How To Drive Huge Traffic From Pinterest

Chapter 1: Introduction to Pinterest & the People Who Live There

So, you’ve heard about Pinterest and you’d like to find a way to make it work for your business. This is one of the most popular social media websites ever created, that is saying something because there have been dozens of astronomically successful social media websites in the past decade or two. In fact, Pinterest is such a force to be reckoned with that they have now earned the number three spot in social media website rankings. That means there are Facebook, Twitter and then Pinterest. Any business person that wants to increase their revenue and online presence
should be on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest? How does it Work?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site. Basically, it is a place where people hang out, and when they find something cool, they show it to all of their friends. While the social bookmarking site was not a new concept by any means when Pinterest launched, they were one of the first to include a visual component as the basis for a social media website.

When you post something on Pinterest, it has to have an image as the basis of the post. You post – or “pin” your photos on a virtual pinboard, and can “repin” other people’s images from their own feeds. Pinterest is different than the traditional social media sharing site because people can create their own boards that people can browse so that someone who only wants to look at the photos in a single category doesn’t have to sift through every picture that the user has ever posted, such as the case with both Facebook and Twitter.

You sign up for Pinterest the same way you do other websites – with an email address and password, or you can use your Google or Facebook account to log in. Pinterest is already integrated with all of the major social media sites.

Why Has Pinterest Become so Popular?

Pinterest has grown to be the number three social media site on the internet, which is impressive considering that they were competing against giants like Google Plus, Stumbleupon and Digg. They obviously do something different than the sites mentioned, which is part of the reason visitors have flocked to set up boards and pin their favorite pics. Today’s world runs on visual stimuli and that’s exactly what Pinterest provides to their users. Here are a few other reasons that the site has grown to epic proportions.

Reason #1: The way the site is set up

The designers behind Pinterest knew what they were doing when they created the way that content is organized and accessed. On other social media sites, particularly Facebook and Twitter, it is not only difficult for you to bookmark content you want to check out at a later date, it is also almost impossible to find an image that you’re looking for from a specific user.

Particularly with Twitter, you pretty much have no choice but to go backwards through every image the person has ever posted including their videos if you want to see a particular image and as far as finding content that you posted, if you tweet a lot what you are looking for is probably going to get lost in the shuffle, never to be seen again.

The files on Pinterest are a lot more organized and conducive to a search for a particular one. All the files within the pin board are organized and you can easily see which image links to which website. So, if you want to save content for later to read you can put it on its own pin board and then browse it at your leisure. This is something unique that Pinterest has and other sites don’t.

Reason #2: You don’t need a lot of followers

Another reason that the Pinterest site is so successful is that even people that only have a few followers will still have plenty to do. With Facebook, people can see the content that you post on your timeline but only those who’ve liked your page or people that are following you. Same goes for Twitter. The only people that can see your updates are your own followers.

With Pinterest, things are a little different. When you share you’re sharing with the entire community. You will often find people you don’t know commenting on your pins after seeing them in their ‘Everything’ updates.

If you share something really cool, Pinterest might move your pin to the featured or popular section of Pinterest, or you’ll get even more visitors; that means that even if you only have a few followers, if you post something great it can still go viral.

Reason #3: You don’t have to get the kitchen sink when you follow someone

With Facebook and Twitter, if you decide to follow someone, you will get all of their public updates, whether or not they apply to you. That’s just the nature of social media. But what if you could choose only the tweets that you want to see from that person? That’s essentially what Pinterest does. Since the content is posted to different boards within someone’s account, you can choose the board that you want updates on. If you’re not interested in something, you don’t have to subscribe to it. Of course, you still have the option to follow every board by that person as well.

How You Can Use Pinterest for your Business

Pinterest is a great tool. We’re going to explore how you can use this social media site to promote your business in the remaining chapters, but basically, you post content on your site, share it on

Pinterest, and try to get traffic from there to your own website. So, if you post great pictures, Pinterest can be a huge source of traffic for your business, some of whom may turn into one-time or long-term customers.

