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“Ever since October . . . “ begins a sentence we often hear from Amazon Sellers. As a seller, you likely know what those three words mean and where the sentence is headed. You can probably even finish the sentence based on your own experiences, and that sentence would go something like, “Ever since October when Amazon banned incentivized
product reviews, my sales have taken a hit and launching a product is nearly impossible.”

We understand and we’ve seen the impact on sellers, an impact that has not only disrupted sales and selling
strategies, but one that has left sellers feeling trapped in Amazon’s sandbox. Namely, sellers need reviews in order to
generate sales but they simultaneously need sales in order to generate reviews. Without incentivized reviews, how do
sellers spark the cycle?

Simple: by cornering the market on Amazon Sponsored Products ads.


Sponsored Products Ads Introduce Your New Products to the Marketplace

  • They give visibility for your product launch so you can start selling and earning.
  • With that in motion, you can start accumulating reviews (try Feedback Genius to maximize reviews).

They Boost Your Product Sales and Rankings Through the Halo Effect

  • As you sell items through the Sponsored Products Program, your sales and your rankings will improve. These
    improvements will help your organic search position and you’ll capitalize on those. That’s the halo effect; as
    you advertise and make sales using Sponsored Products ads, that tends to drive organic sales as well.

There’s Nothing Like Advertising to Attract and Acquire New Customers

  • Sponsored Products ads are an amazing tool for acquiring new customers who then make repeat purchases
    and become loyal to your brand (especially in the consumables marketplace).

Bottom Line: Sponsored Products Ads Just Help You Sell More

  • If none of the above applies to you, you can just use Sponsored Products ads to get sales. Any time that you
    can pay one dollar to make two dollars is a great exchange.

All of the above are not simply nice extras or benefits, they’re necessities in today’s ultra-competitive sales

an enormous advantage. Simply put, their products are getting better placement and more impressions than
yours are. Sure, you’re saving a little money while the competition spends it, but they’re getting the sales, the
page-one placement, the reviews, and the rankings.

IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY USING SPONSORED PRODUCT ADS... You may be reaping some rewards but you’re probably spending too much time working with frustrating Amazon reports and Excel pivot tables. And
you’re likely spending too much money trying to outbid your competitors. Ask yourself who wins in a scenario where you and your competition are all using the same Amazon-provided data. Without any seller having a proven advantage, the real winner is Amazon as the entire field is continually upping bids and paying Amazon more in ad fees only to jockey for an unattainable edge.

IMPRESSION: An impression is counted when Amazon shows a shopper your product ad (on either a search results page or on a product detail page). Placement depends on relevance and bid—you’re not charged for impressions, only clicks.


Amazon has banked big on the Sponsored Products Program and it shows in how the company has parceled out the
on-screen real estate to give Sponsored Products ads prime placement within the Amazon app, on the mobile browser side, and in the native-site desktop/laptop environment.

In addition to running in the most-choice locations, the ads are almost anti-ads in that they work not by standing out
as we expect of ads, but instead, by blending in and looking like organic search results with placements that suggest
that they are some of the best matches. This way in which Amazon has steered and tiered search results is well
considered and sellers must embrace that this is about being first on search-results display as much as it is about
being first to market.

Incentivized reviews served many purposes, not least of which was vouching for a product and giving it credibility. Five stars and a glowing review communicated to potential buyers “Yes, out of a field of hundreds of options of this type, this one is legitimate and the one you want and can trust.” Sponsored Products ads, while not a like-for-like replacement for incentivized reviews, communicate a similar message—not with written testimonials but by first-view placements and placements amongst and alongside organic best matches.

The old ad display strategy of “marked in bold and above the fold” is no longer good enough. The landscape for
displaying ads has changed significantly, especially given rendering for mobile devices. In order to sell, you’ve got
to be seen but simultaneously- not seen as an obnoxious ad. You need your products at the top of the list of search
results, well integrated into organic listings, in sidebars, and on competitors’ detail pages. This visibility and integration is what Amazon Sponsored Products is all about. You may have the best product in the world, one that matches everything for which a shopper is searching, but none of that means anything if the product detail page languishes toward the bottom of the listings, or worse yet, not on the first page.



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