinds of integration such as Facebook and CRM, SalesForce and Zoho. There would be no limitation while you use TabFu to handle your business tasks.

User experience

I tried TabFu and it’s stunning. In fact, it only took me about 2 minutes to finish a landing page. Unbelievable, isn’t it? It also converted better than the page I created on my own. This is absolutely a tool that a newbie should have to deliver positive results in the business.

TabFu Review – Evaluation and Price

TabFu is sold with the price of $17. With $17, I do believe anyone can afford to get for themselves such an amazing tool.
My final judgement for TabFu is that if you are struggling with creating landing pages, why don’t you try this product and see how it works out? Maybe it would change your whole life.
Thanks for following this TabFu Review. I hope you would make a wise decision. Good luck!

8.9 Total Score

Easy To Use
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