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This is a report on domain flipping. I have been flipping domains for 1 year now just for fun in between the projects and you can actually earn good revenue with a little work this can be a full time job with tens of thousands in revenue every month.

I will walk you through a process of how I purchased a domain name for $75 and sold it for $300 after 10 days with only few hours of work. You can rinse and repeat and earn a lot more of course. Another method I used is when I purchased .io domain name for $30 and sold it for $400.

Most of domain flippers buy a domain name and sit on them for few months or years. I know that you are looking to get to fast money and this can serve you well if you are interested in domain reselling.

When I say 10 days it’s actually just couple of hours of work the rest is just auction time. I chose 10 days but you can choose more or less and I chose Flippa.com to sell my domain name. From my own experience the best Is 21 days but I sold domains for thousands in revenue in 3 day auctions it all depends on the name you have.

Flip .com .net or .org domain name

Process of how I got a 19 years old domain name:

First you need to purchase domain name, I can suggest 4 sites where to look so you do not waste your time on the other sites as the owners are asking a lot and they are not worth that much. Of course there is an occasional gem to be found but I am always sticking with 4 sites listed below:

Go to https://auctions.godaddy.com/

Start searching for a domain names. You need to look for few things:

  • Domain should be at least 10 years old
  • Domain should have PR
  • Go for domains that have generic names like Coaster, Glasses, Mouse, Wallet.. You catch my drift
  • Go for domains that are short
  • Only choose domains with .com .net and .org extensions



(Only if you can’t find the right domain in godaddy auctions)

You can also search cheap domain names on:




Make sure that when you search on flippa search on classified domain section you can get higher quality for a lot cheaper as they are sitting there for quite some time and owners want to get rid of them.

Now start searching, there are couple of tools that can help you in your search:

Now you got yourself a domain name in my case I found Mousepad.org I did not want to sell only one domain name I wanted to do a package deal. So i went and found 25 more domains that were brand new purchased for $1 to $2 depending on the coupon code. I used Godaddy.


You can use http://www.newcoupons.info/godaddy-sale-domain-com/ for domain name coupons for Godaddy. I went ahead and purchased more domains.

I have set up a list that you can check on the page below, I used Google keyword tool to find the domain names that are similar available and have search traffic.

I suggest you doing a package deal as it will give more value to your domain name and it will stand out from the crowd. If I wore to sell only one domain name I expect that I would sell it for $150 less if I wanted to sell it fast. This way I invested extra $30 and got $120 more out of this deal. You can always decide to sit on your domain names and wait for them to jump in value or for someone to contact you and make you an offer but that can be few weeks, months or even years. If you want to keep flipping fast I suggest my method as it works and you will always get sales fast.

My costs:

Mousepad.org: $75
Other domains: $32
Domain name auction: $9

That is it, my earnings on this is over $180 for couple of hours of work. I find this very good. This is not the only domain name I sold I showing you this one just as an example. I sell domains for my clients on a daily bases.
What you need to know when buying a domain name:

You can go and purchase a brand new domain name and be the first one to register and earn $10,000 the next day or you can flop. Let’s be honest $10 is not much but do your Due diligence before you make a move on a domain name.

The tool I am using is Google Adwords Keyword tool Trust me it does wonders.

Ok let’s move on…


Writing a persuasive sales letter

I used all of them personally and I am selling domains like hotcakes. But in case you want to go in a different direction. Here is what you need to know. 


Open Flippa.com, create free account and verify it. In order to use Flippa account you need to verify your phone number and your credit card which you will do when you get to the point to pay for the listing.

Now type your domain name move through the steps and as you go along just fill in the details that are requested from you.

You will get to the point to write a sales letter, you need to be convincing you need to persuade people to purchase your domain name, go straight to the point name every good thing about the domain name, if you are selling a package deal write down all the domain names, write 1000 words the more the better, go through the keyword tool and show your users how many visitors can the site have if developed.

(The same goes for Namepros.com)

Have in mind when selling domain names on Namepros it can be much faster than Flippa but you will get lower prices when selling the domain names.


