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WP Video Genie Review – Creating Videos Has Never Been This Easy

It is estimated that over 70% visitors will make a purchase after seeing your videos, rather than articles. However, to marketers, they prefer videos when it comes to promoting products because creating videos is quite difficult and time-consuming.

Therefore, in this WP Video Genie Review, I want to introduce to you a tool that lets you leverage your online business by using more videos. It’s called WP Video Genie and it comes with a bunch of advanced features you may like. Let’s follow my review and find out what it has to offer.

What is WP Video Genie?

WP Video Genie is a WordPress plugin that lets users generate leads and make more sales thanks to the power of videos. This tool is designed by top marketers in the field, which is to help other marketers monetize the WordPress sites much simpler. WP Video Genie has been considered as one of the most noticeable launched in the year of 2017.

About author

The man who came up with WP Video Genie is Luan Henrique. For quite a long time we have not heard anything from this vendor. Unlike other vendors who might launch a bunch of new products in a year, Luan only focuses on some in order to deliver the best stuff. Some of his products are VideoSync Elite, FB Auto, WP Click Viral and some more!
Let’s switch to the next part of the WP Video Genie Review to find out the features!

Feature details

Animate your videos

There are up to 30 animations you can find inside WP Video Genie. It seems much easier for you to use these videos to engage with the audiences.

Call to actions and opt-in forms

With WP Video Genie, you can easily put a buy now button as well as an opt-in form in the video. That is how you can get more subscribers and get more money.

Viral videos

Another thing WP Video Genie can do is to make your videos more viral. This is how you can spread your videos across the world and encourage people to click the button.

Innovative technology

WP Video Genie makes use of the latest technology which is proprietary algorithm. This allows users to chase the visitor when they scroll your website. The tool will keep the video playing in a small corner of the screen regardless of what the visitor is doing.

To sum up, what WP Video Genie does is to give you the power to make more sales as possible.
There are a lot more features but you will soon find out when using it.

How does it work?

It is way easier than a piece of cake for you to create videos by WP Video Genie and use it for business. All you have to do is these three steps:

Step 1: Pick up a video
Step 2: Animate
Step 3: Get leads

Who should use it?

WP Video Genie would make a great option for those who are working as Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, ticket sellers, service providers and so more. If you are hungry for leads and sales, this tool is what you should try.

Pros and cons


Save time, money and effort
Easy to set up
30 days money back guarantee
Come with step by step training tutorials


The offer will not stay the same after the launch week


The first impression I had of WP Genie Video is that it is super easy to use. Unlike any other video creating tools on the market, you will not meet any obstacle while using WP Video Genie to create and animate videos. It takes just a couple of clicks, actually.

However, WP Video Genie would attract more customers if the vendor added more animation templates. 30 is not a small number but sometimes we need more choices to find out what fits the most. I hope the future updates of this tool will overwhelm users with an outstanding number of templates.

User experience

The first thing I want to share in this part of the WP Video Genie Review is that this plugin is extremely newbie friendly. It was totally a pleasant experience when I tried WP Video Genie. This incredible technology allows you to chase after the viewers to encourage them to buy your products. This feature has helped my sales increase by a significant number.
Overall, if you are a busy marketer or a newbie who have little to no experience, WP video Genie is definitely worth trying.

WP Video Genie Review – Evaluation and Price

For the price of $17, WP Video Genie is actually affordable to many marketers. You also get the first 30 days to find out if there is anything wrong with the tool and if yes, you can contact the vendor for help or refund.

WP Video Genie would be a perfect solution for insanely busy marketers who want to save more time yet still deliver amazing results.
This is the end of my WP Video Genie Review. Hope it helps! Good luck!

9.3 Total Score

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