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YT Gorilla Review – Got Over 5,389,263 FREE Views & 60,000+ Leads


I started being a Youtuber about two years ago, and the beginning was definitely the hardest times. The reason was that I rushed into the job without any preparation and knowledge. I thought it was easy, but it was one of the most stressful jobs in the world. I had no idea which customers segment I should target or what the appropriate keywords for my niche were. Managing so many channels at the same time was also a huge obstacle for me. I was spinning around traffic and views within a whole month. Yet, the number of viewers, as well as revenue, did not increase at all, which made me quite upset and disappointed.


Fortunately, I found YT Gorilla once while surfing the internet. Reading its advertisement, I was surprised that it had everything I needed. Therefore, I purchased it immediately, and only a week after that, the traffic came like a storm, which made me incredibly triumph.

That’s why I am writing this YT Gorilla Review to show you an optimal product for all of your troubles with views and customers.

YT Gorilla Review – Overview

Product Creator Chris Fox
Product Name YT Gorilla
Sale Page Click Here
Front-End Price $29
Niche Cloud Base App
Refund 30-day money back guarantee!
Bonus Click here to receive your bonus


What is YT Gorilla?

This is the most excellent software which has a lot of spcial features: Steal your competitor’s, Generate Adwords suggestion, Rank your video, Built in “Alert System” spys on hot new video 24/7,… that you can use to maximize revenue and profits from your Youtube channels.

What are the great features of YT Gorilla?

There are tons of terrific features that I would love to share with you in this YT Gorilla Review.

Steal your competitor’s

  1. Enter your keyword or channel name and hit ‘submit’– Instantly quick results!
  2. Select “amount of views” to get the most popular videos – saves you 100s of hours compared to manually doing this
  3. Instantly shares all videos info, keywords and descriptions – You can just hit “export URLS” and save them all to the file
  4. Hot TIP – For Local business: Charge clients a monthly retainer to give them the most popular videos in their niche each month. (We supply the cut and paste template)

Generate Adwords suggestion

  • Just enter their info into our “Adwords Search Tool” – Now you have their keywords – and watch the magic happen
  • Let Your Competitors do the “heavy lifting” – You now have a list of your competitor’s keywords to take over yourself. Let them figure out what’s working and do the heavy lifting for you
  • Run Local Business Analysis – Again you can charge clients a monthly retainer.

What Are You Waiting for ?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Question Asked ! You’ve got nothing to lose. Try It Today And You’ll Also Get The Following Bonus Bellow!

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24/7 Spy Alert System

  • Auto video Tracker – Any video you want to monitor, you just click “Add Alert”, set how many views in X amount of days and it will automatically alert you in your browser
  • Viral Videos Alert – Here’s a good tip – Enter keywords like famous names or celebrities that are always in the news. When videos go viral copy the keywords and make your own video or contact owner to put your link underneath it
  • Set Your Criteria – YT Gorilla is fully customizable meaning you can set the alert to only “trigger’ when a certain amount of views have been reached in a certain time period. Imagine if you had to do this manually…
  • Automatic Instant Browser Alert – Alerts will appear in your browser automatically when the criteria have been reached.

Copy & Paste Template


  • Just fill in the blanks, cut paste and send. By clicking on the “message owner”
  • Imagine getting your link in a video get that gets millions of views. Some owners take as little as $20 to place a link.
  • Owner simply don’t know the value of their own videos – And With YT Gorilla at your fingertips you can take advantage

With this software, you can find the most direct and useful keywords suitable for your niche. One of my biggest problems was that I did not know how to find the most appropriate keywords; therefore, my videos always could not reach to the right customers. Moreover, looking for a keyword on Google took so much time per day, which sometimes could be 1 to 2 hours. This product needed only a few clicks, and nearly a hundred keywords would appear in just a second. It was so convenient to me, and I have to admit that I had never seen any other efficient product like this.

Moreover, it will help you access to enormous local business opportunities. You can use this product and all of your professional skills to build your service of ranking. Then, charge them 100 to 1,000 dollars per video. That is what I am heading to in the future, after having relative achievements with my channels.

And having this software, you would not have to work so hard anymore. Before I bought this product, I had to stay up late almost every night to check all the message and control the way clients are reacting to my videos. Sleep loss and tiredness continuously come every day, and there were times I could not stand them. This product did me a huge favor that it notified me through the web browsers and email. Therefore, I could check how much the views reached or whether there were any new comments anywhere and anytime. It also gave me information about new videos and what their keywords were whenever they were released. It was so comfortable to manage my channels with this product.