Promote your auction

(Second most important step after acquiring domain name)

This is the final step once the auction is live all you have to do now is to wait. But you can do a little more than that.
Promote your auction as much as you can if you are a newbie and you do not have a list of site with traffic I propose several things:

• Find domain names that are similar to the one you are selling contact the owners and offer them domain name (I covered more on that information on the DFY Flipp Special that you can get on the thank
you page)
• Point your DNS servers to Flippa and every time someone enters the site he will be able to see that the domain is on sale, some information and the price.
• If you have some sites with traffic place banners on the site promoting your auction.
• If you found really quality domain you can purchase add-ons from Flippa to get more views and traffic to your listing.

If you are wondering can you sell domain names that are not only .com .net or .org extension and the answer is YES.

I personally sold over 10 .io domains that were my own and sold quite a bit more for my clients. For 2 hour process you can earn over $400 and on top of that once you make a connection with a buyer you can start selling him domains on a regular base. I had a client that purchased a domain name for $400 and 5 minutes later I offered him a domain name for $2,800 and he took that one as well. So anything is possible.

Method 2: Buying new .io domain and flipping it in 7 days for profit

Finding an appropriate .io domain to purchase

This method is a little different as you are buying a brand new domain name and registering at your register for the first time.

How to find a worthy .io domain name? Remember that .io is HOT right now and will continue to be for quite some time. You need to exploit this situation In your favor.


  • Hosting.io sold for $5,000
  • Pic.io sold for $3,500
  • 3DPrinter.io sold for $7,650
  • Lift.io sold for $3,150

Even Google and Microsoft picked up .IO domain names..

Unlike .com with an .io domain name you have an option to buy short meaningful domain name that is still available and can attract a lot of traffic and interest from your potential buyers.

Step 1: How to find a domain name:

You can go to Namecheap.com and start typing anything that you can think of with an extension of .io you will come across a lot of available domains like:


And many more, not sure if those 2 are available now, at the moment of writing they were. If they were .com they would probably be worth $50,000 and more but in .io they are worth a lot less but still worth.

Focus mostly on tech words as .io stands for “input output”

But you can score with other non tech words as well and I will give you one example

Step 2: Selling

Here is a little example – I can’t show you all domains I sold due to privacy privileges with my clients but here is one that I sold on my experimentation Flippa account. I have many accounts that I use with my clients.

I sold Celtic.io



Celtic did not stand for NBA club Boston Celtics so there were not any trademark issues, it stands for Celtic and Irish culture. This domain name can be developed greatly with keywords like:

Celtic knots, Celtic tattoos, Celtic music, Celtic culture all of those are short keywords with high search. I actually got the idea from looking at my tattoos.

I purchased the domain name for $30 and sold it for $400 after a 10 day auction with no promotion or anything like that. I have not contacted anyone but the buyer approached me on Flippa and we wore able to make a deal on $400 that is $370 in revenue for literally 20 minutes of work.

What not to do:

If you decide to go and sell domain name trough Flippa I suggest not buying any of their expensive promotion packages unless you have a $100,000.00 worth domain name as you will not get your money back.

I personally only bough it once for a client and he ended up in loss for a high quality domain name. I have received as a giveaway some credits from Flippa on their birthday that I used on one of my domains and believe me I maybe got 200 visits more which is nothing on how much you have to spend to promote it.

Method 3:

Instead of their promotions you can promote your auction yourself:
I suggest:

Estibot search tool

It costs about $15 a month if you want a pro feature and you can look for unlimited similar domain name owners.

Let’s say I want celtic.io to promote

I type celtic as a keyword and click search. It will show me registered domain names that have celtic in their domain name. You can get their email names and contact them and offer them the option to buy a domain name from you.

Flipp a Domain name on Namepros.com

Quick method on selling domain names on Namepross forum.

You can use google keyword tool to find long term keywords and purchase domain names for $1 with godaddy coupons on the page in listed above.

Purchase as many as 10 different .com domain names and place them on sale on Namepros.

Make sure to become a valuable member of the community, post threads, answer people questions and help them. Not only spam them with the sale. Make sure that if you place a domain name on sale here not to post it anywhere else as that can get you suspended the same goes for Flippa.

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