What Kind of People Use Pinterest?

According to statistical analysis and research that has been done on the demographics of Pinterest, the audience members that use the social media site are the perfect people to advertise to. Many of them are high income families, business owners and people looking for inspiration on what to buy. The Pinterest audience is ready-made to funnel to your website and send to your checkout, but you need to make sure that you are respecting your audience and doing everything you can to contribute, rather than just be posting to try to sell something. People use social media sites to be sociable, and businesses that understand this, and make sure their business is connecting with followers, are the ones that are most successful.

Chapter 2: The Perfect Sites for Pinterest Traffic

So, you are wondering whether or not your business is right for Pinterest or not. Does the type of business you are in attract visitors from Pinterest? The answer to this question may not be the most important factor to consider. What might be a better question is whether or not the type of business that you’re in can attract any visitors from Pinterest, and whether it will be worth the time spent to woo them.

While any type of business can make Pinterest successful, there are a few industries that just work better for the type of medium Pinterest is. Even if you don’t work in this specific niche, you might be able to change your marketing strategy to take advantage of the additional traffic that these areas of commerce get. Here are industries that seem tailor-made for Pinterest.


Travel is on everyone’s mind and while people are usually just dreaming when they look at travel pictures on Pinterest, if someone is planning a vacation and they find the perfect solution to a problem with your products or services, they might actually buy. If you are in the business of travel, know that while most of the time people aren’t seriously looking to book a flight and hotel, but when you encounter the occasional one who does, it makes it all worth it.

Home Decorating

This is a great niche because it lends itself to such a huge variety of different products and services associated with it. There are dozens of ,industries and thousands of products that you could promote via Pinterest in the home decorating category. Many of the people that are browsing the site are looking for remodel ideas and if you can show them something that they can see in their own home, you might just have a customer.

Arts & Crafts

Another area that has a huge potential for profit is arts and crafts. Pinterest is one of the most active sites on the Internet because of crafts specifically. People are always looking to make something, on every holiday, for every occasion. If you are in the business of selling products that can be used for arts and crafts, Pinterest is a great choice for you. Some of the crafts that are out there that people are looking for ideas on include: art, sewing, making close, creating storage spaces, making their own invitations and creating wreaths, not just for the winter holiday but all throughout the year.

Food & Drink

If your business serves any sort of food or drink, Pinterest is the perfect marketing tool for you, particularly if you can target your pens to a specific area by using tags and keywords. Consider this: people browsing Pinterest and finding food items that they want to try will probably come into your place of business in order to; perhaps not that day but sometime in the near future. A pin of the decadent food item could do more to attract customers than many other kinds of advertising.

Diet & Fitness

Everyone knows that diet and fitness are big ticket items when it comes to e-commerce niches and Pinterest is no exception. If you are in the diet or exercise business, Pinterest is going to be a mecca for you. Pinterest is full of diets, weight loss plans, recipes, exercise routines and much more. If you want to sell products and services to this audience, you should spend your time connecting with the people who see your pins and motivating those who are doing the exercise and diet plans. Show them items that can help them reach their weight loss goals and they will buy.

Books & Movies

Some of the most popular items on the Pinterest site are books and movies – with a special focus on books. People love buying books. They are only a few dollars and they are packed with great information about a variety of subjects. Promoting books is a great way to get Pinterest followers to come from the social media site to yours, as long as you actually know about the items that you are promoting and are not just making pins indiscriminately.


Fashion is another great niche on Pinterest. People are always posting pictures of their favorite fashions and tons of traffic flock to those pins. If you can figure out how to speak to those people that are looking for fashions, you can probably get traffic that way. Of course, you need to know what you are doing in this niche, because people will be able to tell if you aren’t familiar with fashions.

Beauty & Skin Care

Beauty and skin care is a great topic to get into because there are so many different products out there and so many different things to say. All of the products on the market today for beauty can be pinned but the three largest ones are hair, eyes and nails.