What Are You Waiting for ?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Question Asked ! You’ve got nothing to lose. Try It Today And You’ll Also Get The Following Bonus Bellow!

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How does it work?

There are simple steps that you may want to follow to have the most convenient first time using.

  1. Log in with your email, and a blank will appear in front of you. Type something in it and click on searching button.
  2. Some videos will pop out on the screen. You can watch them if you want by clicking “Add To Alert.” Their keywords, as well as description, are right under them. Just scroll down, and you will see.
  3. Choose “Add To Alert” with any channels or videos you like and appropriate to your niche.

These steps are easy, aren’t they? You will get used to them in no time, trust me.

YT Gorilla Demo

Demo video : Don’t settle for the small video! Click the fullscreen button and Watch in HD

Prices and how to buy it?

And I would love to tell you how much it charges and how you can buy this product in my YT Gorilla Review as well. It’s more convenient than you think. Just get access to YT Gorilla sales page and click Buy Now. You don’t have to go anywhere to purchase it, just 29 bucks for a lifetime.

They are all too cheap for such a great product like this. I purchased a lifetime product right at the first time, and if you want to raise your traffic in just a short period, you should invest in that period just like me.

It would be easier for you to buy if you have a Visa, Paypal, or Master Card.

9.5 Total Score

you won’t have to spend so much time managing your channels anymore. You only need to check the results through you email every day and work anytime, anywhere. Your health will be protected. And instead of staying home taking care of views at weekends, you can hang out with your friends while money is still flowing into your account.

Easy To Use
  • Make money as an affiliate
  • The price is really reasonable
  • Rank Videos for Local Clients super fast
  • Generate hot leads for your product & services
  • Fully Cloud Based
  • YT King Kong Keyword
  • YT Gorilla Alert System
  • Huge local business opportunities
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What Are You Waiting for ?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Question Asked ! You’ve got nothing to lose. Try It Today And You’ll Also Get The Following Bonus Bellow!

===Check out The YT Gorilla following Bonus You’ll Get===

Why should you buy it?

After only a week using this software, the number of views to my channel increased from 300 to more than 20.000, which were so astonishing. And my revenue was massively boosted from 500 to over 4500 dollars. I could not even believe my eyes when seeing those numbers. If you want high income in just a short time, this product is perfect for you.

And 7 Reasons why you should get YT Gorilla:

  1. YouTube has over 1 BILLION Users – 33% of everyone online uses YouTube – It has incredible reach and is only getting bigger.
  2. Super cheap + Free Traffic – Compared to FB, Yahoo and Bing, Youtube traffic is uber-cheap and when done right you can get tons of free traffic
  3. Hyper targetedYouTube Users search very specific items. It’s one of the most targeted community based hangout places on the planet for any niche
  4. Video is very engaging – Video is a more more powerful and engaging way to attract viers than a boring email or traditional ad
  5. The Future is Video – Video is becoming the way we communicate. iPhones, Smart TV’s Tablets – it’s all video.
  6. HUGE Bonus – We are even going to include a full spy kit where you can anaylse all your competitor websites, social media, alexa rank and much more.
  7. Your investment is totally risk free with our 100% satisfaction policy: They want you to be 100% satisfied with your investment into TY Gorilla. So here is their “no quibble”, iron clad guarantee. If you download the software and it doesn’t carry out every feature they have demonstrated, in an easy-to-use fashion, just post a refund request on our Support Desk and they’ll issue you with a prompt and courteous refund. Simple as that!
YT Gorilla - Get 5.38 Million 100% FREE Organic Views On YouTube And 57,384 Leads on AutoPilot
Instantly see ANY video keywords – Enter, point, click and done – It happens within seconds Make money and find high-value videos - Simply email the owner with the cut and paste template we give you (Most YouTube owners have no clue about the value of their channel
$29 $49
YT Gorilla Review – Got Over 5,389,263 FREE Views & 60,000+ Leads

Furthermore, you won’t have to spend so much time managing your channels anymore. You only need to check the results through you email every day and work anytime, anywhere. Your health will be protected. And instead of staying home taking care of views at weekends, you can hang out with your friends while money is still flowing into your account.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s click Buy Now!
Regardless, thank you for reading my YT Gorilla Review, and I hope to see you in the subsequent ones. Goodbye.






YT Gorilla will be launched on 12nd, at 11:00 EDT. The price at that time is $29. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Question Asked! You have got nothing to lose. And when you buy through this page, you will receive the bonuses which He mention as above.

As usual, I will give you the bonuses when you purchase products through links on my website. To claim this bonuses, after completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: [email protected]. IMPORTANT: Please clear your cookies before buying or open the link in an incognito window!


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