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How To Make Money on Pinterest

Today, I want to show you 3 easy steps on how to create money on Pinterest. Do not hesitate to check it out my article now to get to know more valuable information.

I want to share my short story is that I was really into Pinterest a few months ago. I almost spent most of my time trying to figure out the best way to use pin schedulers and taking free + paid courses

I was really into Pinterest a few months ago. The fact is that I almost spent most of my time getting to know the best way to use pin schedulers and taking free as well as paid courses.

Personally, I prefer McKinzie Bean’s course Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing. McKinzie got start generating more than $1,000 within her first six months of posting affiliate links on Pinterest as well as sharing valuable advice on what type of boards to make for gaining more sales.

Moreover, the great thing is that she knew the way to set up your profile in order to improve sales. So if you are considering taking part in the course, make sure to use the discount code PINPRIMER for $10 off!

Now, do not hesitate to check it out my article now with the purpose of getting to know how I got started making money on Pinterest from affiliate pins.
Before I started, there is one last thing I just want to say that some people want to know about affiliate products and your experience with them on your blog as opposed to directly pinning them onto Pinterest.

So in case of an affiliate link changes, it will completely go straight to your blog and then you will be able to adjust that link anytime you need to. I have had some links change recently. Thus, I can see why a lot of people prefer linking pins to their blog posts.

When doing that, you will be able to gain more traffic to your own blog, which helps to generate more leads and visitors to explore more of your blog.

I want to say that this article includes affiliate links, but I only suggest products that I used and believed in. If you come up with a purchase from a link within this post, I’ll get a small commission which costs no extra money to you. Thank you for supporting the blog!

Now let’s check it out my 3 easy steps to create money on Pinterest from affiliate pins. This method shows that you do not even need a blog to start creating sales online

Step 1: Searching And Selecting 2-5 Affiliate Products To Promote

It is vital for you to select products that got to know with as well as are allowed to promote directly on Pinterest. It is great when you are able to share a quick testimonial on it in your pin description.

Moreover, you need to consider what kinds of products would completely match up with your Pinterest account.

For instance, if your Pinterest boards are focused on psychology, you need to make sure to promote books, products as well as courses on those topics first.

From my point of view, it is necessary for you to test out products that appear with varying price points.

I believe that promoting a $10 product, $30 product and $80 product and then gauging which one sells more is a great way to spend your time when you just got started.

This way allows you to see what kinds of products do the best on Pinterest.

Action step: You need to learn from products or courses that you have recently bought. When you had a great experience with them, check it out if the creator has an affiliate program.

Picking 2-5 products at first is a suitable plan for beginners. After you have systems in place for those, expand with more products.

Step 2: Taking Part In Group Boards Relevant To Selected Products

If you want to know tips and knowledge on how to find and take part in group boards, check out this post.

I strongly recommend taking part in at least 5-10 active group boards that have at least 10,000 followers.

In case you want to take part in a board with fewer followers, please make sure that the board is not dead and have a good engagement.

You need to wait a little bit to get accepted to a group board and sometimes you may not be accepted. The truth is that I get accepted to about 50% of the boards I apply to.

Some of the group boards are searching for influencers with more followers and other group boards may not check the email from their group board’s description.

Therefore, if they respond to you, do not hesitate to send them a follow-up message through their website’s contact form.

Step 3: Schedule The Affiliate Pins In Tailwind

All you need to do is creating a schedule of over 20 pins every single day. You will promote from 50% to 80% of your own affiliate pins or between 20% and 50% of other’s content.

You can choose any percentage but I want to say that I get really great results when using an 80/20 pin ratio.

Moreover, you’ll want to select what times you promote your affiliate content, so I want to say that my pins do particularly well at 10 PM. Thus, I try to set up more pins to go out then.

Action step: Create a Tailwind account and check it out each platform with the free 30-day trial. Create a pinning schedule for each and use a pin ratio that is close to 80/20.
It is the end of my post today. I still use these steps again and again and create 2 affiliate sales overnight and generate consistent sales throughout that same week.

To sum up, it is a great option for people who want to start generating money online and does not create a blog yet or would like to make a new income stream. Nevertheless, if you have a blog, it can be even more profitable to promote your affiliate posts on Pinterest.

If you desire to know the best way to get started with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing, do not hesitate to check out Pin To Profits: Affiliate Marketing by McKinzie from Moms Make Cents.

I recently tested the course and wrote an honest review of it here on the blog. It is regarded as the most powerful resource I have come across for newbies on a budget who wants to get to know the essentials to start generating affiliate sales on Pinterest.

Thank you to read my post till the end. See you in the next post!

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