Weddings & Events

Of course, you can promote just about anything in this category. Weddings require so many different products and lend themselves to a perfect Pinterest topic and one that is extremely conducive to the visual medium of Pinterest.


Finally, you should look at gardening, a hobby that is becoming more and more popular. People are always looking for great gardening advice or suggestions and won’t resent it if you show them pictures of products that make gardening easier.

Chapter 3: How to Drive Huge Traffic from Pinterest to your Site

In the last chapter, we discussed which businesses were tailor-made for Pinterest. But you don’t have to have a business in one of those categories to be successful on Pinterest. Any business can get traffic from Pinterest by learning a few techniques. With some hard work and a little luck, you’ll be able to drive massive amounts of traffic from the social media gathering place to the place of commerce. Here are some techniques to drive more traffic from your pins to your website.

  • Make links that lead to quality content. Pinterest doesn’t like spam, or anything that reeks of it, so if your links lead back to a low-quality page, with non-relevant images or text, they are going to demote your pins fast. Make sure that the link contains the picture you used for the pin.
  • Make sure that you are writing descriptions for search, and restrict the use of hashtags to special promotions or a hashtag you always use for your business. Make the descriptions compelling, concise and make sure they contain the words that people are going to be searching for. Pay attention to the trends and to the descriptions that you see and you’ll soon get a second sense for what kind of keywords you should include.
  • Become engaged. Try to create a regular following and make sure that you interact with them by visiting their pages and looking at their Pinterest feeds. You can even tap into your regular customer base by putting the Pinterest logo on your site and allowing people to follow it to your profile. These people will become the basis for your following.
  • Make sure that you post regularly, but not so often that people get sick of seeing your updates. This is a fine line to walk and requires that you know your audience and your niche topic. A good rule of thumb to follow is to post daily, two or three times max.
  • Make sure your board name is something engaging and make your descriptions something that not only contain searchable keywords but are also descriptions that people can use to identify exactly what a particular board is for.
  • If you create a name for your profile that includes the name of your business (as well as your username if possible) you will get better search rankings, especially after you confirm your website. You’ll also want to write a great description of your business. Use the Rich Pins tool if you want to draw in more traffic. When you use rich pins you are able to add more text, which adds on keywords and helps them rank better.
  • Lastly, make sure that you know what you are doing on Pinterest and what your niche actually is. If you want to appeal to the crowd, know what pinners are searching for and then carve yourself a niche somewhere in the middle of that. Up to a certain point, the more specific you can be about your products or services, the more likely it is that you will be at the top of search.

Pinterest is the Site You Need for Promotion

When it comes to things like blog posts, Pinterest is fast becoming one of the best ways that you can drive traffic from the site to your own website or blog. If you are going to do a blog specifically, and most businesses should, then make sure that you have a board that is dedicated to your blogs so that your followers can easily find the post that they want while on

Make Sure You Decorate

Another factor that will determine how much traffic you are able to attract is the number and the topic of the boards that you have on your profile. If you don’t have multiple boards there you are going to be thought of as boring and not worth following. Of course, if you have too many then followers are going to get confused and not browse your profile. You want to create boards around your business niche as much as possible. If you have a half a dozen or so boards that are all serving the same basic idea, and gives a great overview of what your business is, this is the best way to set up a business profile.

Continually Engage With Followers & Others

When you take the time to answer a question or respond to a comment, it matters. People remember things like that and they will remember your company later if you personally engage them. You may not have a lot of time available, but spend what time you do have actually making real connections with real people. Those are the solid relationships that are going to come back to visit again, and are going to share your content wit opposite is true as well. Whenever someone finds you online, whether it is through your blog or your regular website, make sure that they can get over to your Pinterest profile and follow you so that you have the opportunity to make them into customers at a later date.

