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Tracks Social Profit Review: EXPLODE Your List From 0 To 4000 Growth!

Tracks Social Profits Review – Overview

Product Creator Mark Lyford
Product Name Tracks Social Profits
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Front-End Price $17
Niche Software
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What is Tracks Social Profit?

Tracks social is built in Adobe air and helps your users track their social signals BUT that is not what is unique about this software. This software allows your buyers to give it away and build a viral list of subscribers on auto pilot.

Your buyers can rebrand the software, add in their own autoresponder code and their own advertising, and once anyone unlocks the software, the email is added to their autoresponder list and they also see their rebranding plus their advertising.

PLUS the really cool thing is that they can allow the users they give it away to…to also give the software away! so not only are they building a list but they are also building a list virally. You will love the fact that they can give this app away for free and in doing so they will build a list on TRUE auto pilot, BUT not only that, the people they give it to will also be building a list for them.

This is the first true viral list building software out there, that will build you list and earn them money on the backend through banners they add into the software.

OTO 1: Tracks Social Profit Pro

The upsells are the Tracks Social Pro version, that you can upsell to the customers they give the free app to, how many people are going to turn this down? It is a true business in a box for them.

They give the app away and have a pro version to sell that is also fully brandable. At only $17.00 – this should be a very easy sale.

OTO 2: LeadSpright & Squeeze Page Express

The next upsell is our latest SaaS called Leadspright which has another 2 done for you software giveaway rights and list builder packages, including sales pages, unbranded videos, thank-you pages and much more. One of these is a squeeze page builder and the other is a mobile page builder. $47 for both software master resell rights or the downsell is one of them for $17.

OTO 3: TSP Pro Tier #1 Traffic

We send Tier #1 US Based traffic to your landing pages. Traffic will be provided by our Solo Ad service Traffic Creation. You will get 100 Tier #1 clicks to your landing page for a free software download.

With Track Social Profit, your list continues to grow automatically…

  • Without writing up free reports.
  • Without landing pages.
  • Without paid advertising.
  • Without fancy tools.
  • Without domain names, blogs or content.

So listen carefully, because…

…if you want to build a list of business owners, then I’m going to show you exactly how to build your money-making list the lazy way…and enjoy a passive income stream faster than you ever imagined possible.

Here are 4 simple steps to get your first 100 subscribers by giving away Tracks Social Profit…

    1. Go to your favourite marketing forum, LinkedIn or Facebook group.
    2. Let other marketers know you’re giving them the right to giveaway this tool to their visitors, or as a bonus to one of their products
    3. Rinse and repeat a couple of times, and then sit back and watch as marketers scramble to get their giveaway copies
    4. As people start entering their email to “activate” the product, watch your list grow in real time, right before your eyes!

You only need a few marketers on-board to create a subscriber avalanche… With a handful of marketers giving away the Tracks Social Profit app, here’s how fast you can build your list.

For example:

If just 1 marketer gives away 20 copies each day, that’s already 140 FREE subscribers added to your list each week.

With 15 subscribers, all giving away 20 copies each day, that’s 300 FREE subscribers per day… or 2,100 FREE subscribers added to your list each week! That’s 109,200 subscribers per year, on total autopilot.

And that, my friend, is the kind of list that can make you insanely rich. So it’s time to…

Stop giving away free reports that nobody wants… and stop doing all the hard work yourself!

Now you can let other people build your list for you, by giving away a truly valuable, in demand app… while you collect emails from each user, and simply sit back and relax and you automatically build your list on autopilot.


That’s 4,000 subscribers… completely free… and on total autopilot! I know it’s not a “guru” sized list yet, but…

  • No complex product creation.
  • No landing pages.
  • No design tools.
  • No testing.
  • No paying for traffic.
  • No silly Google or Facebook rules.

For less than the cost of another crappy list-building course, you’re getting everything we’ve discussed, including:

  • Full giveaway license to Tracks Social Profit (Web application)
  • Ability to rebrand app, add autoresponder to build your list, and insert advertising into the app
  • Full sales page graphics and squeeze page (to give away with the software)
  • Every day that you continue to build your list the hard way… writing up reports, building landing pages, testing everything, blowing money on paid ads, is costing you time and money.

In a year from now, do you still want to be struggling to get that landing page to convert, building out complex funnels, and barely collecting enough subscribers to pay the electricity bill? Or would you rather have 10,000 people on your list, making a few thousand bucks per week…?

I know which path I’m on, and I’m sure you know what’s right for you, too.

Order now, to lock in your lowest possible price!




Tracks Social Profits  will be launched on 2nd, at 10:00 EDT. The price at that time is $17. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Question Asked! You have got nothing to lose. And when you buy through this page, you will receive the bonuses which I mention as above.

As usual, I will give you the bonuses when you purchase products through links on my website. To claim this bonuses, after completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: [email protected]. IMPORTANT: Please clear your cookies before buying or open the link in an incognito window!


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