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WP Traffic Up Review: Easily Profit From Your Exit Traffic With Your Offers

WP Traffic Up Review – Overview

Product Creator Mark Hess & Michael Thomas
Product Name WP Traffic Up
Sale Page
Front-End Price $9.95
Niche Plugin
Refund 30-day money back guarantee!
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Or YEARS now, marketers have been using exit popups to boost sales, optins and, ultimately, profits by offering up something of value to visitors about to leave the page.

In fact, some marketers businesses aren’t even profitable without exit popups adding onto their bottom line.

But… without warning, the Google & Apple killed them off, replacing your marketing text in Chrome and Safari with a generic “don’t lose your changes” message…

Put bluntly, old fashioned exit popups are dead.. and they’re never coming back.

FACT: Most Plugins Annoy Your Visitors & Cause Them To Leave Your Site…

Let’s face it, most “exit intent” plugins are terrible.

Most only allow some poorly designed optin form to be displayed, or some even just show an image…

Even the “best” plugins generally make a mess of auto playing videos by simply playing videos AS SOON as a visitor lands on your page.

Your visitors won’t be able to figure out how to stop the annoying video and will often just leave, even if they were planning on buying from you.

This is lost traffic you simply cannot afford…

Letting Visitors Leave Without Seeing Your Offer Is Like Flushing Money Down The Drain…

Every visitor to your site is a potential customers, and they’re worth big money.

WP Traffic Up - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
With WP Traffic Up, your options are limitless. Whenever a visitor is about to leave your site, you can instantly have another of your own offers, or an affiliate offer presented to them.

In fact, it’s common to pay $1 or more per visitor click, with some businesses paying over $20 per click!

Most businesses are happy to pay the price, as they know they can make it all back along with a healthy profit.

The trouble is… you’re not always going to offer your visitors the right information, product or service the first time around.

If you’re not monetizing your exit traffic, you’re simply flushing money down the drain…

Over 92.4% Of Your Visitors Can’t See Old Popups…

With Chrome, Firefox and Safari making up 92.4% of internet browsers, it’s no wonder marketers are struggling.

That means that 92.4% of visitors can’t even see your popup text using old fashioned exit popups.

That’s an enourmous amount of traffic that is simply not seeing your content, squeeze page or alternative offer.

It doesn’t take a mathmatician to tell that that’s all coming off the bottom line of your business.

WP Traffic Up, The Only “Autoplay Ready” Exit Traffic Plugin You’ll Ever Need…

  • 9 Stunning Transition Animations
  • 2 Beautiful Loading Animations
  • Works With All WP Sites
  • Sitewide or post/page mode – you choose…
  • Video “Autoplay Ready” technology installs in seconds
  • Facebook Mastermind Group Access


Easily Profit From Your Exit Traffic With Your Products Or Affiliate Offers

With WP Traffic Up, your options are limitless.

Whenever a visitor is about to leave your site, you can instantly have another of your own offers, or an affiliate offer presented to them.

Your visitor doesn’t even need to click anything or take any action of any kind.

As soon as thye’re about to leave the page, your offer will be shown to them.

Build A Profitable List The Easy Way

It’s common knowledge that the easiest way to get started in business online is to build an email list.

The trouble is, most beginning marketers aren’t confident enough to send their traffic straight to a squeeze page.

Truth be told, squeeze page conversion rates are low these days, often because marketers aren’t providing enough value up front.

With WP Traffic Up, you can drive your traffic to some content, then get them to opt in as they’re about to leave the page.

It’s tricks like this that helps seasoned marketers build lists faster, cheaper and easier than most…

Built-In “Autoplay Ready” Technology Fixes Broken, Visitor Annoying Auto-play Video Pages…


WP Traffic Up’s “delay load” technology instantly fixes the visitor destroying problem of auto play videos.

You can now easily show your exit traffic video squeeze pages, affiliate offers, or any other page that has an auto-playing video.

Everyone knows that videos convert better than text alone by a country mile.. and WP Traffic Up allows you to make the most of them.

Get More Sales With Professional Built-In Animations

WP Traffic Up features 9 stunning transition animations that will instantly grab your visitors attention.

No more “choppy” cut animations, or half-baked, half loaded pages, double scroll bars or any other nonsense from poor plugins.

WP Traffic Up always looks amazing.

No one likes to buy from amateurs, and with WP Traffic Up, you’ll always look like a pro…

How to use WP Traffic Up?

1. Install & Activate the plugin

The WP Traffic Up WordPress plugin installs just like any other WordPress plugin. Upload the plugin file to your site, click activate. You can start using it right away.

2. Check A Box Then Copy and Paste Your Link

All you need to do is copy/paste in your squeeze page, affiliate offer or sales page link, then enable WP Traffic Up site wide, or just one specific pages/posts.

3. Done. You Are Good To Go…

Sit back and enjoy the increased subscibers, visitors and sales… It really is that easy to use…





WP Traffic Up will be launched on 15th, at 9:00 EDT. The price at that time is $9.95. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Question Asked! You have got nothing to lose. And when you buy through this page, you will receive the bonuses which I mention as above.

As usual, I will give you the bonuses when you purchase products through links on my website. To claim this bonuses, after completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: [email protected]. IMPORTANT: Please clear your cookies before buying or open the link in an incognito window!


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9.7 Total Score

Easy To Use
  • WP Traffic Up Installs In Seconds & Is SUPER Easy To Use..
  • 9 Stunning Transition Animations
  • 2 Beautiful Loading Animations
  • Works With All WP Sites
  • Sitewide or post/page mode - you choose...
  • Video "Autoplay Ready" technology
  • Installs in seconds
  • Facebook Mastermind Group Access
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