Slowly but Surely, Traffic will Increase

If you can follow these suggestions you’ll give yourself the best chance of getting traffic, but don’t be concerned if traffic grows slowly. It takes time to grow your traffic using social media, but when you do get traffic, you’ll be getting quality traffic that is much more apt to buy your products or services, so it is completely worth it to build slowly.

Chapter 4: Increasing your Following and Networking

One of the best ways that you can make your business presence on Pinterest grow larger and attract more followers – which of course leads to more traffic to your site – is by networking with other Pinterest users and becoming part of the community. It isn’t difficult to grow your follower list, but people need to be able to see a face behind the business, and you have to know what (and when) to post that will make you indispensable in the eyes of your followers. Here are some tips on networking with others on Pinterest and increasing the number of followers you have.


When you join Pinterest, what you are actually doing is joining a community. You may not see the other Pinterest users face-to-face, but they are there and it is important to realize that. You’re not operating in a vacuum. The way that you should look at Pinterest is a community that you belong to and you should make sure that you have something valuable to contribute to the community. ‘It takes a village’ is an apt saying here. You want to actually engage with other people around you and care about what they are posting, because the community is what makes the site so successful. In order to network successfully, you have to follow a few easy rules. Here are seven things that you need to keep in mind if you are networking on Pinterest.

  1. Figure out who your audience is. The first step is to know who you are trying to network with. If you are trying to network with too many people then you are just going to be spinning your wheels. Make sure that you have a clearly defined audience that isn’t a so broad that you cannot compete in the niche.
  2. Set some goals for yourself. You want to network but you can’t just start building relationships without a goal in mind. Make sure that you know what you are working for and when you have reached milestones.
  3. Look for easy ways that you can connect with other people. Sometimes you just need the simplest thing in common to connect with someone on Pinterest, but look for the easiest ways that you can engage as many people as possible.
  4. Find a way to help someone. Look, here’s the thing about human connections: they are made stronger when there is a foundation like help at the beginning of the relationship. If you want your followers to connect with you as a real person, and you want to have the most success at networking, then look for ways, even small ones, where you can help someone else, whether that is with advice or encouragement.
  5. Post for people not positions. Even though you really want to be up there drawing in tons of traffic that might lead to sales you need to remember that you are creating for humans and not for the search engines or the Pinterest algorithms. Keep that in mind and design your profile and boards accordingly.
  6. Be fascinating. Make your company look as intriguing as possible through the posts that you are making. Make readers think that there is something new and unique going on over at your profile.
    Give, and then take. No matter what social media site you are talking about, you always need to give before you take. Make sure that you are adding a great deal of value to the Pinterest community before you have the Pinterest community give you value.

Increasing the Number of Followers You Have

The second thing that we’ll talk about is how to increase your followers. While many of the above tips will help you in your overall quest for more followers, these are much more specific suggestions that have the goal of enticing a person to follow your profile or boards. Once you have them on your profile, you’ll be in a position to communicate with them and possibly make them into a customer. Here are three ways to increase the number of followers you have in the shortest amount of time possible.

Post Original Content

Want to be in the top 20% of all Pinterest posts automatically? Then post original content that you have the rights to. Over eighty percent of Pinterest posts are repins so when you post original content you automatically get a boost for doing so. These can be things that you made yourself in Photoshop, like an infographic, or they can be pictures of your products. You obviously don’t want to be too commercial, but if you have original content to post that you think people will actually appreciate, don’t be afraid to pin it.

Repin Content from Other People

Just because you are posting original content doesn’t mean that you should neglect reposting other people’s content. When you repost something, you’ll get some traffic coming in that can help you build up your own content and profile as well. Plus, when you repin content from others that you find useful, you are going to feel like part of the Pinterest community, and more importantly, they will feel as if you are part of the community as well, adding value to the time they spend on Pinterest.

