How To Create Money With Blogging

I want to share the fact is that blogging gives me the chance run a freelance writing business which allows me to generate more than $63,000 online in 2015 and $86,000 in 2016.
And it is actually quite easy for anyone to create and run a blog. Generating money from a blog requires a little techniques and experience and it has a lot of benefits outside of making money.
Since I had experience about blogging for many years, today I desire to reveal how to start a blog with a great hosting company and also different ways you can use to create consistent income from a blog.

What To Know Before You Begin

Before you begin, you need to consider what you want to blog about. It is very crucial that you choose a suitable topic that you will be able to write about for such a long time without becoming frustrated or running out of ideas.

The Best Way To Start A High-quality Blog

Firstly, you need to choose a host which is reliable, has good customer service. Nevertheless, it needs to be cost-effective. Bluehost checks these boxes. Moreover, if you click to this link when signing up, you can get a chance to receive a discount. Particularly, there is a free domain and one of the following prices, the decision is up to you:

Besides, it comes up a 30 day money back guarantee in case you considered it is not a right system for you. In order to know more details, you can check it out I set up WordPress through Bluehost in the link below:

Step 1 – Visit Bluehost

Click the link in order to receive the discounted pricing.

Choose the basic option.

Step 2 – Select Your Domain

I suggest that you try and go with a .com name IF possible. You can check your domain’s availability by inserting it in the box provided.
After you find an available domain, it selects for you on total autopilot.

Step 3 – Checkout

You will visit the checkout page where your discount will automatically apply. Check out and then fill in your payment information.
After you paying, you can create a password and then login.

Step 4 – Set Up WordPress

After you log into your account,WordPress automatically set up for you.

You can login through Bluehost. After that, you can see your WordPress dashboard

Now it is done. After just 4 simple steps, now you become a blogger with a WordPress site. Now it is time for you to find a high-quality theme and start writing blog posts.

How To Generate Money From Your Blog

When you are done selecting the topic that you want to blog about and have set up your blog, you can start creating to monetize. The truth is that all of the blog create money in a different ways. You can check it out some of the most well-known ways to create money blogging, but do not forget that the sky is the limit!)

Add Ads on Your Blog

Blogging gives me the chance to generate more than $63,000 online in 2016. This is the way you can choose to get started. There are three main kinds you can use when running ads on your blog: CPC, CPM, and Direct Ads.

The most common ad network is Google Adsense. Google Adsense allows you to get paid every time people click on one of your ads. The amount you get paid is strongly based on the particular niche that you are working in.

Other CPC networks you can choose to join are Yahoo/Bing’s ad network, called CPM ads are Cost per Thousand. It means that it lets you get paid for every thousand page anyone views your blog gets.

Besides, some well-known CPM ad networks are Sovrn and The Blogger Network.
With CPC and CPM ads, you can get the higher traffic to gain more money. But do not give high expectation to create a huge amount of money if you have low page views.

The last kind of ad is direct advertising. It is set up when a company asks for placing an ad on your site for a certain amount of money every single month.

If you are curious in getting to know more about ad networks, I have a very detailed post on the way to improve the advertising income on your blog.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales happen when you suggest a product to your reader and they choose to sign up using your special affiliate link. The commissions are different based on what company you are promoting.

There are the most common affiliate networks are Amazon Associates, FlexOffers and Commission Junction.

When promoting affiliate links, make sure to keep it natural and say no to promote anything that you do not love.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are known as posts that you write to promote a specific company and are paid for. The amount you get paid for sponsored post can vary from $10-$2,000 based on your blog’s traffic and audience.

Besides, you can sign up to do sponsored posts at any third-party places such as Izea, Cooperatize or Linquia.
Other example of a sponsored post, it would be The Tale of Two Credit Scores which I wrote in partnership with Discover. It is actually a company whose products I use

Choose To Sell Your Product

Another great way to monetize is selling your own product. I saw many bloggers gained a huge success with their own products but since I have never done it before so I can’t provide you with much advice.

You can choose to create something to sell are printable worksheets, e-books, and training courses.

Running Your Blog to Start a Service-Based Business

I used to generate the majority of my income from writing and working as a virtual assistant for other bloggers. You can check it out my effective way to launch my freelance writing business here.
Creating money solely from a blog is a long-term process. Thus, it is great idea to using your blog to start a service-based business when you need instant cash.

Don’t Compare Yourself To The Huge Bloggers

We all start at ground zero so you will definitely not be able to quickly get rich overnight from blogging. You need to consider creating a long-term plan and start working on gaining loyal readers. After that, great chance to gain success will start to find you.

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