Don’t Forget to Follow Others

Just as with Twitter, when you follow others on Pinterest you get some of them that will follow you back. This is a great way for you to build up your own audience, but you do want to keep in mind that the best use of this feature is to find people in your specific niche and follow them, hoping that they’ll follow you back, because they will not only be more apt to enjoy your content, they will probably spread the word to others that are interested in your particular niche.

Chapter 5: How to Market to the Pinterest

Audience Marketing to the Pinterest audience is something that just about everyone is seeing value in. Even the biggest companies in the world are marketing with Pinterest because they know they can get in front of a massive audience that way, and even more importantly, get in front of the right person, the one who is going to buy. But there is a fine line between being social on Pinterest and being pushy. Here are some of the ways that you can market to Pinterest viewers without seeming as if you are marketing at all.

Use the Holidays to Recommend Stuff

One of the ways that you can market to your Pinterest audience without them realizing that you’re trying to sell them something is by using the holidays to recommend products. Beefing up your marketing efforts during the holidays is not unusual. Many people are recommending products to their friends around Christmas time and even around the other holidays like Hanukkah Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Thanksgiving. Halloween is an even bigger holiday that you can recommend stuff for because there is so much cool stuff that comes out of Halloween. How you do this is to create a board and then name it after the holiday that you are going to be posting for and make sure that you’re not too specific with the name, that you create a well-crafted description in the you choose the right category.

Make sure that during the holidays you have your holiday themed pin boards at the top of your page. Make sure you have good cover images for your pin boards.

Tell People What Your Popular Products Are

You can let people know about your popular products without making it seem like you are selling. Pins about incredibly popular products do really well, and if people think that everyone else is buying something they are going to want to have it as well. If you look at Amazon, you will notice ‘bestseller’ or ‘top selling’ lists all over the site and people check them regularly and often buy products because of their bestseller status. How you want to do it is to create a pin board that is just for your most popular products. Deciding what “popular” means is up to you, but you really want to keep that board free for only the best-of-the-best. You can create descriptions for each product that you have listed there as well as product rank, which will offer your viewers validation. Make sure that you give the viewer as much information about the product as possible, including the price and then create a call-to-action so that they have a reason to go and do something – like buy the product.

Use Pinterest to Generate Sales Leads

What you are going to need to generate sales leads from your Pinterest page is quality content behind an opt-in form where the person has to enter their details, usually just their email address. Then they’ll get access to the eBook or article that you promised them for signing up. When someone signs up to get a free eBook, they pretty much know what they are signing up for, so when you send them a marketing email later on, it doesn’t exactly surprise them.

Build your Followers First Before you Market Anything

One thing that you definitely want to keep in mind is that you need to build up your followers before you market to them. That means that you should avoid any sort of sales-related posting or boards until you have a decent number of followers, but it doesn’t mean that you want to hide your status as a marketer completely, or people will be surprised and probably a little annoyed.

Before you start promoting your products, you need to add some value to the Pinterest community as a whole. While you might be able to get away with instant promotion on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is different. You should wait until you are established before you begin promoting.

Also, you want to create a dedicated board for the items that you are selling. Then, you should never promote over and over like you do with Twitter and Facebook. Instead, you should just post a product one time,and it will be in your promotion folder from there on out. The benefit to this method is that every time you gain a new audience member, you can potentially get those past products in front of them, without having to repin them.

This all works with a cumulative snowball effect, meaning that the more things that you do, the easier it will be for you to do them in the future. For example, if you build an audience, you will get repins and likes when you post something and the more followers you attract, the more these followers will repin and like, so it gets bigger and bigger. That’s because repins and likes add social validation and people will want to like even more and repin even more if they know that others are doing the same thing.

Using Pinterest to Promote Your Business

There are many ways that you can use the social media behemoth Pinterest to promote your business. The best thing to do before you get deeply embroiled in the world of Pinterest is to check out some of the other businesses that are doing the same thing you are and find out what people are trying, what works and what doesn’t. That way, you can figure out what your audience wants and change your strategy to meet that demand.

Running a business takes a great deal of energy and dedication and using promotion channels like Twitter, Facebook and of course, Pinterest, can help you make that business a success. With everyone constantly on social media Pinterest is one of the best ways that you communicate your message to your potential customers. All you have to do is build up afollowing first.

Chapter 6: How to Make Pinterest Run Itself

Obviously, the less time you spend marketing on Pinterest, the more time that you can spend on other things. That means that at some point you’ll  want to start automating your Pinterest (and likely other social media as well) and to do that you need to know what kind of tools are available to run Pinterest on automatic pilot and how you can minimize your investment of time and still get the same result.

  1. Put amazing content on your boards. Before you begin the automation process, you want to have the foundation for a Pinterest profile that will work with automation. Check out other boards, go outside of your niche topic and find new ways or products that no one else has noticed before.
  2. Auto-Follow is the first real automation tool that we will discuss. There is a great deal of automation software out there and this type looking for users to follow and automatically gets you following them, which may lead to them following you back. One tool that many Pinterest users like is NinjaPinner.
  3. Schedule pins and you’ll save tons of time. You should be pinning several times per day and continually adding fresh content, but the problem is, you may not have the entire day to spend updated your social media profiles. That’s why this is such a great method of automation. You get two bonuses from this method. First, you get continually updated content, which is good for search, and you get what appears to be a personal connection over what is essentially an automated profile.
  4. Pinterest Image Pinner is a plugin for WordPress that gives your images the “Pin It” button that you’ll need to integrate it with Pinterest. This is a huge timesaver if you have a lot of photos.
  5. Repinly is an automated inspiration tool. Basically, when you get stuck for something to share, you can look at what other people are sharing and then come up with a pin of your own.
  6. There are two features that your website should have. The first is a pin display on your site so people can see what you have posted over at Pinterest. The second website feature that you need to include is an RSS feed, which you can get as a WordPress plugin, so that you can display your pins right on your site.

How to Create a Marketing Schedule

There is never going to be a time when Pinterest is fully automated and you never have to touch it. For one thing, it is logistically impossible to run Pinterest page without ever having to touch it. Plus, even if it was possible, you would be missing the whole point of the site. Pinterest is a social site, which means that you are encouraged to be social with other people using the site. Having a successful Pinterest profile is all about engaging others.

You need to be able to connect with other members of the Pinterest community and you need to be adding value to the website by posting great content and repinning stuff that you think is particularly interesting.

However, there are things that you can do to make sure that you spend as little time as possible maintaining your social media pages so that you can spend more time engaging with people on the site. Here is a list of things that you can do each and every week that should only take you about an hour to complete. These five steps are very important, and if you do them, you are going to find that your followers are increasing by a little bit each week. If you want to further a connection you might have made with someone through a post, look for people that repin the content that you posted, or actually comment on those videos, and then send them a quick note to say thanks.

Open up Repinly and look for ideas of some images that you want to pin. You can look through the images that are listed and find out what your mood is telling you to post as well as what is trendy. You want to take about 30 minutes to do this.

Schedule your pins to go out over the next seven days if you want the maximum benefit from the search engines and you want users on the Pinterest site to believe that you are behind every pin, and that the system isn’t automated.

Make a list in a program like notepad and keep track of everything that you are planning to pin in the future. This way you have a central place where you’ll be able to find every pin that you’ve considered throughout the week. Another benefit to doing this is that you can look through your pins and find out if it is something you still want to use or if you have something better.

Login to Pinterest and look for 10 to 15 different people that have great pins on their profile. Make a comment on their pins. Show interest in what they have posted and make sure that you choose topics that you either know about or are interested in. Step five is relatively simple. You’re going to use NinjaPinner to auto follow people which will hopefully bring some followers of your own in return.

Pinterest & Other Social Media Websites

Business is complicated these days. Unfortunately, in addition to running our business we also need to worry about things like social media profiles, websites and keeping information updated with regular content going out. Because this is the case, we work more hours than we ever did it anytime in the past. But you can automate quite a few things on it comes to social media and not just with Pinterest. Facebook, Twitter and even Google plus can be automated to a certain extent. Some companies hire a person or a team to manage social media because you cannot avoid using them completely. But with the automated software is available these days, you should have more time to do the other things that your business needs.

Chapter 7: Conclusion

One of the facts of doing business in our modern technological society is that we have to deal with social media. Some people look at social media as a chore – another task that they have to complete each and every week to run their business – but other people actually enjoy being on social media, they enjoy the interaction with their customers and they enjoy seeing their business grow through followers, friends, fans, repins, retweets and all of the other indicators of social media success in business. If you look at social media as a chore then the time you spend on it each week is wasted, because people are going to know that you’re not genuinely interested in building a relationship with them and interacting your followers and customers. However, if you can bring yourself to look at social media differently, you might find that it’s actually an opportunity to do something that business owners haven’t really been able to do before and that’s present a face and a line of communication to all their customers at once.

This book was designed to give you that new perspective, especially when it comes to the photo pinning site Pinterest. Hopefully, you learned something from this book and were able to take away information that will make your business more successful by implementing. Here is a summary of everything that we covered.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Pinterest & the People Who Live There

This chapter introduces you to the social media giant Pinterest and describes how it works, as well as some of the people that use Pinterest on a regular basis. It is important to understand the people that you’re communicating with in the basic idea behind a social media site if you’re going to make a success out of it.

Chapter 2: The Perfect Sites for Pinterest Traffic

Chapter 2 described some of the best niche topics that work extremely well with Pinterest. If your company deals with any of these topics are anywhere near them you can usually take advantage of Pinterest for getting some sales.

Chapter 3: How to Drive Huge Traffic from Pinterest to your Site

Everyone wants a huge amount of traffic coming to their website, lots of sales and all the signs of success in the digital world. But how due use a tool like Pinterest to actually drive traffic to your websites, your blog and wherever else you desire traffic? That’s exactly what this chapter teaches you.

Chapter 4: Increasing your Following and Networking

Chapter 4 is all about networking with other people around the site, building relationships with them and then gently using those business relationshipsto sell more products or services which is why you’re on Pinterest in the first place. Networking is a very important part of social media website like Pinterest. Until you begin actively participating in the community and providing value for those who visit your profile, you’re not going to have as much success as you’d like.

Chapter 5: How to Market to the Pinterest Audience

Chapter 5 is all about being a ninja when it comes to marketing. Many people know that you’re there to sell product or service but that doesn’t mean that they need to be reminded. Instead, you can do marketing that doesn’t seem like marketing and many of those methods were detailed in chapter 5. You can make a lot of money and still be a respected and successful social media personality at Pinterest, you just have to know how to market properly.

Chapter 6: How to Make Pinterest Run Itself

Finally, we talk about how to run Pinterest without all the time investment that you will be making when you first start. When you’re first building up the following and communicating with members of the community you need to present the best social media self that you can; after you have been using Pinterest a while you can start to incorporate some of the automated tools that will make it much easier for you to update Pinterest and continue to grow your followers even if you aren’t actively using Pinterest.

How important are Websites like Pinterest?

So, what does the future hold for business? How important is Pinterest specifically as well as the other social media websites that are out there? These are difficult questions to answer one thing that is clear is that social media isn’t going anywhere. In fact in a couple of decades, people are probably going to have to deal with a whole new social media paradigm shift.

Technology is advancing at a breathtaking rate and right now were all connected through social media websites and profiles, spending our time reading our friend’s posts, commenting on batches of pictures and interacting with each other.

Right now, businesses are laying the foundation for the future when it comes to social media. Although social media is bound to change the online reputation and presence of a particular company is transient and will shift from one form of social media to another. So, you’re taking a great first step, building your business on the foundation of Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter among others. If you are successful now you will be even more successful social media in the future.

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